Complete Masks

Session 21

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


It’s late when the group arrives at the Nairobi train station, they take a look behind and see the Indie that followed the in Mombasa. The man however doesn’t even glance at them as he moves out of the station. They also decide to take of and find a hotel for the time being. Asking a cab driver for a reasonable priced hotel the driver drops them of at the Highlands Hotel. They have a quiet night and enjoy it.


The next morning at breakfast, Dr. is smoking a big cigar while Johnny is chewing some tobacco. They enjoy the breakfast while they sit on the porch and look around at the street and the people walking by. In a careless moment Dr. let’s his cigar on the ashtray as he walks to the bar to ask directions to a bar they are looking for. They can give them but tell him the bar only opens in the evening. As Dr. is walking back to his table he suddenly notices that it’s on fire, they quickly put out the flame using a pitcher of water and see the cigar dripping wet in the middle of the table, as they start yelling at Dr suddenly the whole table goes up in flames. They quickly walk in but it appears that the fire is following them, leaving burn marks. They try to warn the staff and Dr. tries to close the doors but the fire slams him in his face, loosing enough hitpoints to let him fail the next constitution check and falling unconscious. With the staff looking in shock it’s up to Johnny and Joanna to extinguish the fire. With a couple buckets of sand and an extinguisher they succeed. After putting Dr. back on his feet he gets a stern warning from the hotel manager about being careless with his cigar.

Looking around Dr. sees a man with binoculars a bit further down the street in an alley. Walking up to the alley there seems to be not a person.

Johnny being in Kenya and a bit off a gun freak wants to get his hands on an elephant gun and go on a safari. He asks at the hotel if there are any game lodges in the neighbourhood. They know one but there have been a few strange deaths there and it hasn’t got a good name. maybe the newspaper can tell them more.

The group then decides to start looking for some extra clues. There doesn’t seem to be a noteworthy museum or specialized library in town so they decide to find out some more at the Nairobi Star, the local newspaper. Visiting the building they meet up with the owner of the paper: Mrs. Smythe – forbes. She can give them some information about the Carlyle expedition and what happened to them, but not much new on the story though. Except that it turned out that they where swapping stories as to why they where in Kenya. Mrs. Smythe – forbes can also point them towards different people in Nairobi the expedition talked with or went to. As they are talking about the strange deaths at the game lodge suddenly a man yells from behind them: ‘are you talking bad about my place again woman? I knew it, you try to ruin me and my lodge.’ Behind them a tall man with an elephant gun in his hands stands yelling. Mrs Smythe – forbes tries to calm him and introduces him as Colonel Endicott, owner of the game lodge. But the conversation quickly goes back to the Carlyle expedition. Suddenly they all are shocked from a shot, the man just fired his elephant gun straight to the ceiling and demands that they talk about the lodge, he hates to be ignored. Having successfully caught there attention they start talking about the lodge and hear his claims that the woman wants to keep people away, yes there has been some deaths but there was nothing unnatural to them as the paper insists. Since he hears they are some kind of explorers he wants to prove it. He will invite them all to his lodge for a free safari so they can see for themselves there is nothing wrong there. The group agrees and they agree that he will pick them up in about an hour to drive them to the lodge. In the meantime they ask Mrs. Smythe-forbes about the incidents. She tells them there have been 5 deaths, 3 tourists and 2 staff. Maybe they where torn by animals but that would have been small animals then. It was just a bit mysterious and you know that helps to sell news papers, she doesn’t have anything against Colonel Endicott and doesn’t want to ruin his business. After an hour the Colonel picks them up and drives them to his lodge. It’s a fenced in lodge with a couple of buildings inside, about an hour on foot away it a night platform where people can hunt and sleep. They get a tour around the premises, seeing the guns Johnny wants to buy an elephant gun, that is possible in the shop of the lodge and he buys one. After meeting the only staff member: Silent Joe, a man who doesn’t seem to speak they are shown the night platform. They are also shown the places where people died, they find a pattern in it that it’s all in the vicinity of the night platform, well that’s one idea, the other one is that they where running away from the lodge itself.

They decide to split into two groups. Joanna and Johnny will spend the night at the platform while Dr. will stay at the lodge itself. The lodge rooms don’t have doors, except for the colonel rooms. The others are closed with curtains. Not really trusting Silent Joe Dr. keeps a eye on him.

In the meantime at the platform Johnny wants to test out the guns that hang there. He takes one of the Lee Enfield’s and shoots at an impala running around outside. With three shots he can take one down before it can flee. Getting down again he goes and starts cutting its head off, however darkness is setting in and he quickly gets back to the platform. At the platform they await the night. As night comes they decide to sleep, as the platform’s hatch can’t be locked they put a mattress on it and Joanna goes to sleep on it. Feeling safe they go to sleep. After failing some listen checks Joanna suddenly awakens, she has rolled off her mattress and the hatch it open, in the room stands a small person in the dark. It looks like merely a child, however when it looks at her, sharp teeth show up and it attacks her. Shortly after that it’s followed in by two others. A fight in the hut starts out, Johnny is a bit slow to react and doesn’t quickly awake, but luckily he awakes just on time as one creature tries to bite him. Having done massive damage to take one down they get a bit desperate but fight on. After a good fight all three creatures are down.

At the lodge Dr. heard the shots and quickly awakens the colonel, telling him he heard shots. The colonel explains that since this is a safari shots fired aren’t that unusual but Dr. insist that they go take a look at the platform. He asks for the keys to the truck, but the colonel will drive himself. They drive over and head up. Johnny has cut off the creatures heads and they hang next to the impala’s horns as trophies. As they enter they start discussing and now one notices some new creaking from downstairs. Another couple off similar creatures jump in, after a short fight they are subdued as well. The group decides that it would be better to get away back to the lodge, as they quickly climb down they get inside the truck and notice a lot of similar gleaming eyes looking at them from out off the jungle. The colonel floors it and they drive back to the lodge where they prepare to defend themselves. Joanna and Johnny take the top floor of the lodge and the colonel and Silent Joe the ground floor. Dr. keeps patrolling the grounds when suddenly he sees eyes on the other side off the fence, he runs in to call for help and the creatures jump the fence with 16 off them. It’s a real full scale attack on the lodge. Johnny and Joanna fire from the first floor and the others from downstairs behind locked doors. However the doors quickly give in and the creatures rush in. Silent Joe turns out to be a great shot and starts giving orders. The group is surprised that he talks but afterwards they learn that he doesn’t like to argue with the colonel and just keeps quiet. The Colonel, Silent Joe and Dr. start to retreat towards the staircase and get up. However some off the creatures can fight their way past them but upstairs Johnny and Joanna are waiting for them and take care off them. On the ground floor the group there gets heavy hits as both Silent Joe and the Colonel are heavily hurt and Dr. goes down again. But in the end the group prevails. The Colonel is thankful for their help and they have his eternal gratitude.



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