Complete Masks

Session 7

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Still in Lesser Edale before they can leave the group is summoned back to Castle Plum with the local Vicar. They are asked to attend a small funeral in honour of their fallen friend. Well funeral would be a big name because they generally just dug a hole and threw his bones in without even a plaque to find the spot.

When going back to the town Karl, the German, they met before approaches them. He has heard that they are going back to London and he asks them if they can get a ride to there. They agree and drive him back to foggy London. That evening Karl searches a bar to hang out and gets a tip from the others and moves to ‘The Blue Pyramid’, there he talks with the bartender about a fault he has spotted in a mural about the pyramids. After a good night out he heads back to his hotel. The rest of the group stays at Lorelai’s house.


After hearing off their adventure Karl decides to join the group. They get together and get some information about the case. There is only one article left and that is the one of the Egyptian murders. They also remember they found a business card from the Penhew foundation.

Today the group decides to split up. Rosemary and Karl head out to inspector James Barrington of Scotland Yard. Jerry goes to the library to find some information about the Penhew Foundation. (GM note: A big break with their normal approach just to walk in and ask about, they are learning I think)

At the yard they quickly meet up with the inspector, happy to have someone else to help out with the case they start talking. He tells him he had talked to Elias Jackson and tells them that the man insisted that the case was done by a cult called ‘Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah’, the police checked this with an Egyptologist and it turned out that it was a dead lead, that cult doesn’t exists. The group asks where a lot of Egyptians hang out, they get a tip to try out a pub in town: The Blue Pyramid (great moment because the players just thought I made up that name earlier in the game). Hearing the name they decide to check it out. Rosemary will go undercover and goes back to the pub to ask her job back. The owner agrees and she can work that evening.

Jerry and Karl get to the pub as customers and start looking around. He suddenly asks a belly dancer that is standing in front of him if she knows anything about a cult and the girl tells him to meet her in the back alley at 0:00. Karl does, with Jerry standing a bit back on the look out. She takes Karl towards the Thames, because it’s safer there, remember that the last victim has been found in the Thames Karl doesn’t share that feeling. The dancer tells them that a cult is active and that they killed her boyfriend. She wants pay back and tells the group what she knows. Once a month a truck stops around midnight at the club and two dozen off customers get on board and the truck leaves the city. There is one guy who leads the group, Tewfik Al Sayed, he a regular at the club. She can’t really tell them more then that. In the meantime Rosemary has done working and heads back to her home.


This morning Jerry is having a lot of trouble, after trying out the drug he really craves for a new shot. This time he needs a full shot and he will do everything he can to get it. But since the stuff is in Rosemary’s room he has to get in, he succeeds and Rosemary doesn’t hear a thing. He quickly puts a shot and the others find him in trance.

He is now finding himself way back in time. Life where just organisms and now with more drugs in him he can interact with his surroundings. After a while he suddenly sees a strange creature, it looks like a big hound but it’s covered in a blue puss (GM note: Hound of Tindalos). The creature looks terrifying and Jerry gets a big shocks and starts running away from the creature. The creature hunts after him. He can’t really outrun the creature and the beasts uses his tongue to attack, but suddenly just in time the drug wears off and Jerry is back in the house in this time.

Karl uses his occult knowledge and can recognize the drug, it’s a plutonian drug and can send people back in time. But you need to be under hypnosis to be sent back to an place you want to get to.

Rosemary gets back to work that evening and Jerry and Karl stake out the club as customers again. The belly dancer comes to their table and points out Tawfik. Karl and Jerry decide to follow him when he goes home, they do like they are two drunks, they don’t really have to pretend a lot and see the house he enters.


The next morning, Jerry gets another need for a shot. He breaks into Rosemary’s room again but this time Rosemary hears it and they start a little fight on Rosemary’s bed. She is getting hit by Jerry but Karl enters just on time he starts punching Jerry when he gets a chance. A small fight breaks out on the bed with Karl and Jerry throwing punches at each other while Rosemary tries to grapple him. It took a long long time before they where able to knock Jerry unconscious. They bring him to an asylum and tell him he is addicted to drugs. They take him in and put him in a padded cell.

Karl and Rosemary now go to building they saw Tawfik enter, it turns out to be a spice shop. Rosemary enters and Karl goes check out the back. Rosemary talks a bit and buys some spices, at the back there is only a door and two windows upstairs. They head back out and that evening they go to the club. Tawfik isn’t there tonight.


Another day that Jerry spends in the Asylum. Another night at the Blue Pyramid and tonight Tawfik is there. When he sees him enter Karl heads back to his shop to see if he can get in. He can’t force open a door or pick the lock. He drives his car in the back alley and looks through the windows. They both look into a bedroom, it’s filled with Egyptian stuff. Suddenly he sees a light as Tawfik comes home and can get out of the alley on time.


Same scenario this day, after visiting their friend in the Asylum they head to the bar that evening again. They see him enter and again Karl goes to his house. This time he isn’t that subtle and just connects the car to the back door and pulls it from it’s hinges. He unties it and drives off, he comes back an hour later and sees that the police are already on the spot.

Today another visit to Jerry at the Asylum but today there is something strange going on. In a corner of the yard they suddenly see a mist arising. The beast Jerry encountered before comes through. The beast starts attacking Jerry again and Jerry starts running. Karl and Rosemary both have a serious fright and get out of the way, one running to the left, another one to the right. The rest of the yard’s visitors are going crazy as well. Jerry is having some trouble getting away and gets some puss over him. But he can get away a bit further, after some time both him and the hound are tired. And the hound disappears again. His friends quickly come to get the puss off him. Guards and staff come to help out everyone on the yard.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Jerry gets out of the Asylum, he has kicked off the drug. That night it’s the same procedure as the last night, they inform him and he joins Karl in the car. That evening the truck appears around midnight. Two dozen customers come out of the club and get in, Rosemary has done working and gets in the car as well. They follow them out of town and get to the northsea coast, the follow first in a taxi, then in their car. They see the truck drive down to a big estate. That lays on a small island.

They go to the next village and steal a small rowing boat. With that they head up through the foggy waters to the island. They arrive there without being spotted and then check out the island. They suddenly find a Stele that is lighted by a lot of torches. On the stele are 4 victims tied up, there are a lot of cultist their and two priests, one they recognize as Tawfik. They start beating up their victims, the group doesn’t want to watch and decide to head off to the house itself when suddenly Karl hears a scream. Three dragonlike creatures arrive from the air, a few cultists mount them and depart, he then sees the cultist eat the killed sacrifices. A couple of cultist go back towards the house. This is the group their cue to get back of the island. They get back in their boat and head out.



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