Complete Masks

Session 20

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


After resting two months and getting back to strength and sanity they have a look at their plans for the future. They have noticed that in the papers a new high society figure has turned up, looking at her photo quickly identifies her as the new form off Queen Nitocris getting higher and higher by the day.

After they had a look through all what they have done so far they decide to have a look at the collapsed pyramid. They get the truck out and start driving towards Meidium. They rent some rooms in a hotel not to far from the Pyramid and keep an eye on it at night to see if there aren’t any rituals there like Warren Bessart had described.


Nothing happens but the moon is almost full, maybe they have some more luck then.


The moon is full and they keep a watch. Nothing really happens and the dessert is calm. Dr. Who goes out and has a look but there is nothing to be seen. The others join him at the collapsed pyramid and they force open the entrance. It quickly turns out to be a dead end as the corridor has collapsed after a few meters. They do look for secret doors or messages but don’t find any.


This night they are in more luck as they see a bunch off torches moving through the dessert. They gear up and follow. Dr. has disguised himself in a local but failed, however he sneaks up as the first one. They pass the pyramid and follow the lights these head out further into the dessert. When they see them stop they quickly try to hide themselves. It turns out that there are about 50 men in the dessert and they keep watching what is going on. After a while a truck arrives at the site and people are forced out off the truck in shackles. Suddenly they hear something behind them.

Their hide checks went bad and 5 cultists with ceremonial clubs have sneaked up behind them. A fight breaks out. They try to keep it quit but quickly pull their guns. At first the fight is going badly for them as they are getting some heavy hits. However things turn around when Johnny is able to wound two off them badly, to bad they stay to their feet and shortly after that Johnny is knocked unconscious. Leaving two against five, with their bare knuckles and guns they are able to fight off most off them but as the last cultist is standing Joanna goes down as well. Dr. can however get him down as well and puts Johnny back on his feet and want to run off. However all the noise attracted the others and another 10 are running in their direction.

Dr. with his puny strength manages to get Joanna on his shoulders and starts running away as the cultists are closing in. Johnny opts for a heroic stand and empties his six shooter into the dessert, heavily wounding two off them. Giving the others some extra time he reloads and fires again, then starts running but can’t outrun them all. He still is faced with 4 off the cultists. A second fight breaks out and they can barely make it but get them down. However they notices that the rest off the cults has stopped the ceremony and is now out into the dessert looking for them and they quickly depart.

Dr. wants to check out a local hospital because off the heavily wounded cultists but the others decide to get out off town and pick him up again first thing tomorrow morning. The Dr. can disguise himself and poses as a male nurse. However since he doesn’t know any Arabic he quickly is discovered and thrown out, well luckily for him his wounds have been treated first. He keeps an eye on the hospital from the outside but doesn’t see any heavily wounded persons being brought in.


The next morning he is picked up and they head back to Cairo.

They check Joanna in into a hospital and make plans to get out off Egypt quickly. They make reservations for a train to Port Said and from there a boattrip towards Mombasa. They have some clues linked to Kenya most importantly a black mountain.

03/08 – 09/08/1923:

They voyage towards Mombasa. Arriving in Mombasa they remember that the main deliverer off African art objects to the JU JU House in New York got his stuff from a local export/import firm. They find a guide he shows him Singh Exports.

The enter the building and pose as business men who are looking to import African art into Scotland. The owner isn’t their but his secretary is happy to help them, since they don’t have an agent in Scotland yet. They get information about their main products when they inquire about unique items the man answers that they do have them from time to time but off course these aren’t in the main catalogue since they are unique. They are interested to do business with them but want to see the owner. However it seems that he is in India and won’t be back for 3 to 6 weeks. They thanks him and will return when he gets back.

Not really having anything to do in Mombasa they decide to take the train to Nairobi. As they walk through the city they suddenly realize that they are being followed by an Indian. They spotted him as soon as they arrived and he keeps to be around, even at the station at the train itself. They decide to talk to the man. They approach him but he denies that he is following them, he doesn’t even know who they are. Johnny is getting annoyed and threatens the man to stab him before walking off. Before the train leaves he is addressed to by a police men the man has pressed charges for the threat and the police warns Johnny to behave. Since he is white and the other just brown they will see it threw their fingers for now. As the train gets ready to depart they see the man jump on the train in a lower class.

The trains moves through the countryside and holds great views and it’s late a night when the train arrives at Nairobi



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