Complete Masks

Session 15

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


The group is onboard of a Felucca, a traditional small sailing vessel where there are lots off sailing up and down the Nile. After trying to get a lift to Greece the group is now sailing down the Nile towards Sudan. Every time they look towards the riverbanks they can see some cats keeping an eye on them. They all find something to do. Karl is studying the spell: contact Bast, Joanna is doing some light reading and Mc Rayn is looking at the crew to see if he can learn how to operate a boat like this. Everything is going quietly along and that evening they all head down to sleep.

However that night all off their sleep is terrorised by cats. Cats are in their dreams and they all have a bad night. Soon it becomes clear that it’s not only they who suffered but also the crew seems tired after the night.


The next morning they still spot the cats on the riverbanks and now during midday suddenly a solar eclipse happens. Not really knowing anything about astronomy they are quit surprised. The captain however is even more surprised since the next solar eclipse is only foretold for next year. However the skies clear up and the sun is back shining again. The day passes without anything special and the group goes to sleep.

In the middle of the night however Karl seems to be wandering around on the ship and beneath deck he suddenly finds a staircase leading down. This is very odd since as far as he knows there is no lower level. Plus this is a gigant staircase made out of solid marble. However he decides to follow it down.

But Karl is not alone, a bit later Joanna is taking some fresh air on the deck as suddenly she finds a similar staircase. She decides to follow it down.

And while on deck Mc Rayn suddenly hears a creature climbing on board, a couple of big cats are on the ship. He is standing at the edge but suddenly in front of him is a staircase. He quickly decides that following it would be the best idea.

After 70 steps they all seem to find a big cave and one another. Two men welcome them, they introduce themselves as Nasht and Kaman Thah. They give the travellers clothes and say that someone has been expecting them. However they cannot tell them who exactly. They should follow the next flights off stairs down. They do so and as they descend it turns out that there are 700 stairs, they arrive through a gate in a forest. There three creatures await them. These are cats from Uranus and don’t seem very friendly, however one walks up towards Joanna and starts purring. As she pets it the creature lies down on his belly and allows her to get on his back, as soon as she is up it’s back the creature gets back up and takes off running. The other reluctantly get on their steed and quickly catch up.

The creatures run through the maze off a forest and then follow a path running next to a river. The group passes a couple of small towns but the creatures keep running until they reach a feudal looking city called Ulthar. The creatures run through to a temple at the top off the highest hill. There a man awaits them as the creatures let them off their backs. He introduces himself as Atal the high priest and he says they where expecting them. He takes them inside the temple. They group has a small conversation about the gods they worship here and Atal tells them. After making a sacrifice to the most important off the worshipped gods there: Nasht. After doing this however there is someone there that wants to speak with them. From the shadows comes Bast herself as she greets the investigators. The group has a talk with her and she explains that she wants her scrolls back. They are sacred to her. Claiming they did not know that Jan Willem Vanheuvelen stole the scrolls the group decides to bring them back to the temple and gives her their word. Bast thanks them but gives an order to a cat to let his army keep an eye on them. She then steps back and disappears. Outside it seems the cats have retreated as well and the group wonders how to get back to the waking world. Atal the High priest has a proposition, he has some papers that need to be delivered to the temple in Hlanith. This city has a big harbour and from there he may be able to arrange a passage to the waking world abort the White Ship. The group agrees, takes the sealed scrolls and depart by foot.

The first town they pass on their way home is that off Nir. Things are quit uneventful except the passing off a bridge. It is said that in the central pillar a creature has been sealed in alive. This to protect it from evil, however the passerby’s hear the creature howl. There is some sanity loss but not to much.

The next stop on their way home is through the Enchanted Wood. They need to find their way through the maze this wood is. However they take a couple off wrong turns and suddenly are facing 5 Zoog. This turns out to much for Mc Rayns mind. He goes insane and somehow gets teleported away from the others. The other two now stand in the woods facing three zoogs. A fight breaks loose and they are able to fight off the 3 remaining Zoogs. Not knowing where Mc Rayn went the group decides to press on forwards and continue their way. Now they find the right road out of the enchanted woods.

In the meantime Mc Rayn finds himself transported to another place in the dreamlands. He is standing in front of the 700 steps back to the cave of fire. However 10 zoogs are standing in his way. He rushes in and tries to dodge them but fails. Then deciding that he woudn’t make it in a fight he starts running away. He can outrun most off them but 4 off them keep up. He then tries to knock them down but is unsuccessfully. As a last chance he starts climbing a tree, unlucky for him Zoogs are great climbers and even more unlucky he fails his next check. After getting some hits from the Zoogs already the damage from falling is to much, dying in the dreamlands he suddenly awakes back in the waking world and has lost his ability to ever dream himself into the dreamlands ever again. Loosing some sanity on the way he is now at 6 sanity.

The other two character push their way further down the river passing the city of Thran. There they are only given entrance when they can tell a story from their dreams that is very impressive. Joanna gets it right from the first time and gets in, she goes to a square to eat and drink something as Herr Karl keeps trying. He has decided to use the stories from tales of Arabian nights and tries to pass them off as his own adventures. He fails miserably. However, after telling about 23 stories leaving him for about 4 hours at the gates he gets entrance and they can travel through the city towards the last city on their path: Hlanith.

They arrive in Hlanith with no further problems and deliver the papers to the temple. They get a lift in the White Ship that sails them back to the Nile and drops them off at their ship there.


The next morning they seem to be able to persuade Jan Willem Vanheuvelen to return the scrolls back to the temple of Bast. He reluctantly agrees and they order the captain to sail back. He does so and the trip goes well.


Arriving back in Cairo the group heads back towards the temple off Bast and replace the scrolls there. In the meantime Herr Karl succeeded in learning the spell: Contact Bast and casts it. He tells her they fulfilled her wishes and the scrolls are back. She thanks them for their help.



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