Complete Masks

Session 11

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel, Ja-Ja No-No/Karl and Mc Rayn

GM note: it’s rather a short session. The story was at an end but they still needed to retrieve their friend Karl from the Brotherhoods claws. We ended the London chapter with this session and are now taking a break from CoC for the moment.



Mc Rayn arrives back in London after being away for business for a short time. He has lend his car to the rest of the party but after arriving home from the station he notices that the Rolls Royce is missing in the garage. He takes a look in his house and phones to Lorelai’s apartment. However he gets no reply. He then decides to takes his car to Lorelai’s house, he sees that the door has been forced open and repaired. He tries to get some information with the neighbours but they can’t really tell a lot. They do tell about the break in and the fight with some Egyptians. After this he goes to Karl his hotel but there they tell him that he already checked out and they haven’t seen him in a while.

He then decides to get a bit off rest and heads back to his house. That evening he plans another trip to the apartment and to the Irish pub where he first met Karl and Jerry and to the Blue Pyramid bar. But he fails to get more information. He gets back home and gets some rest.


Mc Rayn still hasn’t heard anything from his friends or hasn’t seen his car so he decides to head over to the police station. He informs if they haven’t heard off his friends, he can’t remember all of their names but does so with Jerry Brown and Rosemary O’Donnel. This last name rings a bell and Mc Rayn is escorted to Inspector Barringtons office. He asks him if he knows Rosemary. He says yes they used his car, a Royce Rolls that has vanished. Inspector Barrington writes up a report off the missing car and then tells about a strange case. They found a woman who claims to be Rosemary unconscious in a car (a Royce Rolls) that had crashed into a building. In the car where the body off a Moroccan named Ja-Ja No-No and the dead body of Edward Gavigan, director of the Penhew foundation. However the woman can’t be Rosemary according Inspector Barrington, because he has met her before. He also asks if Mc Rayn can shed some light on all what has happened. Mc Rayn says he can’t because he has been away and is rather enraged about what happened with his car. The inspector asks Mc Rayn if he can come with him to the hospital where the woman is kept to identify her. Mc Rayn agrees and they head over.

In the hospital he is in for a shock as he discovers that Rosemary aged about 30 years but he can indeed confirm that this is Rosemary. The inspector and Mc Rayn listen to the whole story she has to tell off what happened. The inspector can’t quit believe it but decides to follow up, he gets in contact with the force and they do a search of the Penhew Foundation.

Jerry who is staying at the same hospital runs into the rest of them and has also a shock but in the end they all reunite.

Inspector Barrington comes back and tells them that most of the stuff they where talking about was moved. But they found this at the Limehouse warehouse. They did find enough evidence to link the Penhew Foundation with the Brotherhood. However there was no sign of Karl. They decide to put the screws onto Tawfik, the man they have in custody.


The next morning Inspector Barrington informs them that he has more information about where Karl could be held and will go to rescue him. He asks if Mc Rayn wants to come with him and he agrees. Together with a couple of officers they head to the house and quickly overwhelm the opposition. They find Karl in the basement, with his earlobe cut off and two of his fingers cut off. He is unconscious and lost some sanity but he is still alive. They quickly put first aid on him and move him to the hospital.

In the next weeks they regain strength and get back to their full hit points. Mc Rayn begins preparations for the next part of their travel, Cairo. After a couple of weeks they are all released from the hospital except Ja-Ja No-No, with his criminal records his is taken into custody. The others are thanked for their help with this case.


The group takes the ship out of Southampton and goes to Cairo.



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