Complete Masks

Session 19

Present: Joanna Drake, Hans Tzimmer/Dr. Who and Johnny Bubba.


As our session starts Hans and Johnny bellow the surface with no apparent way up again walking through winding tunnels. They just found a main tunnel and decide to follow this to the left.

In the meantime in the dessert Joanna and the badly hurted Joey are waiting for the others to come up again. Joanna did try to call down but got no reply but an echo. Not knowing what exactly to do she remains there. Suddenly she sees a caravan coming her way. It are a group off Bedouins that turn out are on their way to Cairo. They warn them that the dessert isn’t safe at this time off the month and they should return to Cairo. She declines the offer but they do take father Joey with them to deliver him in a hospital, to keep her warm she receives a white robe to wear from the Bedouins. Later that evening she sees a couple off men coming in the dessert, they are all armed with rifles and take up places around the stele and the sphinx. They keep an eye out towards the dessert but otherwise do not act. But not long before midnight she suddenly sees a group 80 men walking in the dessert, all wearing white robes. They arrive at the Stele and a man steps out, he’s obviously a priest and starts an incantation, the stele lights up and a group can step through. As Joanna sees this she quickly puts on the robes and joins the last group and walks through the stele with them.

In the meantime Hans and Johnny have followed the main tunnel, however they had some scares through some noises, glimpses off creatures, loathsome pictures and a fall from Hans into a deep pit. Luckily they got him out and could continue their way. As they followed the main tunnel they arrive at a staircase going down, leading them into a big black hall filled with pillars, it’s an enormous hall and they need some time to walk around in it, trying to stick to the shadows. They see that the hall is massive but nothing off real interest stands at the outside off the hall, as they go to the centre off the hall they find a couple off things. A couple off thrones on a pedestal, from there a bridge leads off towards a stele at the side off the hall. An altar with a sarcophagus on it, a pit with pitch black water, having a closer look makes them notice lots off ripples in the water revealing that there must be something in it, even closer inspection shows that it crawls with leeches and finally a staircase leading further down. However this last staircase does spell doom as a strange mist comes floating up, there shines a red ruby light in it and from downstairs screams and moans can be heard. There is one last big thing in the hall and that is at the back, a giant opening in the wall, leading to a pitch black space. They go back and open the Sarcophagus on the altar. In it they find the mummy off Nitocris. They quickly decide that something needs to be done about his and try to light it on fire, but the fire somehow goes out at soon as it touches the body. They then start hacking at it with a big hunting knife. With some effort they succeed in cutting off the head an they throw the head into the pool off leeches, being dried up the leeches leave it alone but it quickly sinks down into the pool, the rest off the body they throw down the stairs into the ruby light. They are still busy throwing down the body as suddenly they hear movement.

The group which Joanna infiltrated arrives in a cave under the stele and they walk through a big corridor, avoiding pits and other stuff, however she gets a glimpse off the loathsome images. The group finally walks in into a big underground black hall, others groups are following hers. As the first group enters strange looking creatures fill the hall as well, these look like mythological creatures, humans but with the head off animals.

Seeing others coming into the hall, Hans and Johnny quickly jump off to hide somewhere. Johnny finds a good spot to hide between the many pillars that stand in the hall. But Hans isn’t able to find anything so in a desperate attempt to find a place quickly runs down the staircase into the ruby light, disappearing to hell or someplace worse.

As her group passes through the pillars Joanna spots Johnny hiding there but has to follow the others. Groups and groups enter, until the room is filled with hundreds off cultists. A high priest starts the ceremony, the Clive expedition enters the room, prisoners are brought into the room, including several off the Clive expedition. It quickly becomes clear that this will be a highlight event for this cult. The priests walk up towards the altar and open the Sarcophagus and pull out the mummy that was placed in there. Apparently some higher force was at work and Hans and Johnny efforts where pointless as on the altar lays the body off Queen Nitocris fully intact. Incantations are started and both Joanna and Johnny see that Agatha Broadmoor, who they know is a psychic from the Clive expedition is forced into doing something. They see here go into some trance. Realising they need to stop this they decide to act upon it.

In the meantime however the ritual is going into high gear and it seems that the prisoners are all dumped into the leech filled water, a horrific sight seeing all these people sacrificed. From time to time they also see one off the cultists taking off their clothes running towards the pool shouting: Nyarlathotep! and dying a horrible death. As people are thrown in by the dozens sometimes an cult member gets in as well, in the middle off the water is a raft, it systematically picks up the sucked dry corpses from the water and delivers him to the edge, from there the bodies are put at the foot off the thrones. Seeing this turns out a bit to much for Joanna and she goes temporally insane, she starts mimicking the behaviour off the others and starts throwing people in to the water, still realizing something she tries to avoid throwing innocents in but cult members she also dances up to the Clive Expedition and the priest to try to grab Broadmoor and throw her in but is hindered by the priest and some monsters, she quickly looses them in the crowds again.

Johnny can’t sit there doing nothing so he grabs a cultist coming to close to the pillars and stabs him with his knife, making him fall unconscious from the following blood loss. He quickly grabs his cloak and joins in the fun, he to tries to disrupt the incantation or get to Broadsmoor but fails, he retreats to the back and readies his Winchester rifle, he fires but misses and then it turns out they are to late as suddenly Broadsmoor and other from the Clive Expedition their throats are cut and the blood flows upon the mummy off Nitocris, she arises and all start worshipping her. Joanna and Johnny quickly use this distraction to run up towards the thrones and over the gangway to the stele, there they find another door, leading into a smaller tunnel.

They hear Nitocris go up the stairs to sit upon the throne. A big cheer goes through the hall and they hear her order to call forth the Black Sphinx. Joanna and Johnny wonder if they should start running but curious as they are they keep watching. In the big hole at the end off the hall suddenly a massive beast appears, the bodies off the sacrifices are laid at its paws as it scoops them up and eats them in one off his many mouths. Another sight like this is bad for Joanna and she goes speechless. They await the rest off the night their and suddenly the big monster disappears and the rite is over. The cultist start leaving in small groups still drunk from their big feast, Nitocris remains on the throne and so do most off the priests. Joanna and Johnny decide to climb down, unlucky Joanna sprays her ankle but they are able to get out off the hall, they follow the others and arrive in the same cave through which Joanna entered, they hear the others say a word and see them disappear, they try to listen but can’t make it out. They see other coming from behind and don’t want to be noticed as Johnny suddenly recalls the name ‘Nyarlathotep’, they call it out and are back outside in the dessert next to the Stele. They see the cultist wonder through the dessert and they quickly get to their truck. Next to their truck stands a man he introduces himself as Dr Who, an agency detective who has sent to here to find the whereabouts off Joanna and Hans for the firm they work for.

A bit off an argument starts (mostly because the players already start reforming his name into Dr. Whore) and it turns into a fight, getting Dr. Who knocked out and left in the dessert. Johnny checks Joanna in into an asylum and himself into a hospital. After close observation the Dr. can track them down and finally joins the group. They decide to keep low for a while and stay in Cairo for the next to months, not investigating anything but following Psychotherapy.



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