Complete Masks

Session 12

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl, Joana Drake and Jerry


The group is on a ship from South Hampton to Port Said. Rosemary O’ Donnel decided against accompanying them anymore even though she wanted to see the pyramids one day. So as they went on the boat they spend the next four days quietly. However Mc Rayn found a good looking woman at the bar and started talking to her. Her name is Joanna Drake and she is on her way to Caïro herself. She is an attorney that needs to oversee some business in town for her employer. Mc Rayn is wanting to know where she stays and she tells him at the Sheaperds hotel. That evening Joanna also meets Herr Karl as both get a place at the captains table thanks to their credit rating.


After four calm days on the sea the ship reaches Port Said. They enter the harbour around noon and then go and find a way to go further to Caïro. Herr Karl prefers to go by boat but that seems to long so they decide to take a train. After arriving in Caïro Mc Rayn tries to ask for directions but since none of them speak Arabic they can’t find someone who can help them he decides to try to read the map. In the meantime Jerry goes and gets something to eat and Herr Karl moves out off the station and to the river docks to see if he can’t find a guide for them. He asks for someone who talks English and is a bit off a shady figure. A young man introduces himself as Hakim and is ready to show them around town. First thing he needs to get them is transport and a hotel. He shows them to the local bus and takes them to Ekezia Gardens to the Sheaperds Hotel. He stays out and Karl asks him to show the way to the street of the jackals later on. Hakim will wait for them outside as he isn’t allowed to enter. They check into the hotel and get out at that evening to walk towards the shop of Faraz Najir, someone who has dealt with Carlyle some years ago. Hakim leads them onto a bus and they stop near the old quarter. From here on he leads them through the maze off streets and alleyways off the old quarter when suddenly they take turn and are at a dead end. In there are 3 thugs with knifes and they demand them for their money as they turn around it seems Hakim is the leader of the group and he takes a slash at Karl. The group quickly decides to start running away through the alleyways. Two off them are running and trying to hit Jerry. One is going after Mc Rayn and one after Karl. Mc Rayn has the bad one who can’t really hit that well but still hurting him but can’t run so Mc Rayn gets away. Karl gets some very heavy hits but Hakim who is following him stays on his trail. He suddenly got fed up turned around and hit Hakim straight in the face with his brass knuckles knocking him unconscious due to the shock. He and Mc Rayn where off trying to find a way out of the old city. Jerry however was less lucky he got away from one assailant but the other one stayed with him and got a good hit knocking him unconscious and leaving him on 1 hitpoint. When he woke up he was at the side off the road and lost 200 dollar. Mc Rayn and Karl got lost but by coincidence got together by looking for a place to smoke a waterpipe. They do get out of the old city and so does Jerry and they get back to the hotel. The receptionist is shocked to see them enter like this and so is Joanna. They tell them that they got robbed, the receptionist calls for a doctor and the police to file a complaint. They go to bed.


Today they get Joanna, who doesn’t have anything to do today to join them for another trip to the old city. They head over to the old city and with Joanna who knows Arabic they quickly find a beggar boy who wants to show them around the city.

They are showed to the street of the Jackals and they find the place off the shop. Place because apparently the building has burned down to the ground. Joanna starts talking to the neighbours to find out some more. With the influence off some cash they quickly start talking with her. They talk about a demon who came down from the sky some years ago and burned the whole place down. However Faraz Najir did survive the attack but now has moved. They know that he still deals in antiques but they don’t know where he lives.

Their guide Mamuhd guides them back to the hotel and after being payed he runs off.


The next day they ask the receptionist if there is a way to get their hands on some antique objects, they heard about one Faraz Najir but don’t know where to find him. The receptionist suggests to go to the police, such dealers should be licensed. Herr Karl goes to the library to find out if there is something down there to find about the incident in the street of the Jackals but turns up with nothing. At the police station they quickly get the help they need to find the address of Faraz Najir. His shop is in Potters street.

That afternoon they head back to the old city with their guide Mamuhd and he guides them to the street that lies even deeper in the city. They quickly find the shop and enter it. When the shopkeeper comes out they introduce themselves as the nephew of Carlyle and his helpers. As soon as Faraz Najir hears the name Carlyle he starts swearing and threatens the group to leave they don’t want to and try to persuade him. He threatens them with a big bejewelled sword and when this doesn’t work he runs out into the street crying for help the others follow him out and he starts to tell around that they tried to steal from him. The crowd is gathering and people are getting nervous and angry. Karl now runs back inside the shop and locks himself in. Outside the others feel things are getting to hot under their feet and start running away. However they get some stuff swiped: Jerry looses his watch, Joanna a ring and Mc Rayns passport. Karl looks to get out through the back but there is only a very small window but luckily he can just barely get through it. Then he starts wondering through the old city again. After getting back to the hotel the others send Mahmudh back to find Karl. He does find him wandering around and takes him back but it’s almost evening. When he passes at the El Hussain Mosque he sees Faraz Najir getting out of a teahouse and going to the mosque. He keeps this in mind.


They talk about what to do next and decide to have another attempt to talk to Faraz Najir, this time at the teahouse. They all find a way to spend their day and that evening at around 6 o clock they head back to the old city. There they meet up with Faraz Najir again and this time the man seems calmer. Explaining that they aren’t related to Carlyle after all and that they also try to find out what has happened to them, they talk for a while and Faraz Najir agrees to meet up to talk with them but not in here. He wants to meet them on the sacred grounds of the mosque tomorrow at noon. They agree and the man walks away to the mosque for evening prayers.

He has only just left when the others are still sitting in the tea house and suddenly smoke starts off in the corner. From the corner the hound of tindalos suddenly comes out. Karl quickly gets to the bathroom while Jerry being haunted by the creature starts running away. Mc Rayn keep studying it wondering where the others are going. The creature starts running after Jerry finally he caught up with his prey. However the creature launched a tongue attack draining 3 power from Jerry and it kept coming, Jerry still not feeling to well after the last attack didn’t get far enough away from the hound and suddenly it attacked with it claws. Killing Jerry with a single blow and then disappearing into the mists of time again.



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