Complete Masks

Session 1

Present: Thomas, Walt, Olaf and Mary

Keepers note: we are replacing this story to 1923, that’s where we are at our timeline. Earlier session reports from out group can be found here:…

Arkham & New York

When sitting in her apartment in Arkham Mary receives a telegram from her old friend Elias Jackson. He asks her to put together an investigative team and meet up with him in New York on the 15th of January when he arrives. She gets Walt and Olaf and the 15th they prepare for the trip with the car to New York. She also got a call from his publisher, who she also knows that Jackson will stay at the Chelsea hotel room 410 and will be expecting them at 8:00 pm.


They are off to New York and since it’s a long trip they barely arrive in time. As they are at the hotel it’s 7:45. They go over to the desk and inform if Elias Jackson is in. The clerk will be happy to call up to the room to see if he is in. He goes to the switchboard and after a few moments he comes back and tells them there is no answer, he did however check in earlier today. Mary and Olaf decide to take the elevator up while Walt goes into the dining area to check out if the man isn’t there. Arriving at the 4th floor they move towards the room, Mary knocks on the door. There isn’t a reply but Olaf heard a couple of people moving around in the room as if they where searching it. He doesn’t waste a moment, drops his carrying bag, pulls out his shotgun (yep he’s walking around with a bag full of weapons), Mary quickly feels the door, but it is locked. Olaf gives Mary a automatic pistol and Olaf shoots the lock. He then tries to break down the door but fails, Mary tries it to but also fails. Olaf then gets of the second barrel and then breaks down the door. As he opens it, suddenly a door behind him opens the one from room 409. A man is standing there with a handgun in his hand. Olaf ducks inside room 410 but is faced there by 3 men. 2 African and 1 Caucasian.

One African is getting out of the window, the Caucasian is blocking Olaf his way and he has a Pranga in his hand, Olaf also notices that there is the body of a man on the bed with his throat cut over. Mary looking at the man that threatens Olaf empties her handgun in the man’s chests. The man falls over. In the meantime Olaf switched to his handgun and runs after the two others that now already are out of the window and going down the fire escape. He gets a couple of shots at one that is running away but down the stairs is a car waiting, a black Hudson roadster with NY license plates. Olaf can hit one guy but the man keeps running. From that car another man comes out and starts shooting at Olaf, Olaf gets hurt. In the meantime seeing all this the man in the hallway (Thomas) has seen enough and walks back into his room and opens the window to the fire escape at his side just to be sure. Having heard the shots Walt is running up the stairs, he also noticed that the hotel have called the police. In the meantime they all got into the car and the car has drove off, Mary tried to take a couple of shots at the car but the handgun doesn’t carry the range. Olaf gets back into the room.

As they examine the body of Elias Jackson they find his throat cut and that a symbol was carved in his forehead. They also find a headpiece the Caucasian man was wearing with the same symbol. Mary does a quick search and finds some clues. Seeing it’s safe again the man from across the room introduces himself as Thomas and asks if he can help them. Olaf asks the man to take his bag to his room and keep it there safe. The man agrees and heads over to his room. They do keep the shotgun and the two handguns with them. The police arrives and start looking at the scene. Walt and Mary are taken to the police station to be interrogated and Olaf is taken to the hospital to get him looked after.

In the police station a homicide detective Lt. Martin Poole arrives and starts to interrogate Walt. Walt tells him they are a detective team and where asked by Elias Jackson to come over to New York, they found the body of the man as the murderers where still in the room. They then chased after the guys but they got away. Mary delivers a same kind of statement. The police then visits Olaf in the hospital and checks out his part of the story. The police tells Mary that this is the ninth murder that happened with this cult symbol returning, they are baffled. However the group their story checks out and that they may leave. The doctor visits Olaf and tells him he needs to stay in the hospital for another two days.

After being released they head towards the Chelsea hotel but the doorman recognizes them and doesn’t want to let them in. They go to another hotel in the neighbourhood to get a room.


The next morning they phone Thomas and ask him to return the bag, they agree to hand it over in Central Park and ask him if he can take another look at the room, Thomas agrees to this. Going to the hospital they are talking about what to do next. They found several pieces of evidence, a business card from the Penhew Foundation, a letter to Robert Carlyle from a shop in Egypt, a match box from the Stumbling Tiger Bar, a letter from his publishing house and a business card to Emerson Imports, with a name written on the back. Walt goes to the library and looks up the Emerson Imports and searches for more information about the symbol, he finds out that Emerson is located in New York and brings in supplies from all over the world but is specialised in Africa. No information about the sign is found. Mary heads over to the Publishing house where she meets her old friend Jonah Kensington and Miriam Atwright. They both mourn the loss off Elias Jackson and he informs Mary that the funeral will be held on the 19th. They talk away the day and Mary learns more information on Elias his latest work, apparently he has been over the whole world in the lasts months and was on to something big. The publisher shows clips he received from Elias in the last months and reluctantly he also shows a note that Elias wrote up and was the last note they found. It was scribbled and incoherent. He is ashamed to show it to people but wants to show it to Mary. Mary informs about the book that was lost and Miriam can’t tell much about it, it seemed that the book of sects was gone one day, but there also was a strange smell at the library that day.


Thomas calls the group up and meets up with them. He got into the room but didn’t find anything off interest anymore. He agrees to go with Walt to Emerson Imports to see what he can find out there. Mary goes back to the police station.

At the police station she meets up with Lt. Poole. He can tell her the car was stolen and that a local folklorist is helping them identifying the symbol. He also shows her a couple of other belongings from Jackson he had on his person. One is a pamphlet about a lecture by a professor, Mary remembers this professor being in Arkham for the time being. And there is a blurry photo of a yacht.

Arriving at Emerson Import Walt goes up and asks the manager if he doesn’t have package lying around for their friend Elias Jackson. The man is puzzled and hasn’t heard anything about a package. But he does remember Elias Jackson, the man was here before. Walt decides to show the business card to the man and shows the name of Silas N Kwane, the man recognizes the name and says that he owns a shop of African Artefacts, he gives them the address of the shop and it’s name: Ju Ju House. He gets shipped different stuff through the import agency.

They head over to the Ju Ju House, when they arrive there they knock on the door, an old man waves them in. It seems to be a shop that is full, dark and damp. It’s loaded with all kinds of African stuff, from tribal masks to stuffed little giraffes, to dull spears and other brick and brack. The man welcomes them and Walt says he is here to collect a package for Elias Jackson, the man says he knows nothing off a package. Walt is surprised, he says Elias and him are working on a book together and he asked him to come over here and pick it up. He asks if the man is sure there isn’t a package there. The man declines but says they do need to look around to see if there is anything interesting. They spot a couple of occult looking stuff and indeed the man explains these are items of superstitious tribes, while they are shopping a couple of Africans enter the shop and start browsing around. Thomas decides to buy a mask but Walt presses if he doesn’t have any cult related stuff. The man thinks and says no, but in two days a new shipment will arrive, perhaps there will be something there. He asks for his name, Walt says he is Walter Jackson and stays in the Chelsea Hotel room 410. They then leave, when leaving the alley they need to go through to get to the shop they notice they are being followed. Thomas puts on the mask and waits at the next corner, they spook the man following them but it seems to be an African who just happens to go the same direction and has a stuffed giraffe in his hands, the man runs away.


Leaving the hospital and being informed Olaf looks up some information about the Carlyle’s. He has heard from the last part of information the publishing house got that there where special books in the Carlyle’s safe, he is intrigued by these and wants to know more of them. He searches the address.

They also look up information about the other members of the expedition. He finds that both Brady and Carlyle lived in New York, the rest weren’t from there.

In the afternoon Walt goes to see Thomas at his hotel but again is stopped by the doorman. The man doesn’t want to let the man in. Walt is discussing with the man and trying to convince him to get in. The man is loosing his patience and signals a passing patrol man, the man is brought over to the police station on mopery charges; he is released an hour later.


Mary goes to the funeral of Jackson Elias. Olaf and Walt decide to find out something more about the Carlyle’s and head over to the mansion in Westchester.

At the funeral Mary meets up with the close friends of Elias but there aren’t to many there. She also spots Lt. Martin Poole. He asks her if she can come to the station with him. There she gets a bit more information and that the case is unsolved for know. They are cleared from everything and are free to leave the town.

In Westchester they arrive at the house. It’s a big estate house near the Hudson River. There is a mansion in the middle of a big patch of land and the whole house is surrounded by an iron fence. As they arrive at the gate the gate is closed and two guardsmen stand there. They come closer and ask if they have an appointment. Walt says he is an old colleague of Mr. Roger Carlyle and is working on an archaeologist research but has reached a dead end, he wishes to talk to Erica Carlyle to see if she can help him out with his problem. They ask them if they have an appointment. He says no, then they can’t let him in, they can only get in with an appointment. They ask how to get an appointment and that would be through her secretary, he asks if they can go in and talk to the secretary. They answer, no, not without an appointment. Walt is getting frustrated but Olaf slips the guard some money and asks how they can reach the secretary the man tells them to phone him up. They ride to the next in and telephone the house. A man who introduces himself as clerk to her secretary is addressed to by Walt and he asks for an appointment, the man informs him that all appointments are dealt with by the secretary himself but that he’s not in today. He will be here tomorrow morning.

They go back to New York. In the afternoon Walt and Thomas are driven to the Ju Ju House by Olaf and they go to see if anything of interest came in. Indeed there was one thing that was with the shipment. It’s a club with nailed spiked through it, it comes from the south of Africa. Walt buys the club and leaves.

That evening Olaf and Mary go to the Ju Ju House to break in. They march up the alley and arrive at the court where 10 Africans stand at 04:00 am. Olaf quickly does like Mary is a prostitute he picked up and says they should find another alley, it’s to crowded here and they walk off again.

Earlier that evening however both Walt and Thomas have gotten a visitor. Someone knocked on their door, Thomas had opened the door and found a man in the hotel uniform and then another man jumped in front of him with a Pranga in his hand. Walt has kept quiet and noticed that they where picking the lock. He jumped out of the window and rushed down through the fire escape.

Thomas put up a fight and fired a couple of shots at the men wounding them. But one of them got a cut in his left arm. Thomas got to his fire escape and jumped out, coming out at the front of the building he run down the staircase and lost his pursuers.

Walt came down into an alley and from a car that was waiting there came another black man with a Pranga. Walt run through the alley trying to get away, he almost succeeded but then the man gained on him. He hit after Walt with his Pranga but Walt was running, he hit Walt in his back. Now Walt was out of the alley and the man stopped the pursuit. Walt ran to the Chelsea hotel with a big cut in his back but was stopped by the doorman, police arrived shortly after for the shots they heard from Thomas his room and Walt was taken to the hospital by the police. Thomas showed up a bit later and was taken to same hospital. Their wounds where healed and they where put in a room together.

In the early morning about 06:00 am Olaf and Mary went back to the court, there where not Africans to be seen and they went to the shop. The shop is closed till 09:00 am. Olaf picked the lock and opened the door. A doorbell went as they entered the shop and they heard something upstairs. They quickly hided but Mary’s hide checked failed, a young African male came down the stairs and spotted her. He yelled something upstairs, Mary ran away and the man gave pursuit. But Mary got away. Olaf was still in hiding when 3 other men with Pranga’s came down, one spotted him in his hiding spot. Olaf opened fire on the man. He shot them all down and ran upstairs it seemed that they lived there and he found a headband with the cult symbol on. He quickly search the downstairs and looks in the till, he finds some money, he hears the police arriving. Shoots again and then vanishes using his Vanish spell.



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