Complete Masks

Session 5

Present: Olaf, Jerry, Mc Bayn and Rosemary O’Donnel



After dropping off Mary and Walt at a local asylum and picking up the metal headband from the head of Mary, Jerry and Olaf take a cab back towards Lorelai’s apartment. There they talk about what to do, they have a plan to stake out the house but they decide that they will grab something to eat and have a drink. (gm note: they saw Christine’s next character was a cocktail waitress) so they picked out the first bar they noticed, it was an Irish pub. Getting in they ordered a Guinness and a Whiskey and something to eat. There they met up with another guy who introduced himself as Mc Bayn, a treasure hunter that heard they where talking about getting to Egypt. He was interested and offered his help in the expedition. They agreed however there was a lot of discussion about how the money and treasures they found would be shared. (GM note: this took out a big part, even more when the 4th character arrived, and went on until someone actually thought about all the money they had earned in COC, which is almost nothing). They got bored in the Irish pub and decided they wanted a cocktail so they wandered around and got into a bar called ‘The Blue Pyramid’ where, a total coincidence, Rosemary O’Donnel was working her first night as a cocktail waitress. It was crowded but they found a table, belly dancers came up to the players, Olaf tipped one of them 5 dollar and when Rosemary served them tipped her 1 dollar, which make him a cheapskate in Rosemary’s eyes. In the end they could convince Rosemary to quit her job and come with them.

They thought about going to the painter’s house but decided that since they drunk to much they should get home and get some rest. Olaf and Jerry went back to Lorelai’s apartment while the others went to theirs. The next day Jerry will call on them for further actions.


The next day in the afternoon they Jerry takes a cab and rides out to pick up Rosemary, meeting up they go to the house of Mc Bayn who then suggest to take his Bentley. They ride back towards Lorelai’s apartment and at night they go to the Shipley house in Soho. They notice how deserted the street is. Olaf picks the lock of the neighbouring house and goes to the yard, there he climbs the wall. Mc Bayn and Jerry follow him, but Rosemary stays in the car parked a street away. The get over the wall and Olaf picks the lock on the backdoor. As he opens the door, he hears some sound above him, a door opens and he hears someone coming down the stairs. He quickly retreats outside and looks for a place to hide. There isn’t anything in the garden only the toilet, he hides against the back wall. Mc Bayn and Jerry first try to get over the wall but they fail and then hide together in the toilet (GM note: there was an idea in which Jerry hid inside the sceptic tank but he didn’t do that in the end) and they hoped they would be going in there. But Olaf notices that the light quickly fades and he hears someone going on the stairs again. So he has another go, he opens the door and sneaks in but as soon as he is in he again hears something and again someone is coming from the stairs, he hides again, and this time he hears someone locking the backdoor again. He gets back to the neighbouring house and awaits another hour, Jerry and Mc Bayn get over the wall as well and get inside to. An hour later he sneaks back to the Shipley house and picks the lock again, but again as soon as he has entered he hears some noise, coming from above and from further in the hall. He quickly gets over the wall again and can peek to see that Shipley and his old mother are standing in the yard, he hears Shipley going to the loo and then returning to the inside.

Still that night after waiting another hour Olaf gets to the roof and looks at the sky window on the garret, he can open it only for an inch and it’s padlocked with a sturdy chain. He can’t reach the padlock or get a cutter in.


The group decides to stake out the house and Mc Bayn goes out to buy some supplies like food, work materials, coals to heat up the house, … The rest of the group keeps out an eye at the house. That evening around 21u00 they see Shipley leave the house. They wait it out and around 22u00 they hear a sound, Olaf runs up and looks out to the yard and sees him coming home with a woman, it seems that he has brought home a prostitute. They keep watch but can’t see the woman leave.


Mc Bayn will try to get inside the house and since he heard from the other they sell paintings he will try to get in with the excuses he wants to buy a painting. In the backyard they see Granny bathing in the sun, it’s a rather nice day after all. But they don’t really accept it since it’s only February. Olaf tries to get to the roof and to the garret but he can’t get into cover completely and granny notices something. She calls her son and they stand looking in the yard and shouting. Olaf decides to make the sound of a cat. At that moment Mc Bayn knocks on the front door, Granny opens the door and asks him what he wants. When he explains that he wants to buy a painting she tries to get him out. She says that they have no time now and when he asks her to see the painter she tells him he isn’t at home. When he doesn’t want to leave she wants to close the door but Mc Bayn holds the door back. And at that moment Shipley enters the house through the backdoor. They start yelling at Mc Bayn and decide to let him in. He resists a bit but can’t keep resisting and comes with them. They lead him up and go to the garret. There Olaf is still hiding and can follow the discussion.

At the end of the garret is a closet, they open it and inside it is an easel with a painting covered by a cloth. They pull away the cloth and Mc Bayn is looking at it. It shows a swampy area with an island in the centre. On the island is an altar, he also sees a lot of serpents in the water around the island. As he keeps looking at it the water starts to ripple a bit and the paining seems to come alive. He quickly adverts his eyes and asks how much, but they seem reluctant to sell it, especially Granny, but he can almost persuade them and they say that he should come back in a week, maybe then they will sell it. They lead him out of the house and Mc Bayn leaves the area. They go back up and Olaf hears a key is turned in the padlock. He quickly gets of the roof and inside the other house.


The group keeps an eye out on the house, nothing special happens but they notices that Granny never leaves the house and they don’t get any food or something else. There also aren’t any groceries being delivered. They find the cellar under their house and decide to break out the bricks at there side with the idea that they may be able to break into the house through the cellars.


Another day of stake out, this evening they see Shipley leaving the house again. An hour later he returns with another prostitute that they never see leaving.


Despite their earlier idea of breaking through the walls they decide to just drill a peephole from one basement to the other to see if they can learn anything this way. They succeed and Jerry takes this place. Later that day he sees Granny coming down to the cellar and light is turned on. It looks like it’s fully stocked with a lot of stuff but nothing important. He sees Granny pass and hears some noise but he can’t see her from where he has his peephole. An hour later he sees Granny leaving again.


Another day of stake out, nothing special can be seen at the house. The group discusses theories about what is going on in the house. They decide to make another hole in the wall a bit further so they can make a peephole there as well and see more of the basement.


After another day of stake out and Granny is rummaging in the cellar again. That evening the group sees Shipley leaving again. Olaf decides it’s time for action and heads out they follow him to a pub where when he enters he is talking to a woman who looks like a prostitute. Olaf acts surprised that he meets Shipley here and greets him. Olaf has brought Rosemary along. who stands next to Shipley at the bar and takes over the conversation. Olaf takes the prostitute with him to another table. Shipley and Rosemary have a talk and he asks her what she costs. They agree on a price and head back to his house. As they walk back to his house Olaf decides it’s time to act. He takes out his wood axe and attacks the man from behind. But he misses. Shipley turns looks shocked and starts running. However he can’t run out enough to loose Olaf and they are out of breath so they decide to fight it out. But Shipley is rather quick and gets to go first he can get a couple of hits on Olaf but he succeeds to stay on his feet. Olaf can get a hit onto him but doesn’t do much damage. Rosemary comes over to help Olaf but then Shipley starts to run away. Rosemary does some first aid on Olaf.


Yet another day of stake out, they expect Shipley to go out this evening but that doesn’t happen. The second hole in the basement can be drilled and they see how Granny walks to the end of the basement and a secret door opens, but he can’t see anything beyond the door.


Today they are going in for some more action. When they see Shipley leave the house again they are sure it’s the moment they have been waiting for. It’s only poor old Granny who is in the house. Olaf, Jerry and Rosemary will be going in through the roof by destroying the chain. In the meantime Mc Bayn will knock on the front door, he is expected at the house today and will try to distract Granny. When he knocks on the door she opens, she quickly tries to send him away telling him her son isn’t there. She closes the door but again he pushes it open. He starts to argue with her and suddenly he tries to punch her. (GM note: the rest was very amused by this fight since the treasure hunter was just getting in a brawl with the old Granny), Granny draw a knitting needle but missed as well, after a small brawl she also tried to bite Mc Bayn but missed. Finally he got a hit and Granny transformed before his eyes in a serpent man, he screamed but then Granny casted a spell and he was in a catatonic state (gm note: for 90 hours). Hearing the scream Olaf broke the glass and jumped down. The group was in the Garret and was looking to go down, as they opened the door they saw Granny down the steps but it was a serpent man now, with almost no sanity lost the battle started. But another mind blast from Granny took out Jerry who went hallucinating for 30 hours). Olaf started to shoot but Granny was rather quick and dodged all the shots, Granny ran up the stairs and attacked Olaf in close combat. She dodged almost all his bullets except one that only did one damage. Rosemary took Jerry his handgun and tried to shoot but missed as well, she then reloaded the guns but it quickly became clear they stood no chance. Rosemary climbed through the skylight and got out of the neighbourhood. Olaf used his Vanish to get out of there. They have no idea what happened to the others.

Olaf makes a secret call to the police telling them they seen burglars in the Shipley house.


Rosemary and Olaf are thinking it over at Lorelai’s apartment, they think their friends are lost and are reflecting about their next moves. They don’t find anything about a burglary in the papers.


Jerry comes out of his hallucinations and he has been tied up in the kitchen to a chair, with him still in a catatonic state is Mc Bayn. He tries to pull the ropes he has been tied up with and succeeds. He opens a door that goes to the parlor and no one is there. It’s still very early in the morning and they are still asleep. He pulls Mc Bayn with him to the parlor and heads towards the front windows. He pulls up the shutters and opens wants to open the window. At that moment he hears some noise from above. And footsteps are coming down. He quickly smashes the window and as he jumps out and tries to pull Mc Bayn out with him the door opens and Granny enters the room. He leaves Mc Bayn where he is and starts running. The front door opens and Granny starts a pursuit. In the pursuit Granny switches to her reptile man form since it’s full of go outside it’s safe for him but even though he did this Jerry can run out and get away. He quickly gets to Lorelai’s house. Mc Bayn gets pulled back into the house. Jerry tells Olaf what happened but can’t remember a lot.

Rosemary takes a look at the birth certificates and indeed finds that Miles Shipley lives with his mother Bertha Shipley of who they also find a birth certificate. They find that Miles his father died about 20 years ago.

Olaf is fed up and decides to take Shipley out, he is convinced that Shipley is a serpent man himself and damaging him will turn him to his ‘normal’ form. So that evening they look at the house and he sees Shipley leaving again. He waits for Shipley in an alley way and then steps out and pumps a couple of bullets in him. The man falls down dead. Olaf hears some whistles going and footsteps, he quickly robs the man’s wallet and shoots him in the head. He is somewhat disturbed that the man didn’t turn into a serpent man as he was hoping.


They keep an eye out at the house but there isn’t anything happening. They make plans to go into the house the next day.


That day Mc Bayn gets out of his catatonic state and falls to the floor, his muscles are failing. At that moment Granny comes out of the cellar she picks up Mc Bayn and drags him with him upstairs and opens the the closet. He pulls away the cloth on the painting and forces Mc Bayn to look at it. At that moment the others are standing at the skylight. Mc Bayn almost got under the influence of the painting but he succeeded to stay away from it. Olaf punched in the skylight and Granny turned around a mindblast took care of Olaf giving him a 50 hour heavy phobia of snakes and Olaf flees the scene.

Rosemary takes a jerry can she is carrying and lights it on fire, Granny sees this and looks at the painting. The serpent man disappears from their sight. They quickly get in and Rosemary pulls the cloth from the jerry can, she pours all the gasoline over the paintings and the garret.

In the meantime Jerry carries Mc Bayn down the stairs and looks around down stairs. In the bedroom he finds a box with a syringe and a green substance in a small vial. In the basement he quickly finds the secret door and inside is kind of a laboratory. There are occult signs that he quickly makes a drawing off. There are 4 grimoires and tomes he steals and he opens the lid from a tub inside are the remains of a young woman. He gets a shock as he sees it but doesn’t get much sanity loss. He then gets out of the house with Mc Bayn. Rosemary lights the place on fire and they get out. In the evening paper they read about a fire in the house of Miles Shipley. Nothing was left intact and the bodies of the inhabitants weren’t found.



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