Complete Masks

Session 13

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joana Drake


The next day the group meets up with Faraz Najir. There full time guide now leads them to the Mosque once again. He meets them at the back of the mosque and leads them through some corridors. Things don’t go that quick since Mc Rayn is suffering from seeing the hound of Tindalos yesterday and decides due to his mental problem that he first needs to check each corner he sees to make sure it’s safe. So after a short walk that took a long time the group arrives in a small room inside the mosque. It seems that Najir feels a little more comfortable here to talk to the group. They get a lot of information about how he met Carlyle and how he sold him some objects through a man called Warren Besart. However with some money he also agrees to tell them from where he got the actual goods. It appears that he have stolen these from a wealthy cotton plantation owner named Omar Shakti. They also notice a special pendant around the mans neck but he doesn’t want to tell them what it does except telling that it offers him protection and he ignores all offers to buy it from him. After spending a bit time with the man the group takes their leave and goes back to the hotel.

For the rest off the day Mc Rayn goes to the Egyptian museum of antiquities while Joana Drake hits the library. On his own Herr Karl moves into the offices of the Caïro Bulletin. Inside there he finds a very good ally: Nigel Wassif, the editor in chief and source of information. He introduces himself as a writer who also writes stuff for magazines. The Nigel loves the man and takes a picture of him. He also gives him a lot off information on the Carlyle expedition and a lot off other persons in the city that can be off interest. They also learn more about the what is going on and also that there is another digging party in Egypt, the Clive expedition, also financed by the Penhew foundation, it turns out that they found a secret burial chamber at the smallest of the Giza Pyramids but then the mummy was stolen in an almost incredible situation. Nobody really knows what happened. In the library Joana finds out pretty much the same information about the Carlyle expedition as a lot off it comes from the same newspaper. Mc Rayn however is struggling a bit more at the museum. He can quickly find out who would be the best person to talk to: Dr. Kafour, but it turns out that the museum is very good at keeping him out. He tries to get an appointment through all ways but it doesn’t seem he will get in there quickly.


The next morning at breakfast they discuss what they all have learned. They have a great surprise as the Bulletin has a story and picture in it from Herr Karl a visiting writer, it turns out he is really vain. From this moment on he just runs around with the paper under his arm with his picture up to show it to everyone.

Mc Rayn is still disappointed that he didn’t get in to see Dr. Kafour but he’s not planning to give it up. After having breakfast he goes to a telephone and calls the museum again. He gets to talk to a secretary who can make an appointment but it will be in 2 weeks and only for half an hour. He tries it by bribing them with a donation but he gets send to the offices off another doctor who deals with those kind off things, things are getting worse and worse for the man. However before getting more insane from a couple off phone calls Herr Karl takes them with him towards the bulletin. There he meets up with Nigel Wassif and he asks him about Kafour. Turns out that he knows Kafour rather well and with a single phone call he can book an appointment for dinner with the man. They get to have diner with him this evening in a small restaurant.

That evening they head over to the restaurant and get even more information from the man. They also learn that Omar Shakti is linked to the brotherhood. A fact the group is happy to know since they where planning to make a visit to him and they now know that they will have to watch out what they will say to the man. They learn more off the Clive expedition and that it turns out that one off them has been send off the team: Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. They also get a lot off extra information that they had no idea off and after a good diner they also learn that the museum has a copy off the necronomicon. They can’t wait to see it but the doctor says that he will show it to them one day but not today. They bid each other goodbye and the group heads back to the hotel.


They head over to the Cairo Bulletin again and ask Nigel if he can help them finding Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. It will probably take him 2 days to find him. The group then decides that since they are in Egypt they want to take a camel towards the pyramids of Giza and so they do. They head over to there and arrive at the pyramids. They have a look around and then at the smallest pyramid they see a couple off soldiers. This was the spot where the Clive expedition found the secret chamber and where the mummy disappeared.

They talk to the soldiers and after offering some bribes they are lead inside the pyramid and into the secret chamber. They can’t really find anything special there anymore and they get back out. They then take the camel back towards Cairo.



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