Complete Masks

Session 17

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


Standing in a small alley in the old quarter of Egypt Joanna and Mc Rayn are catching their breaths. Herr Karl got away and is now running towards the temple of Bast to spend the night. Joanna can convince the bodyguards to switch sides and orders him to stop Mc Rayn from following her. Mc Rayn pulls out a bundle off money and flips it in front off him but he’s done taking orders from Mc Rayn and hits him on the jaw. They start fighting while Joanna takes the opportunity to run away. Mc Rayn can put a couple off punches in but he fails against the bodyguard and gets knocked down. Without an employer the bodyguards picks up the bundle off money and runs off into the night. A bit later Joanna finds the temple and spends the night there as well. After waking up Mc Rayn goes to another hotel and spends the night there. He still remembers that they had a rendezvous at the harbour district tomorrow morning.


After a trip to the bank he heads to the harbour where they where going to rent a truck for a trip to Memphis. As they hired a truck and where getting ready to depart Mc Rayn starts to argue with them again. With an easy knock and some help off his brass knuckles Herr Karl hits Mc Rayn down and puts him in the truck. They head off towards Memphis and plan to stop at any interesting point they have heard off during there trip. First stop will be El Wasta where Niyti and her son Unba live. They heard from Warren Bessart that they had contacted him and could tell them some more.

They arrive in the little town and Joanna and Herr Karl started searching for them. In the meantime Mc Rayn, with few sanity left decided to kill off a couple off cats he found in the middle off the streets to see if he could piss off Bast again. But instead off Bast a couple off police officers showed up and threw him in jail. With some bribes he was freed but they made it clear that they woudn’t put up with this kind of behaviour a second time.

Joanna finally found the little hut and met up with the son outside. It seems that the man could barely speak as part of his face was burned and missing. He did lead them into a small hovel where a woman lied in her bed. As soon as she saw the investigators she pointed at a corner. In the corner they found a chest with a protective ancient Egyptian warding symbol recognized by Herr Karl. As they opened it they found a piece of pink limestone with another part off a symbol on it. The woman asks them if they will take it with them, agreeing with it by Herr Karl gives her the calm she much needs and she dies. Herr Karl starts wondering if he will be able to give the piece off stone away or will he die as well as he does? Taking a second look at it in the daylight it seems that it’s sort of pinkish from color and with a succesfull cthulhu mythos check Herr Karl finds out that the symbol is a warding symbol but is incomplete. They do figure out that the stone probably comes from the Red pyramid in Dahshur. The group leaves and makes way to Dahshur.


The next day in Dahshur they notice that they have heard off two pyramids that stand here. The first one is the Red Pyramid from which they have a piece. The second is the Bent Pyramid. They decide to check out the Red Pyramid first. They arrive and walk around the pyramid to see where the stone could have come from but can’t figure it out. They take a look at the main entrance but it seems to be boarded up. They go into town and buy some supplies to break in. That night they return to the pyramid and start getting in. They can remove a couple off the boards so that they can climb in. Inside they find a couple off different rooms and halls. Some filled with hieroglyphs but since none off them can read them they don’t learn anything new here. There are also not really pieces missing so they cannot trace from where it comes. They head back to their hotel for a good nights sleep.


The next day Herr Karl finds himself a government official and tells them that when exploring the surroundings off the Red Pyramid they found a stone. The official takes a look and says that this must be part of the pyramids capstone, he didn’t know it was missing. With some binoculars he shows Herr Karl from where the piece should have come. But he doesn’t know how long it has been off. He asks if he can have it back and Herr Karl agrees hoping he won’t die, nothing happens so he is safe.

This is also the day that the group goes to see the Bent Pyramid. They quickly find out that there are two ways in. One is boarded up, the other one is guarded by Egyptian soldiers. With the contact off the government official they gain entrance to the pyramid. They quickly take a tour in the pyramid but can’t find anything off interest. When it’s dusk they return and try to get in by the other way. They can quickly gain access and they find out what has been said. This has been a fake burial chamber to mislead thieves and find nothing off interest until Herr Karl finds a secret door in a big column. They quickly enter and find a ladder up, there a couple of ramps take them to the top off the pyramid where they find a secret room. The room has a couple off columns topped with strange stones, a throne and several murals. They start off examining the murals, one they can’t read, the other one depicts stars but they can’t figure out which ones. The last one depicts a worldmap and they can figure out what they are seeing. They also find a triangle made off three spots, one in Africa, one in Australia and one in China. Across it runs the path a solar eclipse will make next year. Impressed by the find Mc Rayn starts to pull out some gems he has found and finally sits down on the throne. At this moment the archway out closes and Joanna who is waiting in the hall stands alone. But not for long as suddenly 2 ghouls come out off the stone floor and start attacking her. She starts running away hoping to get away from the creatures but fails so she has to fight. Being unarmed she starts punching the two ghouls. Luckily for her the ghouls weren’t in a great condition and she can quickly take them down on her own. Unlucky for her the shock off seeing the ghouls was a bit to much and she went temporally insane forcing her to crave for some strange food, seeing the undead humanoids with rotting flesh she now has a craving for rotting human flesh. Maybe a reason why she was able to knock them out so quickly so that she could start eating them, instead of the other way round.

Herr Karl in the meantime was looking at a mix off the Black Pharaoh and his friend Mc Rayn. He failed his sanity check and lost 46 sanity in one go bringing him under 0 but still understanding what was happening. The Black Pharaoh told him that their efforts off stopping him where useless and that they just should go home and await the end. He also showed pictures off what happened to the Carlyle expedition, a view which cost him even more sanity getting him on -75 sanity. However to show his powers he also opened a portal to ancient Egypt. Going through the portal brought Herr Karl in a familiar surround in ancient Egypt, it was just outside the pyramid, but there was no sign yet of the red pyramid. As Herr Karl wanted to come back he heard the Black Pharaoh laughing and the portal closed in front of him.

The ghouls their bodies she had been feasting on just disappeared in front of Joanna and after a couple off rounds she realized what she had done and started puking. She walked back into the room since the solid wall had vanished again and didn’t find a trace off Herr Karl. The only thing she found was the twitching remains off Mc Rayn totally consumed by the Black Pharaoh himself. Bewildered she staggered out walking back to her hotel, all alone…



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