Complete Masks

Session 4

Present: Olaf, Mary, Walt and Jerry

Arkham & New York / London


After getting the tickets the group feels there isn’t much to do in New York and keeping in mind the murder of Thomas Bailey and the attempted murder of Walt, Olaf and Mary head back to Arkham. They will prepare for the trip from there. They take the car and drive over to Arkham. They will arrive there in the evening.

Walt stays a couple of days in his hotel under police guard. (GM note: the player wasn’t there at the start of the session so we left him there).

Jerry Brown, new to the group decided to try to get his hands on the medical notes of Dr. Hudson. He goes to the medical board where the group found out the notes where kept. He gets redirected to the right bureau and visits it. It seems that only practicing doctors may check the files. Even identifying himself as a police investigator doesn’t work, he needs to get a warrant. He asks one at Lt. Pool but he fails to convince him. Wanting to join the expedition Jerry hands in his resignation to Lt. Pool.

That evening after dropping Mary off at her apartment Olaf goes back to his cabin in the woods.


Olaf heads to Lorelai at the university to burrow the book she has: ‘Nameless Cults’, the golden goblin edition. They picked up this book in a previous adventure and Olaf is getting interested in cults. Lorelai lends him the book. In the meantime Mary went to Olaf’s cabin and is looking at all the items. After checking them all out she decides to put the metal headband on her head, nothing happens. She puts on the lion claws, nothing happens. She takes the priest robes, nothing happens. Then she decides to put on the mask, then the mask starts to cling to her head, her eyes widen the size of the sockets and suddenly she sees an image of man with a big grey beard on a shell being pulled by a unicorn, she hears him say his name: Nodens. Then the falls unconscious and the masks falls from her face. She also gained 6 Cthulhu Mythos points.

Jerry being in New York decides that there isn’t anything for him there and decides to move to Arkham. He finds Olaf’s listing in the telephone book and takes the train to Arkham.

Olaf comes back at his cabin and finds Mary unconscious on the floor. He puts her on the bed and a bit later she comes by. She tells Olaf what has happened. At that moment someone knocks on the door. Olaf moves to the door with a pistol in his hand. At the other side is Jerry but since Olaf never met him he doesn’t know him. Mary says that he’s alright and they let him in.

Olaf gets a telephone call from Lorelai. She made some notes on the items they found and she found out something about the metal headband. She tells him it’s a mythos artefact that should protect the wearer from some sort of creature but she can’t tell from which. And that it was made by something called Nodens, who is known to help people before.
That evening Olaf drives Mary and Jerry back to town. Mary to her apartment and Jerry gets a room in Hotel Miskatonic.


Mary and Olaf head over to the university to see Lorelai. She can’t really tell more about the headband or other artefacts but she found this out. She tells them she normally doesn’t do stuff like that, she wants to keep her sanity. Jerry, after having a good breakfast is taking a stroll at MU and passes them. He heads out with them back to the cabin.

After hearing about Nodens Mary decides that since the masks called out Nodens and he can help she should wear it again and try to asks him for help. She puts the mask back on her face but this time it’s not Nodens who appears but Shib Niggurath. Her sanity check misses but she’s lucky and only looses 9 sanity. (GM note: on a d100 roll)

Mary is frightened from the view and goes blind for 30 hours, after that she will experience night tremors’. But from a doctor she gets some happy pills she can take.

Olaf decides that since Mary isn’t in a good shape and they still want to talk to Erica Carlyle he will have go. He telephones and says he is a colleague of Mary who earlier got an appointment that she couldn’t keep. He tells them that Mary is still ill and he wants to come in her place. They accept and he gets an appointment on the 6th at 14u00.


The group takes a day of rest and preparations for the journey.


Olaf goes back to New York and this time checks in at a hotel closer to the Carlyle mansion so he has a shorter ride tomorrow.


Walt finally leaves his room at the hotel again and when he checks in the hallway he sees a black police officer. He feels some distrust right away. He quickly says high and goes back in his room. He wonders if it’s normal that there is now a black police officer and plays with the idea that the cult took out the police officer and replaced him with a killer.

This afternoon Olaf goes to the Carlyle mansion. He introduces him as a PI who has an appointment with Erica. He is let in and hands over his handgun to the guard. At the mansion he is greeted by a help and is taken to a bureau. In the bureau an assistant talks to him, he tries to convince the man that Roger is still alive. The man isn’t convinced but takes the papers to Erica. A few moments later Olaf is taken to Erica. Talking to Erica he can’t really find out more, except that she didn’t like the African woman M’Weru and that sometimes Roger disappeared for a couple of hours and came back looking like hell and it seems he then has visited Harlem. Olaf also checks for a personal safe that would contain some books but Erica tells him she doesn’t know anything about a safe. Olaf says goodbye and goes away. He spends the night in his hotel. He visits Walt in his hotel and informs him off everything.


The next day Olaf picks up Walt and takes him with him back to Arkham.


They prepare for the trip to London some more. Walt has a look at the artefacts and is interested in the book: Dark Sects of Africa. As he needs something to read he asks a good book at Olaf who gives him ‘Nameless Cults’.


The group drives to New York.


The ship leaves from New York to London. At the docks Olaf suddenly sees that customs are checking all the luggage and since he has, what he calls, his ‘handy bag’ (GM note: he calls this his handy bag, in fact it’s his bag with weapons and thieving equipment) he tells the group that he won’t be travelling with them. He gives a box to Jerry and tells him not to open it. They should just phone him when they get in London and he will come then a bit later. He says his goodbye’s and drives back to Arkham.

After passing customs the group is said goodbye by Lt. Pool, who actually came with a couple of other police men to see Walt get on the ship and get out of New York.

11 – 15/02/1923

The ship is going from New York to South Hampton. On the first day Walt decides to skim through ‘Nameless Cults’ this works but his sanity check fails. Loosing about 6 points he gets a compulsive disorder. He starts to pace up and down the decks of the ship for the next 70 hours. He stays awake for the rest of the journey and when arriving at South Hampton falls asleep on the train straight away.

Arriving in London a kid is standing at the station yelling at the top of his voice: ‘Egyptian Murderer strikes again’. The group picks up a copy of the paper, it seems to be ‘The Scoop’, a paper that was already mentioned by Jonah Kensington.

They make telephone call to Arkham and ask Olaf if he knows a place to stay. He has picked up the key to Lorelai’s apartment and uses Vanish to get over there with his handy bag. They get to the apartment. Olaf tells the group of their previous adventures in London and sees that new people live across the road at Mr. Corbitt his old house. He goes over and meets them.


Walt goes to the library to look up what was in the newspapers here about the Carlyle Expedition. He spends most part of the day there but doesn’t really find out much new stuff. They where welcomed, met up with Penhew and left to Cairo from here.

The rest of the group heads over to the offices of ‘The Scoop’. There they meet Mickey Mahoney. He is the editor in chief of The Scoop. He has heard about the death of Elias Jackson over the news wires and is grief stricken. The group hears that the last time he saw Elias he told him that a dark cult was active in London. He said he would pay him for a good story and is sad he never got it but even sadder that Elias died. He has no idea where to look for the story but tells the investigators if they can find the story they may bring it in and he will pay them for it.

He tells him that Elias did look into the papers and took three news clippings with him, the first one is about these ‘Egyptian murders’, he tells them that Inspector Barrington from the Yard can tell them more about these. A second one talks about a monster near Lesser Esdale, a third one was about some ‘Shocking Canvasses’ a local painter made. Looking at the clippings Olaf thinks that they should best look into the painter first. Since some of them lost some sanity this will be the safest thing to do.

The meet up with Walt again, he has some art knowledge and they need him to meet the painter. They got the man’s address from ‘The Scoop’ and knock at the door. An older woman opens the door a bit later. She introduces herself as the painters mother and as she hears they want to look at the paintings and buy one she takes them in to meet her son. The man is in the Garret that is lit with oil lamps and the skylight is painted black. There are different paintings on the floor in the Garret. The man looks quit bad, it seems the man has slept bad, is unshaven, wears bad clothes and has general bad impression as that he seems a bit mad, the painting however are very nice but horrific. Olaf wants to have a look around the house and asks the mother if he can go in the garden he doesn’t feel so good. The woman escorts him down and into the small garden. When he asks to go to the toilet he is pointed at the outhouse in the garden. In the meantime the others keep looking at all the pictures one at a time, Jerry gets some luck and spots a big painting that shows a big black mountain that looks like it stands in Africa. There is some strange monster with a big red tongue on it as well, as is a temple on the mountain. Men are standing around the mountain and are worshipping. Even though all these pictures are very disturbing Walt, Jerry and Mary keep looking at all off them. Walt decides that he wants to buy the painting with the mountain and they agree on the price. As they are doing this Mary heads down telling the painter she wants to go to the toilet as well. As she heads down there is a door, as she opens it it seems to be a living room, she can’t see anything interesting and goes to the other side of the hall. This room is closed and the old lady turns her head hearing her. Mary tells her she is looking for the toilet and she shows it to Mary. Walt and Jerry come down the stairs and they arrange the rest of the deal. After saying goodbye they are shown the door. Once outside they are looking for a cab but all they saw is coming back and they start to feel weird. Jerry looses two sanity roll and looses only a couple of points for seeing the paintings. But Mary and Walt who where already low on sanity miss all 10 sanity checks, they go permantly insane. After hailing a cab they are both dropped off in the local Asylum.

It’ hasn’t been a good first day in London for the group.



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