Complete Masks

Session 2

Present: Thomas, Walt, Olaf and Mary

Arkham & New York


This morning Olaf arrives in Arkham in his cabin in the woods. He gets out of his cabin and into the town to go and drink something. (With an alibi of being in Arkham he couldn’t possibly did a break in and shooting in New York?) afterwards he goes to rest.

Mary was able to shake off her pursuer and now arrived at the hotel, she quickly checks in and turns in. When she awakes she goes searching for Olaf and Walt but can’t find either one of them.

Walt and Thomas in the meantime are both admitted to a New York hospital and that morning a police detective named Jordans enters to take their statements. He starts interrogating Walt and quickly comes to the point that however Walt has been here only 5 days he had a run in with the police 3 times. Walt starts to discuss this and demands to know what and how, when mentioning the murder of Jackson Elias Walt can’t even remember who the man is (nevertheless he earlier told everyone he was a good friend and even colleague of him), Walt claims that he hasn’t done anything really wrong any off those times but the police still find it suspicious that the man actually got 3 mentions in their papers in such a short time. Jordans then turns to Thomas and asks for his story, he then wants to know what his acquaintance is with this Elias Jackson, after all the man was murdered in his hotel room, right across the hall from Thomas his room and a few days later their was an attempt to murder him. The discussion goes on for a while and police accepts their testimonies. However they also mention the Ju Ju House. Now this strikes the policemen as odd, because he never heard about this place before and today it’s the second time someone mentions it. They had a triple homicide there. He questions them a bit further and ends with a warning towards Walt. He doesn’t want to see Walts name pop up a fourth time and he has to stay away from the Chelsea hotel. The rest of the day they have to stay at the hospital. Walt goes down to the reception to take a call, he notices that in the hall a police officer sits on a chair watching their room. He calls the secretary of Miss Erica Carlyle, the man asks about what he wants to talk and Walt explains that he wants to talk with Miss Carlyle about her brother, the man will see what he can do and puts down the phone, Walt may call back tomorrow. They also read in the newspaper an article titled: ‘Horror at Ju Ju House’ which describes a break in last night and how the friends of the owner where shot by unknown person(s), they tried to defend themselves with Pranga’s but had no chance.

Mary goes back to the police to see if there is any news but nothing is to be got. That evening she gets a call from Olaf informing after the name of the professor who lives in Arkham they still got to interview.


Walt and Thomas are being discharged from the hospital. In the newspaper they read about a happening at the Ritz. There is a charity event planned and besides a big star that is performing and the new governor of New York, Erica Carlyle is attending. When Walt telephones the secretary the man answers that he has forgotten it’s Sunday and couldn’t discuss it yet but Walt may call back tomorrow. Walt decides to grab his chance tonight at the Gala and goes to buy a nice costume and withdraws money from the bank to give to the charity.
Thomas gets asked to leave the Chelsea hotel, they do not like it when people discharge weapons in their rooms and he goes to rent a room in the others their hotel. Since it’s Sunday there isn’t much to do as most public buildings are closed.

In Arkham Olaf goes and visits Lorelai, he informs her about his latest adventures and the group he is in and asks her if she knows Professor Anthony Cowles. She can and tells him where the man lives. Olaf goes over to there and meets the professor. Meeting someone who has run into cults and monsters Olaf is welcomed by the professor and he spends most of the day there. The man has never heard about the Cult of the Bloody Tongue but can tell him something about the Cult of the Sand Bat. Olaf then starts talking about Jackson Elias and although the man never met him he has read a couple of his books. When finding out the man is murdered he is shocked, he has been to New York just recently and didn’t hear about it. When Olaf shows interest in his lecture there, the professor takes out his notes and starts talking about his lecture he gave in New York. But this is mainly about Australia and doesn’t seem to have a connection to the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Olaf leaves and the man wishes him a good day, he will be in Arkham for a couple of months but if Olaf ever should be in Australia he may always come to see the professor at his house.

That evening Walt puts on his nice new clothes and heads over to the Charity gala. He is greeted and makes a good donation of $ 100. He is very thanked and walks around at the party, he is using his social skills to find out who is who. He quickly gets to know who is who around here and finally he finds out who is Miss Carlyle. He gets a bit closer to her but when he wants to talk to her a big man (apparently her bodyguard) steps in and asks him what he wants to talk about, if miss Carlyle doesn’t know him she will talk to him first otherwise he needs to make an appointment. There is no way the man wants to let him through, Walt tries to and shouts softly that he knows something about her brother. She quickly turns her head and ignores Walt. Walt goes to the bar and gets a drink. Suddenly a man stands next to him, he says he accompanies Miss Carlyle and wants to know what he knows about Roger Carlyle. Walt insists that he talks to Miss Carlyle about it, the man says that not possible. Walt then says that Roger is still alive, the man doesn’t believe this and wants to get shown some proof but Walt doesn’t want to do this, only to Miss Carlyle. The man says, no proof, no talking to Miss Carlyle and finally leaves.


On Monday afternoon Olaf returns from Arkham and heads to the hotel, after talking to the others he decides to head to the Ju Ju House again. He feels there is something strange there. He goes to the Ransom Court and spots an empty pawn shop, he gets into it by picking the lock and decides to stake it out. He keeps an eye on the place and follows the owner when he gets out. He will be staking it out for the next couple off days.

Walt heads over to the library and checks out a couple of Elias Jackson his books to see if he can’t find any traces about the cults they are dealing with. He lends out 3 books for closer inspection.

Thomas heads towards the library himself and starts looking up information about the Carlyle family. There is a lot to find about the family. Apparently they started to collecting their wealth in the civil war. After his parents died Roger Carlyle was in charge and did a good job but later his sister stepped in after the business was going bad. She proved to be a better leader then her brother.


Walt reads two of the books, although he gets some occult knowledge he doesn’t really get any wiser about the case. The next book is for tomorrow.

Thomas heads over to a marine institute. He wants to take a look if there isn’t a ship registered with the letters DAR on the name of the Carlyle’s but he finds nothing. He again spots a black man watching him and when he gets back to his hotel he notices another one stands guards outside his hotel.

Olaf and Mary keep an eye out on the store. Nothing really spectacular is happening.


After finishing the third book Walt decides that he wants to know more about the Carlyle’s and goes to the New York times. He has spotted that all the articles about the expedition come from the same man, apparently the man is specialized in society news and knows a great deal, at the moment the man isn’t free but he will give Walt a call. That afternoon Walt gets an appointment, the man will come to his room at the hotel this evening. Having time left Walt heads to the library again to find some more information about the Mountains of the black winds, disappearances in the vicinity of these mountains and various other occult mentioning’s but doesn’t find anything.

Knowing he is being watched Thomas decides to stay in the hotel today. He doesn’t know anything else he needs to research anyway.

Olaf wants to show himself as a business man who wants to invest in the Carlyle business. He gives a call to the secretary and gets referred to Mr Bradley Grey, he phones the man and gets an appointment the next afternoon.

That evening the journalist arrives at Walt his room. Walt invites the man to diner in the hotel restaurant. During dinner he informs after the Carlyle’s. He gets a story about the brother and the sister and how Roger was in treatment with dr Huston, who then accompanied him on the expedition. Then Walt starts to scare the man asking about occult topics like the mountain of the black wind and sacrifices, kidnappings, the journalist doesn’t have a clue why he is asked these questions but Walt can put him to ease again. After a lovely meal the man leaves again.


In the afternoon Olaf goes to Bradley Grey, the man is waiting for him in his law firm office. Olaf presents himself as an investor who wants to invest 5000 dollar in the family business. He learned that one of their assets is in ammunition and he wants to invest in that. Bradley Grey has to disappoint Olaf since he only handles the investments and affairs concerning the Carlyle Fund, that holds all the assets. If he wants to invest in that particular section he needs to come in contact with that company. Mr. Grey gives the Olaf the right details, he keeps chatting for a while about the family and how great Erica Carlyle is.

Arriving back at the pawn shop Olaf says to Mary that she will need to contact Erica. And on her turn she calls up the Carlyle estate. She says she is a foreign correspondent and that she believes that Roger Carlyle is still alive. The secretary tells her that she is the second person who tries to sell that story but Mary says she has proof. Also her credit rating as a foreign correspondent succeeds and she is able to convince them. The man agrees to an appointment but they will be needing proof that Roger is still alive to see Erica. She can come tomorrow at 2 pm.

Thomas knows he is being followed and goes to the police. There he speaks with detective Jordans and tells him that black men are following him. The man asks if he wants more protection and Thomas asks if a patrol can pass at the hotel from time to time.

This evening something strange is happening at the Ju Ju house. Mary and Olaf at least see 25 men enter the store that evening, they are sure they can’t be in there, it’s to small.

Olaf waits for a moment and then heads over, he picks the lock and enters, the shop is empty. He discovers a trapdoor and tells Mary to go get the others at the hotel. He then goes up to see if anyone is there, but there is no one there neither. While he is waiting for the rest to return he hears a faint sound of drums for a moment. It is coming from under the ground.

She heads over to the hotel. She heads in and gets the two out of their room. Thomas doesn’t want to leave since he knows he is under surveillance but Mary can convince him anyway. Outside in the car it quickly becomes obvious that another car is trailing them. Mary tries to shake them loose but fails. In the end they stop at the police station they pass at which point the car rides further and turns into an alley. They quickly turn the car around and get out off their, the rest of the journey they cannot spot their pursuers anymore. About 2 hours later they arrive at the Ju Ju House. Olaf hands out some weapons and they head down the stairs. They arrive in a corridor cut into the stone. The walls are covered with symbols none of the group recognizes, they head on and arrive at a heavy oak door covered with metal strips. Olaf silently opens the door, he can see only part of the room. At the walls there are a lot of men playing drums, a man is standing as a priest with 4 guards he can’t really make out. There is also a pit covered up with a stone lid that can be opened with a wench. The group decided to get back out of the shop and they retreated, luckily they weren’t spotted. They head back to their hide out and waited until everyone left, this happened at 04 am. The group then decided to go back and take a good look. They went back in, the shop and apartment was empty. They went back down and Olaf picked the lock. They opened the door and saw that at the other wall there where also drums lined up, in front of them is curtain. First of all the group heard a howling, it was quit silent and it couldn’t be heard well. Looking behind the curtain showed a small altar on which different items where put. But there where also 4 zombies who attacked the group on sight. Seeing the zombies caused Walt to faint. Shooting at them didn’t do much harm so Olaf used his harpoon and got an impaling shot but having a harpoon gone through him didn’t mind the zombie to much. A zombie got a good bight at Thomas and he went into shock, falling unconscious. Being in a bad spot Olaf decided to fend off the zombies as Mary took their two friends to safety. She succeeded and Olaf returned to the corridor himself closing the door behind him. The zombies did not follow. They decided to go back upstairs and to the apartment. There they waited until the shop opened. After it opened Olaf sneaked down but was heard. He came eye to eye with Silas N’Kwane. The man pulled a gun, shot at Olaf but missed, Olaf first tried to grab him but failed and then shot him, they put him back conscious and took him to the basement. They tried to question him but the man refused to answer. They then decided to go into the room again, the zombies where back behind the curtain and the group decided that they would open the pit to see if there where any victims held in there by the cult. As they opened the pit only Mary got a look in it, there was a strange creature in there but she kept her sanity. However the howling the creature made was much worse and drove her mad. She got fascinated by the drawings in the wall and for the next 30 hours she will now touch all walls she passes. Silas was laughing. And Olaf decided to shoot the man, after shooting it, without looking he pushed the man’s corps into the pit and closed the lid. Meanwhile they heard the zombies coming out again.



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