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  • Olaf Gingersom

    Olaf was a swedish hitman who has been a main character from day 1 of this group. He was killed when harrasing a werewolf who was locked in a cell. He shot the locked up werewolf but this only enraged it, making it destroy it's cell door. Wanting to …

  • Herr Karl

    Herr Karl is someone who knows a bit of almost everything. But nothing to well so most of the times he failed in knowing things. Well that was until one moment in which all his checks succeeded. Well all but his sanity checks, seeing Nyarlathotep as …

  • Rosemary O’ Donnel

    Retired in both meanings of the word. When she started with the party she was a young cocktail waitress working in the 'Blue Pyramid' club in London. Fascinated by Egypt she loved working there and with the sight of a possible trip to Egypt she quickly …

  • Roger Carlyle

    As head of the Carlyle expedition, he and his fellow expedition members where deemed deceased after a massacre in Kenya.

  • M'Weru

    Once said to be the african girlfriend of Roger Carlyle she to went on the expedition and was proclaimed dead. The party however saw her at the mountain of the Black Wind where the party witnessed a big birth ritual. Still alive, last know location: …

  • Sir Aubrey Penhew

    As the head of the Penhew Foundation of London, Sir Aubrey became part of the expedition. He is pressumed dead after the massacre.

  • Hypatatia Masters

    A photographer and beautifull lady. Was pressumed to be dead after the massacre. However the party learned more on their adventures. She had been quit ill in Kenya and it was believed that she had been pregnant. This was confirmed when the party …

  • Dr. Ali Kaffour

    Dr. Ali Kaffour has helped the group with meeting up and informing the party about strange occults and beliefs in Caïro.

  • Mickey Mahoney

    Friend of Elias Jackson and London contact of the party. Mickey runs 'The Scoop' a tabloid from which Elias did find some clues and occasionally wrote some articles. They group followed some leads but most where red herrings. They did write some …

  • Warren Besart

    Says he has seen a lot, went mad and now is on the hassish. Lives in a backroom of a clothes seller.

  • Agatha Broadmoor

    Agatha Broadmoor was part of the Clive Expedition who found the body of Queen Nitocris but it vanished. The group saw Agatha Broadmoor in the ceremony that brought Nitocris back to live as her psychic skills where used. After her use she was …

  • Bundari

    Bundani is a powerfull tribe magician who leaves near to Nairobi. He lives there in a hut with his helper Okomu. He helped the group on their way to the mountain of the black wind and assisted them where possible.

  • Dr. Henry Clive

    Leads the Clive Expedition who uncovered the body of Nitocris who later vanished. Was present as a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh at the ressurction of Nitocris.

  • Professor Anthony Cowles

    Professor at the university of Sidney but currently a fellow at M.U. in Arkham. Gave a lecture about cults. Knows about a Cult of the Sandbat in Australia.

  • Colonel Harry Endicott

    Col. Harry Endicott is owner of a game lodge near Nairobi. He had some problems with a clan of mini ghouls hunting his night platform. Guests where driven away. The party helped him solve the problem in a big attack on the game lodge itself.

  • James Gardner

    James was an archeologist who was part of the Clive Expedition. However he was used as a sacrifice during the ritual to bring Nitocris back alive.

  • Edward Gavigan

    Besides being the director of the Penhew foundation Gavigan was also the high priest of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh in England. He was killed by Herr Karl and Rosemary. Partly by running him down but mostly by gunfire. As a priest he was …

  • Hakim

    Hakim was hired as a guide when he pressed himself to the group in Caïro. However it quickly turned out that the man was actually leading them to a backalley where some friends where waiting to rob the group.

  • Johnny Loosefingers

    A acquintance of Rosemary. During their visit in London he was regulary hired to help the group to open doors for them.

  • Johnstone Kenyatta

    A Nairobi contact who puts the group in contact with Bundari. Had a bit of a problem with a fire - elemental while the group visited him at his place of work.

  • Ma'Muhd

    11 year old guide in Caïro. Knows a lot of places and can guide the investigators there. Disappears as soon as he gets paid.

  • Tandoor Singh

    Tandoor Singh is a tea seller in Nairobi and a former contact of the Carlyle Expedition. He is also a priest of the cult of the bloody tongue. During their stay in Nairobi Singh has mounted different fire attacks on the party. Bringing them in …

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