Complete Masks

Session 9

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Rosemary let’s the lorry drive off but writes up the number plate. Later in the afternoon the lorry comes again and again a couple off crates are loaded into the lorry and hauled off. At the front of the building Karl sees someone arriving that he recognizes. Inspector Barrington arrives with two constables. They are carrying 4 suitcases. He sees them entering the building and some time later they come back out with only 2 cases. Karl goes out and ‘accidently’ meets them on the street. He greets the inspector and asks him what he does here. The inspector tells him that the Penhew foundation has been a big help with the investigation so far. In Nisr house they found a lot of artefacts and they brought them here for identification. Karl says that he was just on his way to the foundation to look at the collection. Inspector Barrington asks him if he knows that the mansion they found was called Nisr house and that Nisr actually means Egypt. Karl didn’t know that but he says his goodbye’s to the inspector and went in.

Once in he asked the clerk if there where any jobs open. The man says that there wasn’t a thing but he asks him for his name and address so that he can contact him. He also needs to register again so Karl does, as an address he gives him the address of Lorelai’s house where Jerry and Rosemary are staying. He studies a lot of stuff in the museum and then leaves, they don’t notice anything special anymore today.


The group continues their stake out. Just as yesterday, Rosemary takes the back of the building and Karl the front. They can’t really spot anything special during the day but they are lucky. Jerry however, still recovering from his wounds from the Nisr house chapter was less lucky. Someone knocks at the door, Jerry goes and takes a look but sees 2 Egyptians at the front door. Feeling that something will go bad he quickly gets out of the house by a back window, just as he goes out the two men get in. They spot him at the back of the building and they go after him. He can’t really get far before they climb out as well and go after him. They attack them with their traditional clubs, but luckily for him he can knock both guys down before they can do the same with him. He calls the police and they arrive arresting both men.

Not feeling very safe he heads over to the bed and breakfast both of the others are staying for the stake out and informs them. He takes Olaf his ‘handy bag’ and the box of African artefacts from the Ju Ju house with him.


Another day of stake out, they decide that they need to get into the Penhew Foundations building. They decide to break in soon. Nothing special to report. This evening however they notice that a couple of people don’t leave the building at the normal hours. A couple of people come out later that night.


Another day of stake outs, the truck arrives and now she is ready to follow them. She is at the wheel of the Bentley and starts following them. The ride goes through London and as soon as Rosemary arrives at the Limehouse district she decides she doesn’t want to follow. The place doesn’t have a good reputation with brothels, gambling houses, opium places, … she doesn’t feel good riding the Bentley into this district and decides to pull out.


Jerry still faces the problem of the Hound of Tindalos that is after him and he needs to get some information about the creature. Luckily Karl knows a lot of people and he goes searching in his address book. He knows of a college professor in Oxford that might know something more. The professor doesn’t have a good name but may be able to help him. He searches the name and calls him, Dr. Witstein will see them, so they go out to there. In the meantime Rosemary will continue the stake out.

Dr. Witstein seems to have knowledge about mythos creatures. Not only will he be able to give them information about the Hound of Tindalos but also about the flying creatures Karl saw at Nisr House. He tells them everything he knows about the creatures and is very interested in hearing there stories about their encounters with the creatures. He tells Jerry that he will have to watch out. The Hound can come in a corner off at least 120 degrees and can only be killed by magical weapons.

He doesn’t have any magical artifacts but can give Jerry an address where he could get some help. It’s called ‘Ye old magick shoppe’ and in London. Jerry will go there tomorrow.


Rosemary gets in touch with their ‘regular’ burglar, Johnny Loose Fingers to break into the Penhew Foundation this evening. He agrees and comes over to the B&B that night.

During the day Jerry goes to the address he was given and finds a shop owned by a strange old woman. He asks for magical weapons but she can’t help him with that. She can sell him a magical medallion that can give him protection from the hound. He agrees and she needs a drop of his blood to put on the medallion. Then she does a ritual and he has to pay her 1000 dollars, he agrees, not to happy but he does. But what it actually does, he doesn’t know.

That evening they get inside the Penhew Foundation. They start with the basement which they can reach from the outside. However there isn’t anything special there. Johnny then opens the back door to the building. Through the hall they see the night security guard sitting at his desks, reading. He didn’t hear them, they quickly go back out and to the cellar. There they decide to take the lift they found there to the first floor. Once on the first floor, they arrive at the museum and start looking at the different file and examination rooms. However they have been heard and the night guard attacks them. He first targets Jerry and gives him a big hit, a small fight happens but in the end they can take down the guard. They know can freely look around in the building.

At the ground floor they find an office of the bookkeeper, Rosemary stays there and studies the files. In a backroom they find a sarcophagus. They are very interested in the sarcophagus and dump the dead body of the guard in it. Then they start to discuss if they can’t take the thing with them. They where planning to put it up in the house of Mc Rayn (the player who has been away for a couple of sessions and lives in London), they want to set it up in the hall straight against the wall. When Mc Rayn comes back in play they will tell him they left a present in his hall and when he looks at it the body would drop out. (yep leave it to the players for practical jokes). They continue there search and decide to load it up later. In the meantime Rosemary can’t find anything special in the books. They also find the directors office, inside is a big vault, they call Johnny. He will give it a go but he’s not a specialist. In the back of the office they also find a secret door that goes from the office to the storage room with the Sarcophagus. They decide to give it another look. They start searching the thing and notice that the eyes can be pushed in. They start pushing them in different kinds of combinations. Suddenly the Sarcophagus swings away and a staircase that leads down is revealed.

Karl goes first, closely followed by Rosemary and Jerry ends the row. As he walks down he spots a button. He pushes it and suddenly the sarcophagus swings back and closes. Karl and Rosemary are hit and get a minor injury, Jerry can duck out of the way. They reopen it and descend the stairs. They arrive in a secret basement. It is filled with strange art works, a work bench, some crates and books and other artefacts. They quickly scan all the items, some are bad for the sanity but nothing damages them much. In the end they take 15 scrolls, 3 German books, a pistol, a powder, a chest with 2 silver daggers in and 2 English books. They quickly get out and head to the B&B to get some sleep.


The next morning they get up and head back to Lorelai’s house to check out some stuff. Apparently someone else did to and they ransacked the house. They also spot an Egyptian in a car at the other side of the road. Karl heads out and goes to the neighbour across the street while he does this he keeps an eye on the man in the car. He starts talking to her and sees the car riding off. They decide to get to Karl his hotel room to get his stuff from there. Karl and Rosemary head off while Jerry awaits the police.

However they are followed again and spot the same guy in the car, but now there are 2 others in the car, they quickly run into a small park but they are followed by the two passengers. They start running, Rosemary can escape but Karl not. He is knocked to the ground and when Rosemary comes back with the police Karl is gone.

Karl wakes up and is being tortured until he confesses where he hid all his stuff. Luckily Rosemary took in all the stuff from his hotel room. When they arrive at the B&B this has been ransacked as well and the 3 German books are gone. Luckily the took all the rest of the stuff with them when they left for Lorelai’s in the morning.

The rest of the day Rosemary stakes out the back of the Penhew Foundation until she spots the truck and now follows it in a cab to the Limehouse district. She sees it driving into a big warehouse, Pinju’s warehouse it is called. Is this the place they are keeping Karl? Is he still alive?



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