Complete Masks

Session 8

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Once on land in the fisher village they get back in the car and get back over to London. They get some sleep and the next day in the afternoon they agree to meet up again.


As they meet up they agree they need to get inside the spice shop of Tawfik. Luckily as a cocktail waitress Rosemary apparently has some contacts in the underworld and she knows a man for the job, Johnny, a good burglar, she will contact him to see if he can work for them that evening. Wanting to be prepared for the trouble Karl heads out and buys a brass knuckle. Jerry impressed with the hound that came after him decides he needs some defense and starts making up Molotov cocktails using his chemistry.

After contacting the burglar Karl takes him with him and Jerry to the Blue Pyramid and they keep an eye out. Later that evening they see Tawfik arrive and they head to his shop. They get in through the back door of the building and after stealing the money out of the register they head to the flat upstairs. The flat is decorated for a true Egyptian and an oil heater keeps it to Egyptian temperatures. A series of statues jump in Karl his eyes but even with his history, archeogical and other skills he doesn’t succeed to recognize them as Egyptian gods, Johnny who passes points this out to him. But Karl does notice something strange on a mirror, it has some occult symbols on it. Keeping this in mind he searches the bedroom and bathroom but can’t find anything special. Jerry takes care of the kitchen but nothing is to be found there. In the living area however there is a roll top desk, it’s locked and Jerry can’t open it. Johnny takes a look and opens the desk. As they are looking around they find a secret compartment. In it they find robes, a necklace, sceptres, a scroll and some vails. They take everything with them and they head out. As they are walking out Karl pulls over the oil heater and the place goes up in flames. They part with Johnny and head away. Soon the news arrives in the Blue Pyramid and Rosemary hears the customers talking about it.


Back together Karl takes a look at the loot they made the day before. He can’t really identify anything as special. Karl heads over to the library for the rest of the day to find some more information about the house they seen on the island. Jerry is looking up the financian interests and plans of the Penhew Foundation. He is looking through a lot of stuff and can’t conclude his research that evening. Karl however looks over plans of the area and finds out it’s called Nisr House. He learns that once it belonged to an Egyptian but he died some years ago since then it’s unused. It’s owned by the family of the Egyptian but they never come over to England and stay in Egypt.

That night Rosemary asks for a day off from her boss the next day. He isn’t to happy about it but she can take it.


They head back to the sea. They are planning to get a good view at the island. They decide to go at night and head to Harwick. In Harwick they go to a shop to hire a small boat for that night. Karl also buys some fishing equipment and tells the old shop lady that he will be fishing for a special kind of fish tonight. That evening they head out with their boat and get to the island. The rehired Johnny for the night to get inside the mansion they some days earlier.

When they arrive at the island they go to the Stele for a closer inspection. It’s made of a black stone but Karl can’t classify it, there are hieroglyphs on the stele and chains. But no trace is to be seen of the massacre that happened here a few days earlier. They sneak over to the mansion, this doesn’t really work but no one notices them anyway. They look at the place and there is only 1 door in. There are no lights on downstairs but there are a few windows lit on the second floor.

Johnny opens the door but doesn’t trust it, he tells them he will wait at the boat for them. Rosemary, Karl and Jerry sneak into the house. They arrive at the mainhall and decide to give the ground floor a look. They head through the house quickly but then when entering the kitchen a man is working there, but he has his back turned to them and they quickly go back. They hide in a small room along the way back and a couple of minutes later they see the man pass. It’s an Egyptian and he is carrying a plate of food. He goes out of their sight. They go back to the kitchen, it’s deserted now. They find a staircase down and find a big basement but at first glance there is nothing of interest to them there.

They then decide to head to the upper floor. They go on the staircase and end on a landing. Another Egyptian is standing there. There is a small fist fight between the group and the Egyptian but they can quickly silence him before anyone notices it and they take him inside his room and bind and gag him in his closet. Rosemary changes her clothes and disguises herself as an Egyptian. They then look around. There is a long corridor stretching from left to right with almost 20 doors in it. They decide to pull one open each on their turn. The first doors they are lucky no one is in there. But then Rosemary opens a door, sees a man, says something in her mouth and closes the door. As the man reopens the door Karl hits him in the face with his brass knuckles. After knocking him out they continue their search. But Jerry is a bit more safe, he first looks under the door if there is light and each time he sees a light he goes to the next door leaving that room for someone else. They work their way through the rooms. Knocking another man out that was laying on his bed reading a book. Another man was sleeping in the dark when they found him and took him out, they where all small skirmishes and in one a man grabbed a spiked club and hit Karl in his shoulder injuring him.

When making their way through the hall they found one Egyptian sitting in a bath tub in a small bathroom and decided to attack him as well. This one was a bit tougher and was also intimidating the group when standing naked out of his bathtub. He managed to scream for help and throw a couple of punches before he was knocked out, fell back into the tub and splashed water over the rest. Rosemary and Karl where standing at the bath when Jerry noticed a couple of Egyptians with clubs coming up the corridor. Two men are coming and he starts shooting at them with his handgun. Rosemary hides in the bathroom and Karl comes in the hall. Jerry can wound one seriously but misses the other one after that Karl knocks the first one out a third guy comes up. In the fight Jerry gets heavily wounded but in the end they can take the two out. They quickly bind them all and get down. Downstairs in the mainhall they find two secret doors in a big fire place. The first one goes down to a small dank hole in the ground. They can identify this with a history check as a priest hole. The other goes down to a whole cell complex. In the cells they find an Egyptian and a woman they free both of them and as they want to go away they also find another door. Rosemary and Karl ram the door in and they discover a workroom. Inside is a letter addressed to Audrey Penhew, but it isn’t finished. They wonder if Aubrey is still is alive and in the country or if the man is the recipient of the unfinished letter. They also find a ledger full off shipping information. And lots of small statues, rings, necklaces and other stuff. Another pair off those silk robes. They quickly take a few items and get with the prisoners to the boat. They set off to Harwick again and go to the local police station. They ask if they can use the phone and call up Scotland Yard and Inspector Barrington. He isn’t in but when they tell them it’s about the Egyptian murders they are asked for their number and they will call back.

A few minutes later Inspector Barrington calls back. As he learns that they probably found the key to all the murders he agrees to meet them the next morning in Harwick. While waiting they learn that the Egyptian is a small time member of the brotherhood that talked to much and was scheduled to be killed. He knows Tewfik but doesn’t know the other man.


Inspector Barrington arrives with a couple off other police officers and they head to Nisr House. Rosemary and Karl have accompanied them while Jerry remains in the village to recover from his wounds. The place is deserted and the front gate is opened. Inside the house they find a couple of bodies, the one shot and the other one drowned but the others have been taking away. They do find the one they locked up in his cupboard though. The police thanks them and takes over the rest of the investigation.

They head back out to London. After resting Karl will try to see if the Penhew Foundation hasn’t got any work for him. They are their last lead. After doing some info search about the money off the foundation, which turns out to be legit he heads over. When entering he is greeted by a secretary at the front desks and he asks for work. They tell him they are not hiring at the moment, but they mostly fund other expeditions and give him the needed information. While there he also heads to the first floor to see the exhibition there. Finding nothing out he heads back to the house. The group decides to organise a stake out at the foundation. There is a bed and breakfast at the other side of the street and Karl and Rosemary check in. Jerry stays at home recovering.


They quickly get a general idea about how the foundation works and how many people work there. They keep an eye on the building the whole night and day.


On the second day of the stake out Rosemary decides to get to the backside of the building and take a look there. She finds a bench looking out on the backside of the building, there is a loading bay there. There are a couple of foreigners standing around and while she sits there a lorry arrives. They men quickly get inside and help load the crate on the lorry and get into it and drive off…



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