Complete Masks

Session 16

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


Mc Rayn uses the day to take a little rest, still recovering from his death in the dreamlands and not being able to sleep he is slowly slipping more into madness. With only 6 sanity left this however isn’t that strange.

In the meantime Herr Karl and Joanna both go to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. They heard from Faraz Najir that the brotherhood of the black pharaoh wants to steal an item there. Off course Joanna can’t go in and decides to have a tea at a place facing the mosque. Herr Karl has his djelaba and gets in, he leaves his shoes at the entrance and enters the mosque. It’s calm for the moment and he decides to have a seat, while he sits there he starts learning another spell from the translations off Vanheuvelen, he starts learning summon/bind the chosen ones from Bast. As there is a call for a prayer Herr Karl wants to fit in. However not to stand out he needs to know how he has to behave. With a knowledge check of -50 he does succeed and pulls it off as it seems he knows quit a lot about the Muslim faith. After the prayers he starts walking around the mosque to see if there is any clue about what the brotherhood would want to steal here but he can’t find a trace. Walking around he does speak to one of the attendants and starts asking him some question, however not knowing any Arabic the man doesn’t understand him and Herr Karl is off.

In the meantime Joanna has phoned dr Ali Kafour for an appointment. She gets an appointment that evening and she invites the man over to their hotel to have dinner there together. As Herr Karl returns from the Mosque he finds that there is a room for hire above the tea house, he hires this to start keeping an eye on the mosque the next day.

That evening at dinner they meet up with dr Ali Kafour. He has heard about an item in the mosque and he believes it to be the girdle of Queen Nitocris, however he hasn’t really an idea why the brotherhood would want it and if it is actually in the Mosque. They thank him for his help and retire for the night.


The next day Herr Karl goes to his room he has rented opposite the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. From there he keeps an eye on the mosque day and night studying his spell in between. Nothing really happens, he also goes to the prayers every time they call.

Mc Rayn having heard that it was again evening when Dr Ali Kafour wants to meet them and that he never has time for them during the day is feeling suspicious and starts going to the museum to check it out. He tries to keep an eye on him but the man apparently isn’t there. It is only after dusk that the man arrives at the museum and later that evening the man goes home. Mc Rayn follows him and now knows where the man lives.

Joanna spends the day in the library to see what she can find out about Queen Nitocris, but next to what she knows she doesn’t really learn anything new.


Another day that Mc Rayn keeps taps on Dr Ali Kafour, but this time it is already after dawn when the man arrives at the museum and this does comfort Mc Rayn not thinking that the doctor is some kind of nocturnal creature.

Herr Karl keeps an eye on the mosque but again there isn’t much happening there.

Joanna goes to the house with the red door where supposedly Warren Besart is hiding out. She goes to the tea house down the road and keeps an eye on the shop. That evening after closing time she stays till around 21u00, around 20u00 she sees a man exit the closed shop, with a spot hidden check she sees the man wearing European style shoes and is a bit bigger then the shopkeeper, following him with Ma’Muhd they arrive at a small eating place where Besart sits, not looking to healthy. After that he finished his meal they follow him back but he spots them. They call out for him but he starts running away. A chase follows but Joanna is no match for getting the man, luckily however Ma’Muhd is and he catches the man. Warren has almost no strength thus after grappling him Ma’Muhd, who is eleven, can keep the man from fleeing until Joanna catches up. They lead him back to his shop where he explains what has happened to him, but he needs to support his hashish addiction so Joanna sends out Ma’Muhd to buy some hashish for the man. He tells her what is the truth according to him but she doesn’t know what is fact or fake at the end. He does give her some pointers: the bent pyramid, the collapsed pyramid, the name off one of the diggers and his mother.


The next day Joanna goes to Herr Karl to tell him the new stuff she learned from Warren Besart. As they are talking suddenly there is an uproar at the Mosque and some ambulances and the police arrive. They go see what has happened but there are to much rumours going around that the group doesn’t know what exactly is happening. However a little bit later a local gazette spreads the story. Apparently there was a roof that has fallen down and several men have died. There is one man taken to the hospital in a state off shock. They decide to follow up on this and go to the hospital. With a fast talk roll they get inside the mans room but apparently the man is in catatonic shock and doesn’t respond to anything.

Mc Rayn on his turn goes to the home off Omar Shakti. It is on suggestion off Herr Karl although he did tell Mc Rayn that they heard the items that Carlyle bought from Faraz Najir where stolen from the man, he didn’t reminded him that Shakti is supposed to be the leader of the brotherhood. Mc Rayn and his bodyguard go to the house and keep an eye on it. Around the house is a big cotton plantation. Nothing special happens so Mc Rayn wonders off towards the house. Walking through the cotton plantation he spots a worker who wears a inverted ankh tattoo and starts talking to him. The man doesn’t understand him and doesn’t seem to want to answer any question about the messenger off the black wind or black pharaoh. A foreman who knows a bit off English refers the man to their boss Omar Shakti. Following his way to the house he announces himself as a messenger off the black pharaoh and demands that the man returns his possessions to him. The help doesn’t understand this but leads him to a parlour where Omar Shakti meets the man. Mr Shakti has no idea whatsoever what the man is talking about and lets him be removed from the premises.

Returning to the hotel and meeting up with the group he tells them what has happened. The group realises that he has brought trouble for the group and wants to split. They decide to leave Mc Rayn alone for the night and get out off town tomorrow morning. Thinking off the safest place in the city they know Karl and Joanna decide to spend the night in the temple of Bast. They pack and get out of the hotel however Mc Rayn keeps following them and they need to get away from him so they start running. Karl escapes but Joanna is kept up by Mc Rayn in a desperate attempt to get away she tries to persuade the bodyguard to help her instead off Mc Rayn, she offers him the same amount of money and the guard is over thinking who to help. The good looking sane woman or the madmen that he calls a boss…



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