Complete Masks

Session 22

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who

11/08/1923 until 17/08/1923:

The group stays at the lodge to regain their strength, relax and heal up after their run in with the Ghouls. Colonel Endicott agreed that they could stay there for the week. But after a week he will drop them of in Nairobi because he finally has new guests coming towards the lodge.


Colonel Endicott brings the group, as promised back to Nairobi. Not wanting to check into the Highland Hotel the group decides to split up. Joanna checks in in the Hampton House, the hotel where the Carlyle Expedition has previously stayed. Dr and Johnny decide to go for a cheaper option and find a cheap hotel.


Retracing the clues they got from Mrs. Smythe – forbes the group decides to follow up on most of them. Joanna will go searching for Sam Mariga, a gardener at the train station. Dr. will go to the Victoria bar in which they should be able to find Nails Nelson. In the afternoon Johnny plans to go to meet Johnstone Kenyatta.

Arriving at the marvellous gardens of the train station Joanna meets up with Sam Mariga. However he isn’t a man off much words and redirects Joanna to meet Johnstone Kenyatta. Which she does in the afternoon together with Johnny.

In the afternoon the two of them go to the KCA, a political organisation that strives for an independent Kenya. They meet up with Kenyatta and after hearing the mentioning of the black wind he is willing to talk to them in a back room. He tells them that he himself doesn’t really know much about this stuff but his grandfather was a sorcerer. He can still bring them into contact with a couple off people he knows. He goes out of the room and organizes a lift for them, they need to follow a man that leads them to a car, there they need to take the car to a small village. He wishes them good luck. They ride all trough the night towards the town.

In the meantime Dr. goes to the Victoria bar. At this bar they know off Nails but haven’t seen him here in quit some time. However he will probably be sitting in one or another bar. Dr. tries his luck and goes on a bar tour. But he doesn’t have any luck as he doesn’t find him.


In the early dawn of the next morning Joanna and Johnny arrive in the small town. They see their driver having a lengthy discussion with a man they will meet in a short time: Okomu. Okomu is a bodyguard for the great Bundari. A sorcerer who knows a way to leave his body. They need to sit next to his body until he comes back, this happens in a couple of hours.

In the meantime Dr. notices that his friends are gone and goes to the KCA himself. There Kenyatta talks to him but can’t help him further. He can’t send him after his friends and doesn’t want to do anything else to help Dr. Dr. goes back home and decides to go on another bar crawl to see if he can’t find Nails.

Meeting up with Bundari he tells them a bit more information about the black wind and what they are up against. He also gives them to things that might come in handy: a chameleon in a small basket named ‘Who’ short for ‘Who is not what she seems’. And a fly whisk that will help them find evil and protect them from it. After this meeting the driver takes them back to Nairobi. They won’t arrive there before the next morning.

That night Dr. has no luck and can’t find Nails. But from another bartender he gets the name off the bar that Nails goes to these days.


After waking up Dr. has a problem he can’t remember the name of the bar he heard last night. He does meet up with the two of their group.

They decide to go to the African Riffles, the royal armed forces in Kenya. There they meet up with the current captain and with greetings from Mrs. Smythe – forbes he becomes very helpful. There is only one soldier here anymore that went to the place where they found the Carlyle expedition. They call Sergeant Brumption to the office and he tells them about their gruesome find. Thanks to the sergeant they also learn the name of the bar in which they can find Nails Nelson: the loyal defender.

That evening they sit in the bar and keep an eye out for Nails. They meet up with Nails there. Nails seems to have met Brady up in Hong Kong but can’t really tell them a lot more then that they already now. Just that Brady is still alive.


Joanna stays in at the Hampton House Hotel for the day where she has a talk about the Carlyle expedition. The owner is quit a talky fellow and even buys her dinner. He tells her everything he knows, although there isn’t much spectacular in there. Some information about shipping, artwork, people they met and the fact that Sir Audrey Penhew wanted a very particular tea blend, a blend they bought at the most famous tea merchant in town: Tandoor Singh.

Johnny visits Dr. Horace Starlett. The doctor has met with the Carlyle expedition to prepare for their trip into the wild. He can’t really tell him a lot but just some basic information.


Wanting to strike it from the list Joanna and Dr. go to the shop of Tandoor Singh to see what was so special about the blend of tea. Walking into the shop they are in for quit a surprise as it turns out that they already met Tandoor Singh before. He was the man that was following them from Mombasa to Nairobi. After calming the man down they do get a chance to chat and it turns out that Tandoor is quit a decent chap. He tells them about the blend and gives them a taste. He can’t tell much about the expedition because he finds it to gruesome to talk about, but they have a nice little chat about some small stuff.



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