Complete Masks

Session 10

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and JaJa-NoNo



Rosemary goes back to the Bed & Breakfast where Jerry is waiting for her. They decide that they need to get into the warehouse. She calls up Johnny Loose Fingers and will pick him up. She goes to the street and sees a guy fiddling with their car. She recognizes him as the Moroccan getaway driver JaJa-NoNo, he recognizes her as well and she offers him some work. He agrees and with Jerry and the body guard they pick up Johnny and head to the warehouse.

They only just parked in the street when they see a truck arriving. It’s the same truck they saw and followed earlier. Just as before a couple of crates are delivered. They see that about 8 helpers are there. JaJa-NoNo starts asking around in this part of town, he lives in this district and quickly learns that the place is owned by an indie and that the guy is the man to talk to to get goods into or out of the land. JaJa-NoNo thinks out of a plan, he wants to bring the car they are driving to their and tell him he needs to get the car to Morocco. He lets Jerry hide in the trunk of the car. The rest gets out and to a bar across the street. He drives up to the warehouse and knocks. Pinju opens the door and after talking a bit they agree on the deal. Pinju will make sure the car gets out and gets it to Morocco in one month. He needs to deliver it at the capital at pier 37. He opens the gate and they drive the car inside.

Later that evening they see one guy leaving the place but a couple of moments later 5 others arrive. 1 white guy and 4 asian, the talk with one Panju and a couple of moments later they see them get out with a small boat and a package.

They decide that it’s time to get into the building. They head towards the side of the building and find a small door. Johnny opens the door and JaJa-NoNo heads in, as soon as he steps into the building a workman sees him and JaJa-NoNo opens fire with his sawed off shotgun. He heavily injures the man and then shoots another one who comes running. Quickly the group is surrounded by the workers. There are two off them next to each of them, all armed with fighting knives. A fight breaks out and the workers are rather quick, in the first combat round they take down Rosemary and split themselves up. This is the moment that Jerry has been waiting for and he jumps out of the car and starts shooting. Seeing a new target a couple head towards him. Not long after Rosemary JaJa-NoNo gets hit as well and goes down. It only takes a couple of extra rounds before the bodyguard goes down. Now Johnny and Jerry are the only ones still standing. Jerry is putting the full use to his two automatic pistols and can take out the last two of the workers but they all got rather hit bad. They take on putting all off them back on their feet but fail to get the bodyguard back on his feet. They find one worker, an indie that still lives. They start looking in the boxes and Jerry recognizes a piece of art he seen in the basement of the Penhew Foundation. JaJa-NoNo takes a look and looses some sanity. They also start talking to woker they found alive, however he can’t understand what they are saying. They however know one guy who can help them out. They search the place for Karl but don’t find a clue. They ransack the place, take some money and the worker and head off.

JaJa-NoNo takes them to their contact / translator after that he puts Jerry and the bodyguard off at the hospital for medical care. At the translator the group quickly learns that he doesn’t know a thing. They head off to a hotel and rest there for the night.


Still searching for Karl they decide to give the Nisr house at the north sea another look. They get into the car and head over to the estate. Police has set off the area but they slip past the ribbon and inside the estate. They spend the day searching the grounds, the mansion and the cellars but can’t find anything that points to Karl. The house seems completely deserted. Not found a thing they head back to London.


There is still one clue according to the group. They decide to see if the guy that leaves the Penhew Foundation can tell them something more. Each day they took a look at the foundation one guy, presumably the director was the last one to leave. That evening JaJa-NoNo and Rosemary wait at the foundation building until the man leaves. They start following him and JaJa-NoNo decides that the best way to deal with this is to hit the man with the car. He follows him and when the man crosses the road he drives the car into him. However it just nicked the man and JaJa-NoNo jumps out to hit him on the head with his blackjack. But he misses the man starts chanting a spell. JaJa-NoNo not really realizing what is happening suddenly gets hit by the effect of the spell. His body is turning with black spots and he falls unconscious. Rosemary still in the car takes a lee enfield they found earlier and start shooting the man, after shooting with the rifle she switches to the shotgun that JaJa-NoNo left in the car. She gets a couple off hits in but not enough the put the man down, next to that she isn’t nearly practised with the guns. He however keeps chanting and slowly Rosemary begins to age, each round she looses one of her attributes such as power and appearance. When she gets out and starts fighting with her fists the man stops singing and starts defending himself. However Rosemary can get hold of the rifle and with a precise shot she can take the man out.

She hears police whistles in the vicinity and starts cleaning up. She puts the weapons in the car. The body of the man in the trunk and the unconscious body of JaJa-NoNo in the backseat. Then she drives off. She takes a look in the mirror and sees that she aged around 30 years and is now 57 years old. She fails her sanity check when realizing this and falls unconscious while driving the car.



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