Complete Masks

Session 23

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


After meeting up in the afternoon with Tandoor Singh and finishing most of their leads the group decides that next day they need to start making their way to Mt. Kenya, since that is the mountain that has been said to be the mountain of the black winds.

That night after a good diner Joanna does some light reading, as it gets darker she lights the petroleum light in her chamber. After some time spend reading however the flame in the lamp grows and a flaming creature stands in the room. She quickly flees the room and hotel staff and visitors come to help put the fire out. She sees someone through her room in a park not far from there, she runs out but can’t find anyone. Back at the hotel the police have come to make an incident report, after learning that she already was mentioned in a fire report only a few weeks ago they raise some questions but she can assure the police that she hasn’t done anything wrong, however the police warns her.


Joanna, Johnny and Dr. go shopping for the trip. They go an hire a truck, get supplies and even can buy two sticks off dynamite that go straight into Johnny’s backpack. After shopping the three of them visit the KCA and Johnstone Kenyatta again. Dr. stays outside to keep on lookout and to have a chance to smoke his cigar while Johnny and Joanna get inside to have a talk. However Kenyatta can’t really help himself he doesn’t really know anything off this stuff and redirects them to Bundari for more information.

In the meantime Dr. outside missed a spot check and suddenly his cigar lighted up like hell when another of these fire monsters appeared. It hit after him as he started running and destroyed the storefront. Looking out they see Dr. running away and the monster spotting them. The monster steps in and things start burning. Joanna and Johnny decided that they needed to get out, Joanna took a fire extinguisher and some personnel uses sand buckets. Johnny makes a dash and uses his whip to grab hold of the chandelier and launches himself, the chandelier can hold him but he flies right into the fire vampire. However Johnny is one lucky cowboy (well this time anyway), as he doesn’t catch fire with two sticks of dynamite in his backpack. But he does take damage and falls unconscious, Dr. returning on his steps as he sees the monster going in tries to rescue him but fails in pulling him out. Luckily the others manage to put out the fire.

An ambulance arrives and takes Dr. and Johnny both to the hospital. Leaving Joanna to deal with the police who comes to investigate another fire.

After their first aid by the hospital staff the police arrives there as well to see what was going on. Again they notice the same names as in a last fire report. They tell the police that they will be leaving town on an expedition to Mt. Kenya but can’t show any papers. They tell him that they will need a permit to do this.


The next day they get discharged from the hospital as it seem that Dr. Starlitt is the attending doctor and with some plea from Johnny they get out. They go to the local government house and ask for the necessary permits. They will be able to get these for them but will need to wait two days. The group being chased by fire decides to split up and keep a low profile. Joanna drives around in her truck, Johnny hides up in a small alleyway in whitetown and Dr. goes and checks in in another hotel and goes to bars most of the time.


Both Johnny and Dr. get spotted by brothers of the cult of the bloody tongue.

With Johnny they walk up towards him and asks him if everything is alright since he is living in an alleyway. However while talking they take out their pranga’s and attack him. It becomes a quick fight in which Johnny is able to shoot down his attackers and can quickly flee.

Dr. gets spotted in the bar he is attending and as he is walking home he is attacked from an alleyway. He tries to run but fails, is knocked unconscious and taken away.


Meeting back up at the government house they get their permits but notice that Dr. isn’t there. Having a bad feeling about this they think that he must have fallen into the hands of the brotherhood and decide that they should not stall and head over to Mt. Kenya.

However in a spur of the moment they decide they should check out the shop of Tandoor Singh. Heading over they wait until evening falls and the man starts closing shop. As he does they storm in and with the back of his elephant gun Johnny tries to knock out Tandoor. However he misses and it turns out that Tandoor indeed knows spells as suddenly Johnny’s eyes melt from his sockets and he is striken blind. The rest of the fight goes better as they are able to kill Tandoor and search the house. In a backroom they find a way down and in the cellar find Dr. chained to a central pillar. In the cellar are also a couple of graves and some mythos related items. They examine them quickly, take what they can and get out of the house.

They find the driver that took them to Bundari and ask him to help them get there again.

28/08/1923 to 03/09/1923:

They drive over there and Bundari welcomes them. Johnny asks him if he can restore his sight. Bundari is afraid he can’t but he does have some magical healing that makes them heal a bit quicker. The group decides to stay in the village to rest and heal. Bundari and Okomu agree to help them to get ready to move to the mountain itself.



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