Complete Masks

Session 24

So this was our current last session in our complete Masks campaign. We played it in May so I’m a bit behind on my report. But finally found the time and willpower to write it out. Not sure if the detail will be blurry our not. We now have ended the Africa chapter. The group is wondering if they are going to go to Australia first or to China. We will know in a couple of months when we pick up the game again.

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who/Hans Tzimmer

03/09/1923 – 05/09/1923

After feeling the capital the three PC’s wake up in the small village again where they have met up with Bundari and Okomu. They already have been preparing for the trip to Mt. Kenya so today they decide to finish the preparations and move out. Bundari finds a couple of villagers that are willing to help them out and accompagny them on the firt part of the trip to guide them. This will soon be a very good help since the brotherhood has spies all along the roads leading towards the black mountain. The group decides to go through the wilderness, it’s about a three day drive to the village of Ndovu near the mountain. The journey goes without much events and they reach Ndovu on the 5th of September. They are greeted by the tribesmen. They can sleep and eat here and the tribe tells them stories about the mountain. None of these stories are to well though. They can also tell the group about the bodies of the Carlyle expedition they have found. From this town it’s just about more then a days trip towards the mountains and the place where they found the bodies lies on their way. They call this the corrupted grounds. After the disturbing stories the group goes to sleep and the next morning they prepare for the hike.


The group hike goes well. However the blindness of Johnny slows them a bit down. It’ beginning to become evening when they reach the Corrupt grounds. This is the place where the bodies of the Carlyle expedition has been found. And it’s clear to everyone why they call it the corrupt grounds. The earth is totally black. In the distance they can see the black mountain standing tall, clear in view for everyone in the whole area. Nothing live any more on this earth. The group decides to put up camp some miles back so that they don’t need to stay on the corrupt grounds themselves. Their carriers take care of the camp. Joanna takes a tent for herself and Johnny and the doctor take a tent for them. After a long day march they decide to go to sleep. Well that is after that the doctor has lighted some of the essence cones he found in the basement of Tandoori Singh. These cones tend to give the person hallucinations about other worlds. Since they are both in the tent they both make a trip. This also leads them to earn a point of Chtulhu Mythos (something my player where very happy about, they have found a safer way to gain these, unfortunately there are a limited number of cones).

But not the whole night goes as well as in the middle of the night the group is suddenly attacked by a group of cultists that are guarding the area around the black mountain. The group is attacked in their tents with arrows. Doctor decides to do the decent thing and jump down and crawl out of the tent into hiding. Not really the best idea because one of the arrows of the next volley hits him. For the rest of the fight he stays in hiding. There where other options since Johnny loves to carry around guns and the tent is packed with them. This comes in handy because even though he can’t see he still decides to shoot at the guys after that the doctor (before he sneaked away) had pointed him in the right direction. Now Johnny already being blind didn’t mind a bit that there was still a tent in the way of his shooting. He was already taking the penalties for an unaimed shot and woudn’t you know. He actually almost killed the damn lot of them. Joanna did her deal and they where all able to fend of the attack.

Tomorrow they would head out for the black mountain. (one of the player pointed it that he was expecting them all to be naked. It seemed like this happened all the time they got involved in a cult ritual)


The last part of the journey took them over the corrupted grounds and into a bush that led them to the mountain and the surrounding plains. Their guides pointed out that they had to cross a big plain before reaching the mountain itself. They themselves wouldn’t go out of the bush but stay in hiding. The players where already pondering on how they would cross the plain unseen but when they arrived it became clear that this wouldn’t be a problem. Thousands of people had already gathered on the plains, these came from all parts of the worlds so they could easily blend in. It was a surprise when they did see that everyone was wearing their clothes and they where happy for this. The group went into the mass and made their way towards the black mountain itself. Standing at the foot they could see a small path leading up towards a platform where there was an entrance to the cave. They decided to check it out.

They walk up the path and into the cave but there they stumble upon a group of guards. They are denied access. Normal cultists aren’t allowed in here. The group doesn’t want to push their luck against these goons and decide to go back outside. Once outside it becomes clear that the doctor really wants to get into the cave. However to complicate the things some more at this moment a couple of drummers come out of the cave and take up position next to the entrance and start drumming away. This is greeted with welcoming cheers by the cultists. Even though this obstacle the doctor is going to get in. He wants to climb the mountain up, then go to the side until he is above the tunnel entrance, climb down and sneak into the cave. We pointed out that he would succeed in about 7 climb checks and a couple of sneak checks. He decided that he would be able to pull it off. The doctor started the climb and it was looking good until he failed his third roll. Missed a jump check and luck check and fell to his death. Cultists who witnessed this where cheering. Johnny and Joanna however moved a bit back. However the festivities for that evening where just about to begin. As the drums where turned Mweru stepped out and started the party. Night was falling and a total frenzy began. Prisoners where pulled out of everywhere to be used as sacrifices. People took out their clothes and started to dance and feast and kill. Strange creatures appeared who joined in the blood frenzy. Not really having a choice Joanna and Johnny took off their clothes as well so they would still fit in. It was clear that everything was working up towards one big event.

However before this happened Johnny still had some fun lighting another of the essence cones in the middle of the masses looking if it would drive them even more crazy but these people where so far away that it didn’t show. He met up with Joanna near the bush again to talk about what their plan was. However this meetup was disrupted as suddenly a portal to another world opened up. From this portal stumbled a man, he had clearly been running and they recognized him as Hans Tzimmer. The man who they lost because he had walked down some staircases to what looked was hell while trying to hide in the temple of the black pharaoh under the sphinx in Gizeh. It turned out the man had aged quit a bit but was still alive. They quickly informed him about the situation they where in and by now a climax in the singing was reached. Mweru started to shout and repeat the shouting. She gave a speech and people started to chant with her. A thunderstorm came up and suddenly with one big bang a hideous and gigantic creature stood next to the mountain. Nyarlathotep in his masks of the bloody tongue. The creature made a staircase towards an entrance higher up the mountain and people where starting to move up the stairs. Mweru had walked back in but the guards where still on duty. The group decided to follow everyone’s lead and they walked up the steps. However the bloody tongue was looking for sacrifices himself and from time to time he picked up a cultist and examined him, if he was pleased he devoured him if not he tossed him down to his death. Luckily none of the group where scooped up and they arrived in the big hall. This was a very big cave where thousands of cultists fitted in. There where some main features: three pits. Closer examination later on learned that one as filled by giant ants, one by spider and one by snakes. A lot of people died in these pits as sacrifices. But the main feature was a raised platform. On the platform was a throne. On this throne sat Hypatetia Masters of the Carlyle expedition. However she didn’t look fine. Her whole body was bloated as she was clearly pregnant from some hideous creature. During the whole time the group was in tons and tons of victims where sacrificed for the god. During these sacrifices Joanna sneaked down to see what he could find there. She came into the cave where she originally had been thrown out and found that this was probably the home of Mweru. There where statues, cages, piles of bones, a ships clock set on Greenwich time, …

In the meantime things upstairs where building up to the big finale where it became clear that Hypatetia would give birth to this monster. As the moment drew closer Hans decided it was his moment to be a hero. He asked for the stick of dynamite Johnny was carrying and got it. He approached the platform and acted that he was worshipping the soon to be spawn while trying to light the stick of dynamite. However a guard spotted him. In the meantime the spawn itself was born, tearing out the body of Hypetitia to pieces, even her head exploded. Hans grabbed the moment and before he could be stopped by the guard he threw the dynamite unfortunately he missed and did not throw it far enough. A big explosion killed off quit a number of cultists (something nobody is worried about), did damage to the spawn but also killed Hans as he blew himself to pieces. At this point Nyarlathotep arrived and healed the spawn looking to take revenge on the attacker, seeing him being reduced to a pool of blubber and blood gave him pleasure so he killed a couple more cultist to show how happy he was.

Now thing really started to get freaky as all the cultist where totally frenzied. Drinks where poured, people sacrificied, there was dancing and everyone had sex. At the morning the stairs took form again and all cultists where thrown out. Everyone went back to where they came from. Joanna and Johnny met up with their guides again who took them back towards the village to report to Bundari.


Not really knowing what to do next they are planning the next part of their trip.



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