Complete Masks

Session 14

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joana Drake

A small note: apparently I misplaced the notebook in which I keep track off what my players have been doing that day so instead of a day to day report I’m going for a recap. These events date from the 04 of may to the 09th.

04/05/1923 to 09/05/1923

After a day out towards the pyramids the group heads over to their friend at the Cairo Bulletin, it seems that he wasn’t yet able to find out the location where Jan Willem Vanheuvelen is staying but he should have it one off these days.

Because they also heard about the dealer Warren Bessart from Faraz Najir the group decides to learn some more about him. With a quick walk to the local police station and some money to let things go a bit smoother they quickly learn his current listed address. They let their guide take them over to there and when they arrive a red door is waiting, behind the red door lives a tailor. They talk to the man and Herr Karl tells him that he wants to buy a djellaba, they also inform about Warren Bessart but the man says he doesn’t know him. However the group realizes the man is lying and they see him quickly glance towards a door behind the counter. They try to keep the man busy so that one can sneak by and get to the back of the shop the but the man stays alert. Now dressed in a new djellaba Herr Karl and the rest find a quiet spot to keep an eye on the shop. When the shop closes they see a light get on in a room above the store. Hungry they get back to the hotel.

The next day they get a message and the address from Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. Following this lead it takes them back towards a tailor shop. They do get a bit suspicious but it turns out to be another one. And the tailor directs them to the room behind the shop where they find the dutch archaeologist. The man himself shoes out some cats that apparently been lingering around the shop. In the backroom before talking to Jan Willem Mc Rayn starts to examine all the corners in the room. He doesn’t find a hound of tindalos but he does find a cat, which gets a shoe thrown at him by Jan Willem. Using some liquor they get acquainted with the man.

It turns out that the man is busy at the moment with some very important work, he found some scrolls in a well hidden small temple inside Cairo and he is translating it. He doesn’t want to show the original scrolls but offers the translations that he already made into Dutch.

The group is rather intrigued by his finds and wants to know more. The man says that he will need about a month to work out the rest off the translations to Dutch. They take him into their protection and take them along with them towards their hotel. They book a room for him and spend a lot off time with him. In the meantime at the hotel Herr Karl skims the translations Jan Willem made so far and he finds that there are a couple off spells in the book. He starts learning the spell: Contact Bast, this will take him a week.

However it doesn’t take them long to learn that cats are following Jan Willem and no even their own group and it happens more and more. Once they also see him having a argument with a beautiful woman but he doesn’t want to tell about her. As for the cats, it seems that there are always a couple off them sitting at the door to his chamber and it doesn’t take long before there is a cat sitting at all off their window casings. Herr Karl and Joanna take good care off their cats but Mc Rayn throws them off his window casing. Suddenly however he awakes by a big crash. In his room is sitting a full grown panther who smashed a window by jumping in. He quickly realizes that this will have something to do with how he treated the cats and he treats the cats better now. The panther takes off and jumps to another roof, a bit later they hear a second crash it turns out that the panther is in the room off Jan Willem.

Wanting to know more about the scrolls they also let their guide find the temple Jan Willem mentioned. Joanna and Mc Rayn go and investigate this while Herr Karl writes up an article for the newspaper about the infestation off cats in the city. They find the temple and even more cats. In the temple stands a statue off Bast on a thrown. A bit later a woman enters, says her prayers and leaves again.

The next days they get hunted by cats and the panther even more. Especially Jan Willem, the others don’t really seem to have a problem except that they are being stalked by cats the whole time. The panther now trashes Jan Willem his room and he and Mc Rayn are evicted from the hotel. They find another hotel and it doesn’t take long before the beautiful woman they saw earlier turns up there. In the meantime Herr Karl have made a plan and reservations to go with a boat towards Greece to get away from all the cats, once in Greece they can find out more about what is in the document and then come back. He has found a ship and captain that agrees to this and they agree to set sail tomorrow. In the meantime the woman has turned up at the other hotel and demands to get back what is stolen from her goddess. Mc Rayn says that they will fix it but he doesn’t really do a very convincing act.

They next morning they all prepare to get on board off the ship and head towards the docks, in the docks a lot off cats are waiting as they pass. Cats also get on the boats and as the group gets on the boat 10 cats become big cats: lions, tigers, panthers, … Mc Rayn orders a couple off bodyguards he has hired earlier on to take care off them while the rest flees. They find another boat a bit further at the docks and Mc Rayn offers a tremendous amount off money to get on it and get away. The captain agrees and they set off, they want to go to Greece but the captain says this is a river boat and they can’t go there so they ask him to set them off at the other side off the Nile. The captain sails his boat to the other side and when the come near the shore it seems that about 150 cats are sitting on the riverbanks. They ask him to turn the ship round, going to the other side they find 200 cats sitting there.

Since they are on the Nile Herr Karl then suggest that the sail to the south, to Sudan. That will give Jan Willem the time he needs to get the translation done. The ship sails off to the south, towards Sudan.



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