Complete Masks

Session 18

Present: Joanna Drake, Father Joe Mastroni, Hans Tzimmer and Johnny Bubba.


After wondering away from the Bent Pyramid where her friends where slaughtered Joanna returns to her hotel. She tells no one from the loss off her friends but decides to have a drink in a bar. Since her hotel doesn’t have a bar she goes out on her own to a local bar. There she tends to find that the men are annoyed that a woman alone just walks into the bar and they start being pushy. Joanna is preparing herself to fight them off but a missionary that is travelling by stops at the bar sees here in trouble and steps in. He introduces himself as Father Joe Mastroni, a priest from Little Italy out of New York on his way to his missionary in Africa but he just stopped at another priest here in Dhashur. Hearing that she is planning to go back to Cairo he can get a ride from her. They decide to meet up the next morning at her hotel.

The next morning at the lobby of the hotel Hans Tzimmer, a German accounting working for an English firm, is walking to the breakfast room when he spots Joanna sitting there. He knows Joanna as she worked for the same firm. After that she hasn’t turned up for work they have quickly dispatched Hans to Egypt to take care of the affairs. He has just done a field trip to Dhashur and is back on his way to Cairo. He was much more at easy in his cool London office then here in Cairo but he is intrigued in seeing her here. He meets up with her and she offers him a ride back.

After breakfast the three off them arrive at the truck and start discussing who is going to drive when they suddenly spot a Texas cowboy on a camel in a spot off trouble. It seems the camel doesn’t want to move and the cowboy doesn’t know how to handle it. He has just been thrown out off a dig up expedition by a wealthy American because he got drunk and now has to get home on his own. They offer him a ride. Now they each try to get the truck working and finally it’s Hans who gets it in first gear as they ride off.

On the way to Cairo they noticed that they actually already went past Memphis and they ask around for the Clive expedition. Joanna fills in the rest off the group about what is going on and they quickly decide to come along since then there would be something interesting to do at least. They find the expeditions dig but are refused passage by a couple off armed guards, they try a credit rating and to find some excuses as why they want to speak to Clive himself but they aren’t getting through.

While the others are checking into a cheap hotel Joanna returns to her hotel. At the front desk she is greeted by the receptionist who informs if Herr Karl isn’t with her. He has a message for him but haven’t seen him in a few days. Joanna says she will accept it and give it to him when she sees him. It’s a message from Nigel Wassif from the Cairo Bulletin who wishes to speak to Herr Karl. She takes a phone and calls the office, it seems that the police wants to speak with Karl and have come interview Nigel for his whereabouts. He can’t tell Joanna why they want to speak with Herr Karl. Joanna goes to the police office and informs about the investigation, they can’t really tell her but the officers doing the investigation should be in soon. A bit later the officers walk in and question her about the whereabouts off Herr Karl and Mc Rayn but she spots an inverted ankh around their neck and tells them she hasn’t got a clue, she hasn’t seen them in a while.

Back in the hotel she calls Dr. Kafour for an appointment. The man can be free the next evening for dinner.


Meeting up with the new guys they discuss what to do. They did hear something about a ritual around the pyramids at Giza and decide to give that a good look. Arriving there they start at the Stele not far from the Sphinx and run around. Suddenly they find a shaft leading down, it’s big enough for one man to climb down. Discussing their abilities and taking rope from the back of the truck they decide to lower down Hans. His climb check succeeds and he is only a few meters short of the ground and he jumps. It turns out to be a small plateau, big enough just for two men. He shines around with his lamp and finds there is a ramp going down, however it’s pretty steep and there is some slime on the walls here and there.

Father Joey comes down next, but unfortunately he slips falling down, luckily Johnny is there to catch him and tries but fails as he looses grip from the rope. Joanna does an effort but can’t hold on as well. Luckily it only happened in the last few meters but he still gets a serious injury breaking his left leg but staying conscious. They take a second rope from the truck and lower down Johnny who reaches to take the rope that fell down first. After climbing up he attaches the two ropes and make a makeshift seating to hoist father Joey back up to perform first aid. Johnny climbs down again and now the rest of the rope stretches down the slope. Hans and Johnny decide to walk down and see how far they get down. A good plan that works until Johnny who walks second in line trips and slides down, knocking down Hans as well who failed his dodge. They quickly pass the end of the rope as they keep sliding and end up around 350 yards under the earth. Not being able to get back up the steep ramp they look around. It appears that they are in a tunnel, very crudely worked out and they decide to start walking. The tunnel winds and turns and they meet a couple off obstacles, they need to climb, both failing and forcing them into another attempt and they have to get over two very small gaps. At the first one Hans is already complaining that he will never get over this one and Johnny suggests to hold his hand. He agrees but as they jump over Johnny trips but luckily he manages to land at the side of the (very small but deep) chasm. With a lot off reasoning he manages to get Hans to the other side as well. They also heard some chuckles in the dark and saw a glimpse off an unidentifiable creature but now they have found their way to a big tunnel. They are preparing to follow it further down.



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