Complete Masks

Session 3

Present: Thomas, Walt, Olaf and Mary

Arkham & New York


The group quickly retreated out of the basement when they hear and sea the zombies coming back at them. Thomas has an idea that the zombies won’t leave the room but they do leave the room and come into the hall, as they head up the stairs they do notice the zombies don’t follow them there. In the shop they starts discussing what to do next. They want to get the items they saw on the altar, but they need to get passed the zombies. And as it seems their weapons aren’t doing any damage. Mary in the meantime is still insane and is touching all the walls, then heads out and starts touching the walls in the court. Walt is searching for something that burns. When he doesn’t find anything he hails a cab on the street, he asks him to wait for a moment. As he heads back in he announces he will get some gasoline in a nearby gas station they can use. But at that moment 2 black men enter the room, out of a reflex Olaf points his shotgun and shoots the first man, he fires at the second man but misses. The man runs out of the court. Walt quickly exits the shop and goes to his cab, just in time to see the black man jump in it and drive off with it. Walt hails another cab and drives to a gas station. In the meantime Olaf and Thomas hear some police sirens coming their way. Thomas quickly goes running, Olaf takes the body of the black man and drags it down to the basement. As he enters the room the zombies are standing again behind the curtain he walked to the curtain (well tried to sneak but hit over an African drum) as he pushed the curtain back with his shotgun the zombies came out again, he shot twice doing little damage and walking back. He now hears the police coming in the shop, he quickly retreats to the door and pulls it over so it’s between him and the zombies, the zombies start pulling against him and he’s lucky it’s the weakest one who started to pull and failed. At this moment the police arrived down in the corridor, the zombies went towards them. Hearing the police fighting against the zombies Olaf quickly went for the grab. Grabbed everything and then used his vanish spell back to Arkham. Arriving at his home he quickly went out so that he would be seen and then went to sleep.

As the police was standing at the court, Walt, after getting the gasoline didn’t return there but went towards their car that was parked not far from there. There he met up with Thomas and the insane Mary. They rode back to the hotel and they got some rest.

Thomas keeps an eye out and spots again a couple of black guys keeping an eye on the hotel. But he still decides that he needs some more information and heads to the library. He gets in the library and searches some information about the African clans. He is busy until the evening and as he walks out he doesn’t spot the two Africans standing there with a revolver in their hand. They shoot at him, he can duck out of the way but they fire upon him again. This time, they impale him and Thomas is mortally wounded, to bad for him he is alone and the paramedics aren’t on time. Thomas dies on the street in front of the library, shot by some cultists.

Olaf in the meantime called the office of Professor Anthony Cowles, he made a second appointment with the man the next day at his house. He also visits Lorelai again and she introduces him to some professors at M.U. A botanist can shed some light on the origins of some of the items. That evening Olaf telephoned the group at the hotel to tell them he was safe in Arkham and got the items.

That evening Walt searches for his friends but he can’t find Thomas and Mary doesn’t want to come out of her room.


Olaf visited the professor again, he showed him the items he had found in the shop, the man can’t really point anything out since it’s really African of origin and that’s not really he thing.

Walt keeps an eye out on the papers and reads a story about the Ju Ju House. It just says that some strange things have been found and that the police is investigating. Olaf returns to New York after the meeting, leaving his finding in Arkham.

But in the morning the police also arrive at the hotel. The group quickly learns that Thomas has died. The police also wants to talk a bit with Walt. Examinations showed that Thomas wasn’t a bank clerk but an Canadian spy. They would like to know what Walts connection with the man was. But Thomas can give a good enough explanation and the police gets of his back, however they ask him to come with him to identify the body of his diseased friend. However seeing the zombies left a little problem with him and he know has a fear from death things so the morgue isn’t the best place for him. In the morgue he also meets Jerry Brown a forensic specialist (the new PC). But he has little interaction with him.

In the afternoon Mary got better but decided to stay in at the hotel. The group met up at dinner that evening to discuss what to do next. They are glad that at least they got the cult leader but with a knowledge roll Olaf remembers that the man was dancing naked in the room and wasn’t the priest. Olaf tries to remember if he has seen the nephew but can’t remember it.


They read in the newspaper that the party of Erica Carlyle was a true hit. Since the libraries are closed today on a Sunday their isn’t to much to look into. But the group decides that Olaf, Mary and Walt will go find see if they can’t find anything at the addresses of Hudson and Brady. They found two addresses of Hudson. Firstly they go to the first Hudson address, this is a house in a nice area. While talking they learn some information about Hudson and that the house now is empty to be sold. They find the second address and this turns out to be a flat that the doctor used for his treatments.

The group then goes on to Chinatown, they found an old residence of Brady. The apartment is just above a Chinese laundry shop. Being Sunday it’s closed but a neighbour just passes by. Walt talks to the man in Chinese (but the player isn’t paying attention and starts talking about Hudson instead), getting back on the right track they start talking about Brady and the man calls out the shop owner. He can tell them some background for Brady. The group thanks him but the man isn’t done. It appears that Brady still has $ 100 debts with the man and Olaf pays up.


In the morning Mary gets back into the library to find out some more information about the other expedition members.

As she arrives at the library she spots a dried up puddle of blood at the stairs a grim
She quickly learns the background of Sir Audrey Penhew and Hypetatia Masters. Not only Mary hits the library so does Olaf. Olaf starts reading the books written by Elias Jackson. He spends a whole day reading two of the books.

In the morgue Jerry Brown is working on the bodies of the zombies and is really fascinated by them.


Another day in the library for the group though Walt arrives later, as he is walking in New York he spots two black guys following him, he quickly reroutes to the library where he meets up with Olaf who is reading again. He informs Olaf of the fact he is being chased. They come up with a plan to get the guys. Olaf suggests that he plays bait and gets back outside, when both of the guys follow him Olaf will follow them. Once outside the plan goes wrong as again they try to get rid of a witness. A shot gets fired but they miss, panic starts in the streets and the guys are running away, Olaf runs after them and sees them turning into a alley. However he can spot them waiting for him. He slows down and gets back out of the alley.

At the library Walt is waiting inside. The police arrives and they call the homicide squad in. Lt Martin Pool arrives accompanied by Jerry Brown who starts looking at the evidence. But Pool has something else on his mind. This now is the 7th case in which Walt his name comes up and he has been in New York for only 15 days, he is annoyed by him as hell and decides to give him a police escort wherever he goes. A beat police men is assigned to watch over him and after talking to Jerry for a while he heads back to the hotel. In the meantime Mary can convince Jerry to give up his job and come on an investigation with them.


The group decides that it is time to move up to London. Mary goes to a booking agency and gets 4 tickets to London. The boat to Southampton will part on the tenth of February. In the booking agency she meets up with Jonah Kensington. Jonah tells them that if they go to London they should seek out Inspector Barrington of Scotland Yard or Mickey Mahoney, editor of the Scoop.

Olaf is in the library for the third day in a row, reading some of Elias his books, looking for clues on the case.



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