Complete Masks

Session 6

Present: Olaf, Jerry, Mc Rayn (instead of Mc Bayn) and Rosemary O’Donnel

London / Lesser Edale


Skimming the rest of the articles that Elias Jackson was working on the group decides to check out the monster in Lesser Edale. The group has heard of werewolves before and thinks that this might be the fact but Olaf doesn’t believe this. But he wants to humour the rest and they decide to check it out. Mc Rayn brings his car round and the group gears up and departs to Lesser Edale. Shortly in the afternoon they arrive in they lands surrounding Lesser Edale. It’s quiet, pleasant, green and a big difference from foggy London they just left. As they drive into the town it seems it’s a small town, about 30 houses stand in the town, a church, a pub and a veterinary clinic.

Olaf who wants to get it out of the way quickly walks into the vet’s office. The vet is working on a cow and greets Olaf. He asks him if he has heard anything about the beast and the vet answers he does, he heard it had big talons and wings. Olaf gives the man a strange look and then continues to asks some questions. One question is if the man doesn’t have a spare needle for a syringe. He tells him his friend needs medications but their syringe has become dull. The man agrees to sell him a new syringe and needle for the medication.

They then head over to the pub: the laughing horse. There are a few people there and they are welcomed by the owner. They asks the man if they can get a room here but he’s just a pub, no inn. He can redirect them to an older lady in the village who rents out some rooms. They get directions and head over to the house. An old granny with a knitting basket in her hands opens the door to the house and welcomes the investigators. She has two rooms to let: one with separate twin beds and one with a double bed. Mc Rayn and Jerry take the one with the twin beds, Rosemary and Olaf the one get the double bed. Olaf immediately gets some nasty ideas but Rosemary tells him she will have nothing off the sorts.

All except Mc Rayn goes back to the pub. Mc Rayn goes to see if he can find the constable. But he quickly learns that the man does his patrols all about town and the outskirts and isn’t back yet. He then goes to the wheelwright but can’t find him home as well. When he goes back to the pub the group is already drinking and having a chat with locals as the constable arrives. They start to chat with the man but the man occurs that he has seen the beast and that he shot it down with his shotgun and the beast went off to die somewhere between the rocks. There was nothing special about it he says, it was just some wild dog of a sort. There are wolves and other ones here from time to time. No that the man starts talking a couple of the other locals join in and laugh with the constable about the fact he wasn’t that sure when the yard came to inspect. Buying them some drinks loosen up the tongs, a bit later that day Lawrence Vane, the son of the local lord arrives in the pub. He doesn’t believe in the story and is certain that the constable did his job and killed the creature. And also the local vicar enters the pub. Olaf is interested in him and asks him if he can take a confession. The vicar agrees and Olaf goes to the church that evening.

In the confession booth he admits that he has done some bad things in the pasts, he has followed the way of the shotgun. The vicar tells him that this isn’t a good way, there are other ways to help his friends then through a shotgun. The vicar tells him he has to show remorse for his previous deeds and need to do 50 Rosary’s and a pilgrimage to Rome. After this Olaf informs with the vicar if there are any ladies of easy virtues, but the vicar doesn’t want to listen. He then leaves the confession booth and asks a local old lady that is in the church but she is shocked. He then returns to the pub and a bit later the party goes to their rooms.


Olaf and Rosemary has hired a local scout to help them find some tracks of this monster, they are out and about all day long but can’t find a single trace or track. Olaf really is starting to disbelief all of the stories he has heard so far and is content with the idea that the constable fixed the whole thing.

In the meantime Jerry and Mc Rayn have been interrogating both the families of Osgood and Parkins who both lost a loved one to the monster. There isn’t much information to be got with the Osgoods but at the Parkins they hear that Lawrence Vane was there that night, but when the horsefarmer starts about politics both of them tune out and discard it as tales from a man who has something against the upper class.

At the pub they exchange stories with one and each other and Olaf tells them he has seen everything he wanted and wants to go home tomorrow. After turning in for the night, in the middle of the night, Olaf and Rosemary wake up to some howls. Looking outside a fog has come up. Olaf takes his shotgun and goes out to the street, Rosemary stays inside and looks out. The howling seems to be coming from under them, from all around them. Olaf goes out of town towards a small forest but the sounds stop. On his way back he passes the church and there is still a light on. Olaf knocks on the door and the vicar opens the door, Olaf asks him if he has heard anything but the vicar hasn’t. When asked what he was doing up in the middle of the night the Vicar answers: ‘The work of god my son, it’s never done’ and bids goodnight to Olaf.


In the meantime Olaf is completely obsessed about the vial of green stuff he took from the painters house and while sitting on the bed he decides to just inject 1 drop of the stuff. Suddenly he goes into trance and finds himself wondering the streets of Brussels in 1830 during the September revolution in which Belgium declared his independence from the Netherlands. He finds himself stuck there for two hours before returning to his normal self.

In the meantime Rosemary found him like this and has called in some support from the others who have watched him. Coming back he shares his thoughts with the rest of them. However he doesn’t come out shot free as he misses his sanity check and goes short term insane, for the next 100 hours he needs to check his weapons every 10 minutes. With all the battles he has witnessed during the revolution he needs to be on his guard and his weapons need to function correctly.

Wondering what happens to a person when he goes into trance and if more makes you go further and longer away there is fuel for a heated discussion. It ends with Jerry deciding to give it a go. They now inject only a couple of drops and he finds himself back in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. He can walk around with no problem and can’t be harmed, he tries to hold his hand in a flame but he doesn’t feel a thing. He stays in trance for three hours and then returns.

That evening they decide to stay up and they hear the howling again, at this moment they decide to go up the hill towards the castle. As they walk up the howling comes from around them and from under them. Following the path they arrive at the castle that is no more then a keep. There are two big doors but they won’t open, Olaf opens a small side door he has found and just when he enters the door at the other side opens and an older man comes out. He demands Olaf what he is doing there. Olaf convinces the man that he heard about a monster and since he heard it this way he thinks it’s in his basement. The man however has no intention of letting him go into the basement, especially not since he is constantly checking his guns. At that moment his son Lawrence comes out of the room as well, he is armed with a shotgun as well and tells them he has phoned the police. Father Vane says they will leave, the investigators insist to see the basement but Sir Vane doesn’t allow this. It’s all gibber gabber and there is nothing in the basement. If they want they may return the next day and inspect it but he won’t allow strangers down their in the middle of the night. He can talk the investigators out of the castle and on their way down Jerry spots a hole in the ground, they also meet the constable who can say that his lordship is legit and the holes in the ground are tubes from some ancient mines that run under the village.


The next morning Jerry and Olaf feel a bit under the weather, they seem to be needing something but not to badly. However Olaf decides that he needs something and goes to the vet’s office. There he gets the vet to give him some ketamine, a horse tranquilizer with the excuse it’s for a horse. However he takes it himself and spends the rest of a day sitting on a bench under the influence of the tranquilizer.

Jerry goes to the priest to learn something more about the mines and the local history. The vicar is happy to help and explains everything they want to know. In the meantime Mc Rayn drives to Darby to fill up his car.

In the afternoon they visit Castle Plum and can look around. In the dungeons they find that the cells still have Hay in them. The lord makes a lame excuse but the party has some other ideas. He takes them back up to the parlor and invites them for tea. His son Lawrence and his daughter Eloise join them.

That night the party heads back up the hill to the castle. This time they can get in without being noticed and descend to the dungeons. Down in the first basement they find a door locked to go further down, but Rosemary finds the key next to the door. They open the door and they get down to the next level, an old torture room. From behind a heavily bolted door they hear the wailing of an animal. They open the bolts and go in the corridor, in the cell at the end they find a beast, almost human but more a wolf. The doors are cage doors and Olaf puts his shotgun through it and shoots the thing. The monster is driven back in his cage and Olaf shoots again. However it doesn’t seem that the monster is hurt. The monster is annoyed by the shots and hits the cage door, this one bursts open into the corridor and the creature attacks the investigators. Rosemary fails her sanity check and starts running down the corridor and screaming to get away. Olaf starts running himself and Mc Rayn is waiting at the door to close it. But after a couple of turns Olaf can’t get away and the beast gets him biting in his body. Olaf looses 8 hitpoins and gets in shock, falling unconscious to the floor. Seeing this Mc Rayn quickly closes the door at his moment the Vanes arrive in the basement and quickly help bolting the door. The werewolf still tries to hit down the door but the door holds.

The asks them to join up and explain that this is their daughter/sister, since she turned 21 she starts turning into a werewolf. They don’t know why or how but there are researching it, the vicar is busy with it as well. At first they didn’t know and Eloise killed the villagers, these they they drug her and put her in the dungeon where she is kept safe. The group offers to help and they want their help but don’t know what they can do. They give the group 600 pounds to keep their mouths shut about this. The group spends the night at the castle.


The next morning they get Olaf’s remains and they are buried in secret. They meat Eloise at the breakfast table but she doesn’t remember what has happened. She doesn’t seem to have a big appetite but they blame it on the Swedish meatballs she had last night…

The group leaves the house and as they pass the vicars house a man comes out, he introduces himself as Carl, a field researcher who did some historical research. He is looking for a ride back to London and the groups take him with him to London.



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