Complete Masks

Session 11

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel, Ja-Ja No-No/Karl and Mc Rayn

GM note: it’s rather a short session. The story was at an end but they still needed to retrieve their friend Karl from the Brotherhoods claws. We ended the London chapter with this session and are now taking a break from CoC for the moment.



Mc Rayn arrives back in London after being away for business for a short time. He has lend his car to the rest of the party but after arriving home from the station he notices that the Rolls Royce is missing in the garage. He takes a look in his house and phones to Lorelai’s apartment. However he gets no reply. He then decides to takes his car to Lorelai’s house, he sees that the door has been forced open and repaired. He tries to get some information with the neighbours but they can’t really tell a lot. They do tell about the break in and the fight with some Egyptians. After this he goes to Karl his hotel but there they tell him that he already checked out and they haven’t seen him in a while.

He then decides to get a bit off rest and heads back to his house. That evening he plans another trip to the apartment and to the Irish pub where he first met Karl and Jerry and to the Blue Pyramid bar. But he fails to get more information. He gets back home and gets some rest.


Mc Rayn still hasn’t heard anything from his friends or hasn’t seen his car so he decides to head over to the police station. He informs if they haven’t heard off his friends, he can’t remember all of their names but does so with Jerry Brown and Rosemary O’Donnel. This last name rings a bell and Mc Rayn is escorted to Inspector Barringtons office. He asks him if he knows Rosemary. He says yes they used his car, a Royce Rolls that has vanished. Inspector Barrington writes up a report off the missing car and then tells about a strange case. They found a woman who claims to be Rosemary unconscious in a car (a Royce Rolls) that had crashed into a building. In the car where the body off a Moroccan named Ja-Ja No-No and the dead body of Edward Gavigan, director of the Penhew foundation. However the woman can’t be Rosemary according Inspector Barrington, because he has met her before. He also asks if Mc Rayn can shed some light on all what has happened. Mc Rayn says he can’t because he has been away and is rather enraged about what happened with his car. The inspector asks Mc Rayn if he can come with him to the hospital where the woman is kept to identify her. Mc Rayn agrees and they head over.

In the hospital he is in for a shock as he discovers that Rosemary aged about 30 years but he can indeed confirm that this is Rosemary. The inspector and Mc Rayn listen to the whole story she has to tell off what happened. The inspector can’t quit believe it but decides to follow up, he gets in contact with the force and they do a search of the Penhew Foundation.

Jerry who is staying at the same hospital runs into the rest of them and has also a shock but in the end they all reunite.

Inspector Barrington comes back and tells them that most of the stuff they where talking about was moved. But they found this at the Limehouse warehouse. They did find enough evidence to link the Penhew Foundation with the Brotherhood. However there was no sign of Karl. They decide to put the screws onto Tawfik, the man they have in custody.


The next morning Inspector Barrington informs them that he has more information about where Karl could be held and will go to rescue him. He asks if Mc Rayn wants to come with him and he agrees. Together with a couple of officers they head to the house and quickly overwhelm the opposition. They find Karl in the basement, with his earlobe cut off and two of his fingers cut off. He is unconscious and lost some sanity but he is still alive. They quickly put first aid on him and move him to the hospital.

In the next weeks they regain strength and get back to their full hit points. Mc Rayn begins preparations for the next part of their travel, Cairo. After a couple of weeks they are all released from the hospital except Ja-Ja No-No, with his criminal records his is taken into custody. The others are thanked for their help with this case.


The group takes the ship out of Southampton and goes to Cairo.

Session 10

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and JaJa-NoNo



Rosemary goes back to the Bed & Breakfast where Jerry is waiting for her. They decide that they need to get into the warehouse. She calls up Johnny Loose Fingers and will pick him up. She goes to the street and sees a guy fiddling with their car. She recognizes him as the Moroccan getaway driver JaJa-NoNo, he recognizes her as well and she offers him some work. He agrees and with Jerry and the body guard they pick up Johnny and head to the warehouse.

They only just parked in the street when they see a truck arriving. It’s the same truck they saw and followed earlier. Just as before a couple of crates are delivered. They see that about 8 helpers are there. JaJa-NoNo starts asking around in this part of town, he lives in this district and quickly learns that the place is owned by an indie and that the guy is the man to talk to to get goods into or out of the land. JaJa-NoNo thinks out of a plan, he wants to bring the car they are driving to their and tell him he needs to get the car to Morocco. He lets Jerry hide in the trunk of the car. The rest gets out and to a bar across the street. He drives up to the warehouse and knocks. Pinju opens the door and after talking a bit they agree on the deal. Pinju will make sure the car gets out and gets it to Morocco in one month. He needs to deliver it at the capital at pier 37. He opens the gate and they drive the car inside.

Later that evening they see one guy leaving the place but a couple of moments later 5 others arrive. 1 white guy and 4 asian, the talk with one Panju and a couple of moments later they see them get out with a small boat and a package.

They decide that it’s time to get into the building. They head towards the side of the building and find a small door. Johnny opens the door and JaJa-NoNo heads in, as soon as he steps into the building a workman sees him and JaJa-NoNo opens fire with his sawed off shotgun. He heavily injures the man and then shoots another one who comes running. Quickly the group is surrounded by the workers. There are two off them next to each of them, all armed with fighting knives. A fight breaks out and the workers are rather quick, in the first combat round they take down Rosemary and split themselves up. This is the moment that Jerry has been waiting for and he jumps out of the car and starts shooting. Seeing a new target a couple head towards him. Not long after Rosemary JaJa-NoNo gets hit as well and goes down. It only takes a couple of extra rounds before the bodyguard goes down. Now Johnny and Jerry are the only ones still standing. Jerry is putting the full use to his two automatic pistols and can take out the last two of the workers but they all got rather hit bad. They take on putting all off them back on their feet but fail to get the bodyguard back on his feet. They find one worker, an indie that still lives. They start looking in the boxes and Jerry recognizes a piece of art he seen in the basement of the Penhew Foundation. JaJa-NoNo takes a look and looses some sanity. They also start talking to woker they found alive, however he can’t understand what they are saying. They however know one guy who can help them out. They search the place for Karl but don’t find a clue. They ransack the place, take some money and the worker and head off.

JaJa-NoNo takes them to their contact / translator after that he puts Jerry and the bodyguard off at the hospital for medical care. At the translator the group quickly learns that he doesn’t know a thing. They head off to a hotel and rest there for the night.


Still searching for Karl they decide to give the Nisr house at the north sea another look. They get into the car and head over to the estate. Police has set off the area but they slip past the ribbon and inside the estate. They spend the day searching the grounds, the mansion and the cellars but can’t find anything that points to Karl. The house seems completely deserted. Not found a thing they head back to London.


There is still one clue according to the group. They decide to see if the guy that leaves the Penhew Foundation can tell them something more. Each day they took a look at the foundation one guy, presumably the director was the last one to leave. That evening JaJa-NoNo and Rosemary wait at the foundation building until the man leaves. They start following him and JaJa-NoNo decides that the best way to deal with this is to hit the man with the car. He follows him and when the man crosses the road he drives the car into him. However it just nicked the man and JaJa-NoNo jumps out to hit him on the head with his blackjack. But he misses the man starts chanting a spell. JaJa-NoNo not really realizing what is happening suddenly gets hit by the effect of the spell. His body is turning with black spots and he falls unconscious. Rosemary still in the car takes a lee enfield they found earlier and start shooting the man, after shooting with the rifle she switches to the shotgun that JaJa-NoNo left in the car. She gets a couple off hits in but not enough the put the man down, next to that she isn’t nearly practised with the guns. He however keeps chanting and slowly Rosemary begins to age, each round she looses one of her attributes such as power and appearance. When she gets out and starts fighting with her fists the man stops singing and starts defending himself. However Rosemary can get hold of the rifle and with a precise shot she can take the man out.

She hears police whistles in the vicinity and starts cleaning up. She puts the weapons in the car. The body of the man in the trunk and the unconscious body of JaJa-NoNo in the backseat. Then she drives off. She takes a look in the mirror and sees that she aged around 30 years and is now 57 years old. She fails her sanity check when realizing this and falls unconscious while driving the car.

Session 9

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Rosemary let’s the lorry drive off but writes up the number plate. Later in the afternoon the lorry comes again and again a couple off crates are loaded into the lorry and hauled off. At the front of the building Karl sees someone arriving that he recognizes. Inspector Barrington arrives with two constables. They are carrying 4 suitcases. He sees them entering the building and some time later they come back out with only 2 cases. Karl goes out and ‘accidently’ meets them on the street. He greets the inspector and asks him what he does here. The inspector tells him that the Penhew foundation has been a big help with the investigation so far. In Nisr house they found a lot of artefacts and they brought them here for identification. Karl says that he was just on his way to the foundation to look at the collection. Inspector Barrington asks him if he knows that the mansion they found was called Nisr house and that Nisr actually means Egypt. Karl didn’t know that but he says his goodbye’s to the inspector and went in.

Once in he asked the clerk if there where any jobs open. The man says that there wasn’t a thing but he asks him for his name and address so that he can contact him. He also needs to register again so Karl does, as an address he gives him the address of Lorelai’s house where Jerry and Rosemary are staying. He studies a lot of stuff in the museum and then leaves, they don’t notice anything special anymore today.


The group continues their stake out. Just as yesterday, Rosemary takes the back of the building and Karl the front. They can’t really spot anything special during the day but they are lucky. Jerry however, still recovering from his wounds from the Nisr house chapter was less lucky. Someone knocks at the door, Jerry goes and takes a look but sees 2 Egyptians at the front door. Feeling that something will go bad he quickly gets out of the house by a back window, just as he goes out the two men get in. They spot him at the back of the building and they go after him. He can’t really get far before they climb out as well and go after him. They attack them with their traditional clubs, but luckily for him he can knock both guys down before they can do the same with him. He calls the police and they arrive arresting both men.

Not feeling very safe he heads over to the bed and breakfast both of the others are staying for the stake out and informs them. He takes Olaf his ‘handy bag’ and the box of African artefacts from the Ju Ju house with him.


Another day of stake out, they decide that they need to get into the Penhew Foundations building. They decide to break in soon. Nothing special to report. This evening however they notice that a couple of people don’t leave the building at the normal hours. A couple of people come out later that night.


Another day of stake outs, the truck arrives and now she is ready to follow them. She is at the wheel of the Bentley and starts following them. The ride goes through London and as soon as Rosemary arrives at the Limehouse district she decides she doesn’t want to follow. The place doesn’t have a good reputation with brothels, gambling houses, opium places, … she doesn’t feel good riding the Bentley into this district and decides to pull out.


Jerry still faces the problem of the Hound of Tindalos that is after him and he needs to get some information about the creature. Luckily Karl knows a lot of people and he goes searching in his address book. He knows of a college professor in Oxford that might know something more. The professor doesn’t have a good name but may be able to help him. He searches the name and calls him, Dr. Witstein will see them, so they go out to there. In the meantime Rosemary will continue the stake out.

Dr. Witstein seems to have knowledge about mythos creatures. Not only will he be able to give them information about the Hound of Tindalos but also about the flying creatures Karl saw at Nisr House. He tells them everything he knows about the creatures and is very interested in hearing there stories about their encounters with the creatures. He tells Jerry that he will have to watch out. The Hound can come in a corner off at least 120 degrees and can only be killed by magical weapons.

He doesn’t have any magical artifacts but can give Jerry an address where he could get some help. It’s called ‘Ye old magick shoppe’ and in London. Jerry will go there tomorrow.


Rosemary gets in touch with their ‘regular’ burglar, Johnny Loose Fingers to break into the Penhew Foundation this evening. He agrees and comes over to the B&B that night.

During the day Jerry goes to the address he was given and finds a shop owned by a strange old woman. He asks for magical weapons but she can’t help him with that. She can sell him a magical medallion that can give him protection from the hound. He agrees and she needs a drop of his blood to put on the medallion. Then she does a ritual and he has to pay her 1000 dollars, he agrees, not to happy but he does. But what it actually does, he doesn’t know.

That evening they get inside the Penhew Foundation. They start with the basement which they can reach from the outside. However there isn’t anything special there. Johnny then opens the back door to the building. Through the hall they see the night security guard sitting at his desks, reading. He didn’t hear them, they quickly go back out and to the cellar. There they decide to take the lift they found there to the first floor. Once on the first floor, they arrive at the museum and start looking at the different file and examination rooms. However they have been heard and the night guard attacks them. He first targets Jerry and gives him a big hit, a small fight happens but in the end they can take down the guard. They know can freely look around in the building.

At the ground floor they find an office of the bookkeeper, Rosemary stays there and studies the files. In a backroom they find a sarcophagus. They are very interested in the sarcophagus and dump the dead body of the guard in it. Then they start to discuss if they can’t take the thing with them. They where planning to put it up in the house of Mc Rayn (the player who has been away for a couple of sessions and lives in London), they want to set it up in the hall straight against the wall. When Mc Rayn comes back in play they will tell him they left a present in his hall and when he looks at it the body would drop out. (yep leave it to the players for practical jokes). They continue there search and decide to load it up later. In the meantime Rosemary can’t find anything special in the books. They also find the directors office, inside is a big vault, they call Johnny. He will give it a go but he’s not a specialist. In the back of the office they also find a secret door that goes from the office to the storage room with the Sarcophagus. They decide to give it another look. They start searching the thing and notice that the eyes can be pushed in. They start pushing them in different kinds of combinations. Suddenly the Sarcophagus swings away and a staircase that leads down is revealed.

Karl goes first, closely followed by Rosemary and Jerry ends the row. As he walks down he spots a button. He pushes it and suddenly the sarcophagus swings back and closes. Karl and Rosemary are hit and get a minor injury, Jerry can duck out of the way. They reopen it and descend the stairs. They arrive in a secret basement. It is filled with strange art works, a work bench, some crates and books and other artefacts. They quickly scan all the items, some are bad for the sanity but nothing damages them much. In the end they take 15 scrolls, 3 German books, a pistol, a powder, a chest with 2 silver daggers in and 2 English books. They quickly get out and head to the B&B to get some sleep.


The next morning they get up and head back to Lorelai’s house to check out some stuff. Apparently someone else did to and they ransacked the house. They also spot an Egyptian in a car at the other side of the road. Karl heads out and goes to the neighbour across the street while he does this he keeps an eye on the man in the car. He starts talking to her and sees the car riding off. They decide to get to Karl his hotel room to get his stuff from there. Karl and Rosemary head off while Jerry awaits the police.

However they are followed again and spot the same guy in the car, but now there are 2 others in the car, they quickly run into a small park but they are followed by the two passengers. They start running, Rosemary can escape but Karl not. He is knocked to the ground and when Rosemary comes back with the police Karl is gone.

Karl wakes up and is being tortured until he confesses where he hid all his stuff. Luckily Rosemary took in all the stuff from his hotel room. When they arrive at the B&B this has been ransacked as well and the 3 German books are gone. Luckily the took all the rest of the stuff with them when they left for Lorelai’s in the morning.

The rest of the day Rosemary stakes out the back of the Penhew Foundation until she spots the truck and now follows it in a cab to the Limehouse district. She sees it driving into a big warehouse, Pinju’s warehouse it is called. Is this the place they are keeping Karl? Is he still alive?

Session 8

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Once on land in the fisher village they get back in the car and get back over to London. They get some sleep and the next day in the afternoon they agree to meet up again.


As they meet up they agree they need to get inside the spice shop of Tawfik. Luckily as a cocktail waitress Rosemary apparently has some contacts in the underworld and she knows a man for the job, Johnny, a good burglar, she will contact him to see if he can work for them that evening. Wanting to be prepared for the trouble Karl heads out and buys a brass knuckle. Jerry impressed with the hound that came after him decides he needs some defense and starts making up Molotov cocktails using his chemistry.

After contacting the burglar Karl takes him with him and Jerry to the Blue Pyramid and they keep an eye out. Later that evening they see Tawfik arrive and they head to his shop. They get in through the back door of the building and after stealing the money out of the register they head to the flat upstairs. The flat is decorated for a true Egyptian and an oil heater keeps it to Egyptian temperatures. A series of statues jump in Karl his eyes but even with his history, archeogical and other skills he doesn’t succeed to recognize them as Egyptian gods, Johnny who passes points this out to him. But Karl does notice something strange on a mirror, it has some occult symbols on it. Keeping this in mind he searches the bedroom and bathroom but can’t find anything special. Jerry takes care of the kitchen but nothing is to be found there. In the living area however there is a roll top desk, it’s locked and Jerry can’t open it. Johnny takes a look and opens the desk. As they are looking around they find a secret compartment. In it they find robes, a necklace, sceptres, a scroll and some vails. They take everything with them and they head out. As they are walking out Karl pulls over the oil heater and the place goes up in flames. They part with Johnny and head away. Soon the news arrives in the Blue Pyramid and Rosemary hears the customers talking about it.


Back together Karl takes a look at the loot they made the day before. He can’t really identify anything as special. Karl heads over to the library for the rest of the day to find some more information about the house they seen on the island. Jerry is looking up the financian interests and plans of the Penhew Foundation. He is looking through a lot of stuff and can’t conclude his research that evening. Karl however looks over plans of the area and finds out it’s called Nisr House. He learns that once it belonged to an Egyptian but he died some years ago since then it’s unused. It’s owned by the family of the Egyptian but they never come over to England and stay in Egypt.

That night Rosemary asks for a day off from her boss the next day. He isn’t to happy about it but she can take it.


They head back to the sea. They are planning to get a good view at the island. They decide to go at night and head to Harwick. In Harwick they go to a shop to hire a small boat for that night. Karl also buys some fishing equipment and tells the old shop lady that he will be fishing for a special kind of fish tonight. That evening they head out with their boat and get to the island. The rehired Johnny for the night to get inside the mansion they some days earlier.

When they arrive at the island they go to the Stele for a closer inspection. It’s made of a black stone but Karl can’t classify it, there are hieroglyphs on the stele and chains. But no trace is to be seen of the massacre that happened here a few days earlier. They sneak over to the mansion, this doesn’t really work but no one notices them anyway. They look at the place and there is only 1 door in. There are no lights on downstairs but there are a few windows lit on the second floor.

Johnny opens the door but doesn’t trust it, he tells them he will wait at the boat for them. Rosemary, Karl and Jerry sneak into the house. They arrive at the mainhall and decide to give the ground floor a look. They head through the house quickly but then when entering the kitchen a man is working there, but he has his back turned to them and they quickly go back. They hide in a small room along the way back and a couple of minutes later they see the man pass. It’s an Egyptian and he is carrying a plate of food. He goes out of their sight. They go back to the kitchen, it’s deserted now. They find a staircase down and find a big basement but at first glance there is nothing of interest to them there.

They then decide to head to the upper floor. They go on the staircase and end on a landing. Another Egyptian is standing there. There is a small fist fight between the group and the Egyptian but they can quickly silence him before anyone notices it and they take him inside his room and bind and gag him in his closet. Rosemary changes her clothes and disguises herself as an Egyptian. They then look around. There is a long corridor stretching from left to right with almost 20 doors in it. They decide to pull one open each on their turn. The first doors they are lucky no one is in there. But then Rosemary opens a door, sees a man, says something in her mouth and closes the door. As the man reopens the door Karl hits him in the face with his brass knuckles. After knocking him out they continue their search. But Jerry is a bit more safe, he first looks under the door if there is light and each time he sees a light he goes to the next door leaving that room for someone else. They work their way through the rooms. Knocking another man out that was laying on his bed reading a book. Another man was sleeping in the dark when they found him and took him out, they where all small skirmishes and in one a man grabbed a spiked club and hit Karl in his shoulder injuring him.

When making their way through the hall they found one Egyptian sitting in a bath tub in a small bathroom and decided to attack him as well. This one was a bit tougher and was also intimidating the group when standing naked out of his bathtub. He managed to scream for help and throw a couple of punches before he was knocked out, fell back into the tub and splashed water over the rest. Rosemary and Karl where standing at the bath when Jerry noticed a couple of Egyptians with clubs coming up the corridor. Two men are coming and he starts shooting at them with his handgun. Rosemary hides in the bathroom and Karl comes in the hall. Jerry can wound one seriously but misses the other one after that Karl knocks the first one out a third guy comes up. In the fight Jerry gets heavily wounded but in the end they can take the two out. They quickly bind them all and get down. Downstairs in the mainhall they find two secret doors in a big fire place. The first one goes down to a small dank hole in the ground. They can identify this with a history check as a priest hole. The other goes down to a whole cell complex. In the cells they find an Egyptian and a woman they free both of them and as they want to go away they also find another door. Rosemary and Karl ram the door in and they discover a workroom. Inside is a letter addressed to Audrey Penhew, but it isn’t finished. They wonder if Aubrey is still is alive and in the country or if the man is the recipient of the unfinished letter. They also find a ledger full off shipping information. And lots of small statues, rings, necklaces and other stuff. Another pair off those silk robes. They quickly take a few items and get with the prisoners to the boat. They set off to Harwick again and go to the local police station. They ask if they can use the phone and call up Scotland Yard and Inspector Barrington. He isn’t in but when they tell them it’s about the Egyptian murders they are asked for their number and they will call back.

A few minutes later Inspector Barrington calls back. As he learns that they probably found the key to all the murders he agrees to meet them the next morning in Harwick. While waiting they learn that the Egyptian is a small time member of the brotherhood that talked to much and was scheduled to be killed. He knows Tewfik but doesn’t know the other man.


Inspector Barrington arrives with a couple off other police officers and they head to Nisr House. Rosemary and Karl have accompanied them while Jerry remains in the village to recover from his wounds. The place is deserted and the front gate is opened. Inside the house they find a couple of bodies, the one shot and the other one drowned but the others have been taking away. They do find the one they locked up in his cupboard though. The police thanks them and takes over the rest of the investigation.

They head back out to London. After resting Karl will try to see if the Penhew Foundation hasn’t got any work for him. They are their last lead. After doing some info search about the money off the foundation, which turns out to be legit he heads over. When entering he is greeted by a secretary at the front desks and he asks for work. They tell him they are not hiring at the moment, but they mostly fund other expeditions and give him the needed information. While there he also heads to the first floor to see the exhibition there. Finding nothing out he heads back to the house. The group decides to organise a stake out at the foundation. There is a bed and breakfast at the other side of the street and Karl and Rosemary check in. Jerry stays at home recovering.


They quickly get a general idea about how the foundation works and how many people work there. They keep an eye on the building the whole night and day.


On the second day of the stake out Rosemary decides to get to the backside of the building and take a look there. She finds a bench looking out on the backside of the building, there is a loading bay there. There are a couple of foreigners standing around and while she sits there a lorry arrives. They men quickly get inside and help load the crate on the lorry and get into it and drive off…

Session 7

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Still in Lesser Edale before they can leave the group is summoned back to Castle Plum with the local Vicar. They are asked to attend a small funeral in honour of their fallen friend. Well funeral would be a big name because they generally just dug a hole and threw his bones in without even a plaque to find the spot.

When going back to the town Karl, the German, they met before approaches them. He has heard that they are going back to London and he asks them if they can get a ride to there. They agree and drive him back to foggy London. That evening Karl searches a bar to hang out and gets a tip from the others and moves to ‘The Blue Pyramid’, there he talks with the bartender about a fault he has spotted in a mural about the pyramids. After a good night out he heads back to his hotel. The rest of the group stays at Lorelai’s house.


After hearing off their adventure Karl decides to join the group. They get together and get some information about the case. There is only one article left and that is the one of the Egyptian murders. They also remember they found a business card from the Penhew foundation.

Today the group decides to split up. Rosemary and Karl head out to inspector James Barrington of Scotland Yard. Jerry goes to the library to find some information about the Penhew Foundation. (GM note: A big break with their normal approach just to walk in and ask about, they are learning I think)

At the yard they quickly meet up with the inspector, happy to have someone else to help out with the case they start talking. He tells him he had talked to Elias Jackson and tells them that the man insisted that the case was done by a cult called ‘Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah’, the police checked this with an Egyptologist and it turned out that it was a dead lead, that cult doesn’t exists. The group asks where a lot of Egyptians hang out, they get a tip to try out a pub in town: The Blue Pyramid (great moment because the players just thought I made up that name earlier in the game). Hearing the name they decide to check it out. Rosemary will go undercover and goes back to the pub to ask her job back. The owner agrees and she can work that evening.

Jerry and Karl get to the pub as customers and start looking around. He suddenly asks a belly dancer that is standing in front of him if she knows anything about a cult and the girl tells him to meet her in the back alley at 0:00. Karl does, with Jerry standing a bit back on the look out. She takes Karl towards the Thames, because it’s safer there, remember that the last victim has been found in the Thames Karl doesn’t share that feeling. The dancer tells them that a cult is active and that they killed her boyfriend. She wants pay back and tells the group what she knows. Once a month a truck stops around midnight at the club and two dozen off customers get on board and the truck leaves the city. There is one guy who leads the group, Tewfik Al Sayed, he a regular at the club. She can’t really tell them more then that. In the meantime Rosemary has done working and heads back to her home.


This morning Jerry is having a lot of trouble, after trying out the drug he really craves for a new shot. This time he needs a full shot and he will do everything he can to get it. But since the stuff is in Rosemary’s room he has to get in, he succeeds and Rosemary doesn’t hear a thing. He quickly puts a shot and the others find him in trance.

He is now finding himself way back in time. Life where just organisms and now with more drugs in him he can interact with his surroundings. After a while he suddenly sees a strange creature, it looks like a big hound but it’s covered in a blue puss (GM note: Hound of Tindalos). The creature looks terrifying and Jerry gets a big shocks and starts running away from the creature. The creature hunts after him. He can’t really outrun the creature and the beasts uses his tongue to attack, but suddenly just in time the drug wears off and Jerry is back in the house in this time.

Karl uses his occult knowledge and can recognize the drug, it’s a plutonian drug and can send people back in time. But you need to be under hypnosis to be sent back to an place you want to get to.

Rosemary gets back to work that evening and Jerry and Karl stake out the club as customers again. The belly dancer comes to their table and points out Tawfik. Karl and Jerry decide to follow him when he goes home, they do like they are two drunks, they don’t really have to pretend a lot and see the house he enters.


The next morning, Jerry gets another need for a shot. He breaks into Rosemary’s room again but this time Rosemary hears it and they start a little fight on Rosemary’s bed. She is getting hit by Jerry but Karl enters just on time he starts punching Jerry when he gets a chance. A small fight breaks out on the bed with Karl and Jerry throwing punches at each other while Rosemary tries to grapple him. It took a long long time before they where able to knock Jerry unconscious. They bring him to an asylum and tell him he is addicted to drugs. They take him in and put him in a padded cell.

Karl and Rosemary now go to building they saw Tawfik enter, it turns out to be a spice shop. Rosemary enters and Karl goes check out the back. Rosemary talks a bit and buys some spices, at the back there is only a door and two windows upstairs. They head back out and that evening they go to the club. Tawfik isn’t there tonight.


Another day that Jerry spends in the Asylum. Another night at the Blue Pyramid and tonight Tawfik is there. When he sees him enter Karl heads back to his shop to see if he can get in. He can’t force open a door or pick the lock. He drives his car in the back alley and looks through the windows. They both look into a bedroom, it’s filled with Egyptian stuff. Suddenly he sees a light as Tawfik comes home and can get out of the alley on time.


Same scenario this day, after visiting their friend in the Asylum they head to the bar that evening again. They see him enter and again Karl goes to his house. This time he isn’t that subtle and just connects the car to the back door and pulls it from it’s hinges. He unties it and drives off, he comes back an hour later and sees that the police are already on the spot.

Today another visit to Jerry at the Asylum but today there is something strange going on. In a corner of the yard they suddenly see a mist arising. The beast Jerry encountered before comes through. The beast starts attacking Jerry again and Jerry starts running. Karl and Rosemary both have a serious fright and get out of the way, one running to the left, another one to the right. The rest of the yard’s visitors are going crazy as well. Jerry is having some trouble getting away and gets some puss over him. But he can get away a bit further, after some time both him and the hound are tired. And the hound disappears again. His friends quickly come to get the puss off him. Guards and staff come to help out everyone on the yard.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Jerry gets out of the Asylum, he has kicked off the drug. That night it’s the same procedure as the last night, they inform him and he joins Karl in the car. That evening the truck appears around midnight. Two dozen customers come out of the club and get in, Rosemary has done working and gets in the car as well. They follow them out of town and get to the northsea coast, the follow first in a taxi, then in their car. They see the truck drive down to a big estate. That lays on a small island.

They go to the next village and steal a small rowing boat. With that they head up through the foggy waters to the island. They arrive there without being spotted and then check out the island. They suddenly find a Stele that is lighted by a lot of torches. On the stele are 4 victims tied up, there are a lot of cultist their and two priests, one they recognize as Tawfik. They start beating up their victims, the group doesn’t want to watch and decide to head off to the house itself when suddenly Karl hears a scream. Three dragonlike creatures arrive from the air, a few cultists mount them and depart, he then sees the cultist eat the killed sacrifices. A couple of cultist go back towards the house. This is the group their cue to get back of the island. They get back in their boat and head out.

Session 6

Present: Olaf, Jerry, Mc Rayn (instead of Mc Bayn) and Rosemary O’Donnel

London / Lesser Edale


Skimming the rest of the articles that Elias Jackson was working on the group decides to check out the monster in Lesser Edale. The group has heard of werewolves before and thinks that this might be the fact but Olaf doesn’t believe this. But he wants to humour the rest and they decide to check it out. Mc Rayn brings his car round and the group gears up and departs to Lesser Edale. Shortly in the afternoon they arrive in they lands surrounding Lesser Edale. It’s quiet, pleasant, green and a big difference from foggy London they just left. As they drive into the town it seems it’s a small town, about 30 houses stand in the town, a church, a pub and a veterinary clinic.

Olaf who wants to get it out of the way quickly walks into the vet’s office. The vet is working on a cow and greets Olaf. He asks him if he has heard anything about the beast and the vet answers he does, he heard it had big talons and wings. Olaf gives the man a strange look and then continues to asks some questions. One question is if the man doesn’t have a spare needle for a syringe. He tells him his friend needs medications but their syringe has become dull. The man agrees to sell him a new syringe and needle for the medication.

They then head over to the pub: the laughing horse. There are a few people there and they are welcomed by the owner. They asks the man if they can get a room here but he’s just a pub, no inn. He can redirect them to an older lady in the village who rents out some rooms. They get directions and head over to the house. An old granny with a knitting basket in her hands opens the door to the house and welcomes the investigators. She has two rooms to let: one with separate twin beds and one with a double bed. Mc Rayn and Jerry take the one with the twin beds, Rosemary and Olaf the one get the double bed. Olaf immediately gets some nasty ideas but Rosemary tells him she will have nothing off the sorts.

All except Mc Rayn goes back to the pub. Mc Rayn goes to see if he can find the constable. But he quickly learns that the man does his patrols all about town and the outskirts and isn’t back yet. He then goes to the wheelwright but can’t find him home as well. When he goes back to the pub the group is already drinking and having a chat with locals as the constable arrives. They start to chat with the man but the man occurs that he has seen the beast and that he shot it down with his shotgun and the beast went off to die somewhere between the rocks. There was nothing special about it he says, it was just some wild dog of a sort. There are wolves and other ones here from time to time. No that the man starts talking a couple of the other locals join in and laugh with the constable about the fact he wasn’t that sure when the yard came to inspect. Buying them some drinks loosen up the tongs, a bit later that day Lawrence Vane, the son of the local lord arrives in the pub. He doesn’t believe in the story and is certain that the constable did his job and killed the creature. And also the local vicar enters the pub. Olaf is interested in him and asks him if he can take a confession. The vicar agrees and Olaf goes to the church that evening.

In the confession booth he admits that he has done some bad things in the pasts, he has followed the way of the shotgun. The vicar tells him that this isn’t a good way, there are other ways to help his friends then through a shotgun. The vicar tells him he has to show remorse for his previous deeds and need to do 50 Rosary’s and a pilgrimage to Rome. After this Olaf informs with the vicar if there are any ladies of easy virtues, but the vicar doesn’t want to listen. He then leaves the confession booth and asks a local old lady that is in the church but she is shocked. He then returns to the pub and a bit later the party goes to their rooms.


Olaf and Rosemary has hired a local scout to help them find some tracks of this monster, they are out and about all day long but can’t find a single trace or track. Olaf really is starting to disbelief all of the stories he has heard so far and is content with the idea that the constable fixed the whole thing.

In the meantime Jerry and Mc Rayn have been interrogating both the families of Osgood and Parkins who both lost a loved one to the monster. There isn’t much information to be got with the Osgoods but at the Parkins they hear that Lawrence Vane was there that night, but when the horsefarmer starts about politics both of them tune out and discard it as tales from a man who has something against the upper class.

At the pub they exchange stories with one and each other and Olaf tells them he has seen everything he wanted and wants to go home tomorrow. After turning in for the night, in the middle of the night, Olaf and Rosemary wake up to some howls. Looking outside a fog has come up. Olaf takes his shotgun and goes out to the street, Rosemary stays inside and looks out. The howling seems to be coming from under them, from all around them. Olaf goes out of town towards a small forest but the sounds stop. On his way back he passes the church and there is still a light on. Olaf knocks on the door and the vicar opens the door, Olaf asks him if he has heard anything but the vicar hasn’t. When asked what he was doing up in the middle of the night the Vicar answers: ‘The work of god my son, it’s never done’ and bids goodnight to Olaf.


In the meantime Olaf is completely obsessed about the vial of green stuff he took from the painters house and while sitting on the bed he decides to just inject 1 drop of the stuff. Suddenly he goes into trance and finds himself wondering the streets of Brussels in 1830 during the September revolution in which Belgium declared his independence from the Netherlands. He finds himself stuck there for two hours before returning to his normal self.

In the meantime Rosemary found him like this and has called in some support from the others who have watched him. Coming back he shares his thoughts with the rest of them. However he doesn’t come out shot free as he misses his sanity check and goes short term insane, for the next 100 hours he needs to check his weapons every 10 minutes. With all the battles he has witnessed during the revolution he needs to be on his guard and his weapons need to function correctly.

Wondering what happens to a person when he goes into trance and if more makes you go further and longer away there is fuel for a heated discussion. It ends with Jerry deciding to give it a go. They now inject only a couple of drops and he finds himself back in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. He can walk around with no problem and can’t be harmed, he tries to hold his hand in a flame but he doesn’t feel a thing. He stays in trance for three hours and then returns.

That evening they decide to stay up and they hear the howling again, at this moment they decide to go up the hill towards the castle. As they walk up the howling comes from around them and from under them. Following the path they arrive at the castle that is no more then a keep. There are two big doors but they won’t open, Olaf opens a small side door he has found and just when he enters the door at the other side opens and an older man comes out. He demands Olaf what he is doing there. Olaf convinces the man that he heard about a monster and since he heard it this way he thinks it’s in his basement. The man however has no intention of letting him go into the basement, especially not since he is constantly checking his guns. At that moment his son Lawrence comes out of the room as well, he is armed with a shotgun as well and tells them he has phoned the police. Father Vane says they will leave, the investigators insist to see the basement but Sir Vane doesn’t allow this. It’s all gibber gabber and there is nothing in the basement. If they want they may return the next day and inspect it but he won’t allow strangers down their in the middle of the night. He can talk the investigators out of the castle and on their way down Jerry spots a hole in the ground, they also meet the constable who can say that his lordship is legit and the holes in the ground are tubes from some ancient mines that run under the village.


The next morning Jerry and Olaf feel a bit under the weather, they seem to be needing something but not to badly. However Olaf decides that he needs something and goes to the vet’s office. There he gets the vet to give him some ketamine, a horse tranquilizer with the excuse it’s for a horse. However he takes it himself and spends the rest of a day sitting on a bench under the influence of the tranquilizer.

Jerry goes to the priest to learn something more about the mines and the local history. The vicar is happy to help and explains everything they want to know. In the meantime Mc Rayn drives to Darby to fill up his car.

In the afternoon they visit Castle Plum and can look around. In the dungeons they find that the cells still have Hay in them. The lord makes a lame excuse but the party has some other ideas. He takes them back up to the parlor and invites them for tea. His son Lawrence and his daughter Eloise join them.

That night the party heads back up the hill to the castle. This time they can get in without being noticed and descend to the dungeons. Down in the first basement they find a door locked to go further down, but Rosemary finds the key next to the door. They open the door and they get down to the next level, an old torture room. From behind a heavily bolted door they hear the wailing of an animal. They open the bolts and go in the corridor, in the cell at the end they find a beast, almost human but more a wolf. The doors are cage doors and Olaf puts his shotgun through it and shoots the thing. The monster is driven back in his cage and Olaf shoots again. However it doesn’t seem that the monster is hurt. The monster is annoyed by the shots and hits the cage door, this one bursts open into the corridor and the creature attacks the investigators. Rosemary fails her sanity check and starts running down the corridor and screaming to get away. Olaf starts running himself and Mc Rayn is waiting at the door to close it. But after a couple of turns Olaf can’t get away and the beast gets him biting in his body. Olaf looses 8 hitpoins and gets in shock, falling unconscious to the floor. Seeing this Mc Rayn quickly closes the door at his moment the Vanes arrive in the basement and quickly help bolting the door. The werewolf still tries to hit down the door but the door holds.

The asks them to join up and explain that this is their daughter/sister, since she turned 21 she starts turning into a werewolf. They don’t know why or how but there are researching it, the vicar is busy with it as well. At first they didn’t know and Eloise killed the villagers, these they they drug her and put her in the dungeon where she is kept safe. The group offers to help and they want their help but don’t know what they can do. They give the group 600 pounds to keep their mouths shut about this. The group spends the night at the castle.


The next morning they get Olaf’s remains and they are buried in secret. They meat Eloise at the breakfast table but she doesn’t remember what has happened. She doesn’t seem to have a big appetite but they blame it on the Swedish meatballs she had last night…

The group leaves the house and as they pass the vicars house a man comes out, he introduces himself as Carl, a field researcher who did some historical research. He is looking for a ride back to London and the groups take him with him to London.

Session 5

Present: Olaf, Jerry, Mc Bayn and Rosemary O’Donnel



After dropping off Mary and Walt at a local asylum and picking up the metal headband from the head of Mary, Jerry and Olaf take a cab back towards Lorelai’s apartment. There they talk about what to do, they have a plan to stake out the house but they decide that they will grab something to eat and have a drink. (gm note: they saw Christine’s next character was a cocktail waitress) so they picked out the first bar they noticed, it was an Irish pub. Getting in they ordered a Guinness and a Whiskey and something to eat. There they met up with another guy who introduced himself as Mc Bayn, a treasure hunter that heard they where talking about getting to Egypt. He was interested and offered his help in the expedition. They agreed however there was a lot of discussion about how the money and treasures they found would be shared. (GM note: this took out a big part, even more when the 4th character arrived, and went on until someone actually thought about all the money they had earned in COC, which is almost nothing). They got bored in the Irish pub and decided they wanted a cocktail so they wandered around and got into a bar called ‘The Blue Pyramid’ where, a total coincidence, Rosemary O’Donnel was working her first night as a cocktail waitress. It was crowded but they found a table, belly dancers came up to the players, Olaf tipped one of them 5 dollar and when Rosemary served them tipped her 1 dollar, which make him a cheapskate in Rosemary’s eyes. In the end they could convince Rosemary to quit her job and come with them.

They thought about going to the painter’s house but decided that since they drunk to much they should get home and get some rest. Olaf and Jerry went back to Lorelai’s apartment while the others went to theirs. The next day Jerry will call on them for further actions.


The next day in the afternoon they Jerry takes a cab and rides out to pick up Rosemary, meeting up they go to the house of Mc Bayn who then suggest to take his Bentley. They ride back towards Lorelai’s apartment and at night they go to the Shipley house in Soho. They notice how deserted the street is. Olaf picks the lock of the neighbouring house and goes to the yard, there he climbs the wall. Mc Bayn and Jerry follow him, but Rosemary stays in the car parked a street away. The get over the wall and Olaf picks the lock on the backdoor. As he opens the door, he hears some sound above him, a door opens and he hears someone coming down the stairs. He quickly retreats outside and looks for a place to hide. There isn’t anything in the garden only the toilet, he hides against the back wall. Mc Bayn and Jerry first try to get over the wall but they fail and then hide together in the toilet (GM note: there was an idea in which Jerry hid inside the sceptic tank but he didn’t do that in the end) and they hoped they would be going in there. But Olaf notices that the light quickly fades and he hears someone going on the stairs again. So he has another go, he opens the door and sneaks in but as soon as he is in he again hears something and again someone is coming from the stairs, he hides again, and this time he hears someone locking the backdoor again. He gets back to the neighbouring house and awaits another hour, Jerry and Mc Bayn get over the wall as well and get inside to. An hour later he sneaks back to the Shipley house and picks the lock again, but again as soon as he has entered he hears some noise, coming from above and from further in the hall. He quickly gets over the wall again and can peek to see that Shipley and his old mother are standing in the yard, he hears Shipley going to the loo and then returning to the inside.

Still that night after waiting another hour Olaf gets to the roof and looks at the sky window on the garret, he can open it only for an inch and it’s padlocked with a sturdy chain. He can’t reach the padlock or get a cutter in.


The group decides to stake out the house and Mc Bayn goes out to buy some supplies like food, work materials, coals to heat up the house, … The rest of the group keeps out an eye at the house. That evening around 21u00 they see Shipley leave the house. They wait it out and around 22u00 they hear a sound, Olaf runs up and looks out to the yard and sees him coming home with a woman, it seems that he has brought home a prostitute. They keep watch but can’t see the woman leave.


Mc Bayn will try to get inside the house and since he heard from the other they sell paintings he will try to get in with the excuses he wants to buy a painting. In the backyard they see Granny bathing in the sun, it’s a rather nice day after all. But they don’t really accept it since it’s only February. Olaf tries to get to the roof and to the garret but he can’t get into cover completely and granny notices something. She calls her son and they stand looking in the yard and shouting. Olaf decides to make the sound of a cat. At that moment Mc Bayn knocks on the front door, Granny opens the door and asks him what he wants. When he explains that he wants to buy a painting she tries to get him out. She says that they have no time now and when he asks her to see the painter she tells him he isn’t at home. When he doesn’t want to leave she wants to close the door but Mc Bayn holds the door back. And at that moment Shipley enters the house through the backdoor. They start yelling at Mc Bayn and decide to let him in. He resists a bit but can’t keep resisting and comes with them. They lead him up and go to the garret. There Olaf is still hiding and can follow the discussion.

At the end of the garret is a closet, they open it and inside it is an easel with a painting covered by a cloth. They pull away the cloth and Mc Bayn is looking at it. It shows a swampy area with an island in the centre. On the island is an altar, he also sees a lot of serpents in the water around the island. As he keeps looking at it the water starts to ripple a bit and the paining seems to come alive. He quickly adverts his eyes and asks how much, but they seem reluctant to sell it, especially Granny, but he can almost persuade them and they say that he should come back in a week, maybe then they will sell it. They lead him out of the house and Mc Bayn leaves the area. They go back up and Olaf hears a key is turned in the padlock. He quickly gets of the roof and inside the other house.


The group keeps an eye out on the house, nothing special happens but they notices that Granny never leaves the house and they don’t get any food or something else. There also aren’t any groceries being delivered. They find the cellar under their house and decide to break out the bricks at there side with the idea that they may be able to break into the house through the cellars.


Another day of stake out, this evening they see Shipley leaving the house again. An hour later he returns with another prostitute that they never see leaving.


Despite their earlier idea of breaking through the walls they decide to just drill a peephole from one basement to the other to see if they can learn anything this way. They succeed and Jerry takes this place. Later that day he sees Granny coming down to the cellar and light is turned on. It looks like it’s fully stocked with a lot of stuff but nothing important. He sees Granny pass and hears some noise but he can’t see her from where he has his peephole. An hour later he sees Granny leaving again.


Another day of stake out, nothing special can be seen at the house. The group discusses theories about what is going on in the house. They decide to make another hole in the wall a bit further so they can make a peephole there as well and see more of the basement.


After another day of stake out and Granny is rummaging in the cellar again. That evening the group sees Shipley leaving again. Olaf decides it’s time for action and heads out they follow him to a pub where when he enters he is talking to a woman who looks like a prostitute. Olaf acts surprised that he meets Shipley here and greets him. Olaf has brought Rosemary along. who stands next to Shipley at the bar and takes over the conversation. Olaf takes the prostitute with him to another table. Shipley and Rosemary have a talk and he asks her what she costs. They agree on a price and head back to his house. As they walk back to his house Olaf decides it’s time to act. He takes out his wood axe and attacks the man from behind. But he misses. Shipley turns looks shocked and starts running. However he can’t run out enough to loose Olaf and they are out of breath so they decide to fight it out. But Shipley is rather quick and gets to go first he can get a couple of hits on Olaf but he succeeds to stay on his feet. Olaf can get a hit onto him but doesn’t do much damage. Rosemary comes over to help Olaf but then Shipley starts to run away. Rosemary does some first aid on Olaf.


Yet another day of stake out, they expect Shipley to go out this evening but that doesn’t happen. The second hole in the basement can be drilled and they see how Granny walks to the end of the basement and a secret door opens, but he can’t see anything beyond the door.


Today they are going in for some more action. When they see Shipley leave the house again they are sure it’s the moment they have been waiting for. It’s only poor old Granny who is in the house. Olaf, Jerry and Rosemary will be going in through the roof by destroying the chain. In the meantime Mc Bayn will knock on the front door, he is expected at the house today and will try to distract Granny. When he knocks on the door she opens, she quickly tries to send him away telling him her son isn’t there. She closes the door but again he pushes it open. He starts to argue with her and suddenly he tries to punch her. (GM note: the rest was very amused by this fight since the treasure hunter was just getting in a brawl with the old Granny), Granny draw a knitting needle but missed as well, after a small brawl she also tried to bite Mc Bayn but missed. Finally he got a hit and Granny transformed before his eyes in a serpent man, he screamed but then Granny casted a spell and he was in a catatonic state (gm note: for 90 hours). Hearing the scream Olaf broke the glass and jumped down. The group was in the Garret and was looking to go down, as they opened the door they saw Granny down the steps but it was a serpent man now, with almost no sanity lost the battle started. But another mind blast from Granny took out Jerry who went hallucinating for 30 hours). Olaf started to shoot but Granny was rather quick and dodged all the shots, Granny ran up the stairs and attacked Olaf in close combat. She dodged almost all his bullets except one that only did one damage. Rosemary took Jerry his handgun and tried to shoot but missed as well, she then reloaded the guns but it quickly became clear they stood no chance. Rosemary climbed through the skylight and got out of the neighbourhood. Olaf used his Vanish to get out of there. They have no idea what happened to the others.

Olaf makes a secret call to the police telling them they seen burglars in the Shipley house.


Rosemary and Olaf are thinking it over at Lorelai’s apartment, they think their friends are lost and are reflecting about their next moves. They don’t find anything about a burglary in the papers.


Jerry comes out of his hallucinations and he has been tied up in the kitchen to a chair, with him still in a catatonic state is Mc Bayn. He tries to pull the ropes he has been tied up with and succeeds. He opens a door that goes to the parlor and no one is there. It’s still very early in the morning and they are still asleep. He pulls Mc Bayn with him to the parlor and heads towards the front windows. He pulls up the shutters and opens wants to open the window. At that moment he hears some noise from above. And footsteps are coming down. He quickly smashes the window and as he jumps out and tries to pull Mc Bayn out with him the door opens and Granny enters the room. He leaves Mc Bayn where he is and starts running. The front door opens and Granny starts a pursuit. In the pursuit Granny switches to her reptile man form since it’s full of go outside it’s safe for him but even though he did this Jerry can run out and get away. He quickly gets to Lorelai’s house. Mc Bayn gets pulled back into the house. Jerry tells Olaf what happened but can’t remember a lot.

Rosemary takes a look at the birth certificates and indeed finds that Miles Shipley lives with his mother Bertha Shipley of who they also find a birth certificate. They find that Miles his father died about 20 years ago.

Olaf is fed up and decides to take Shipley out, he is convinced that Shipley is a serpent man himself and damaging him will turn him to his ‘normal’ form. So that evening they look at the house and he sees Shipley leaving again. He waits for Shipley in an alley way and then steps out and pumps a couple of bullets in him. The man falls down dead. Olaf hears some whistles going and footsteps, he quickly robs the man’s wallet and shoots him in the head. He is somewhat disturbed that the man didn’t turn into a serpent man as he was hoping.


They keep an eye out at the house but there isn’t anything happening. They make plans to go into the house the next day.


That day Mc Bayn gets out of his catatonic state and falls to the floor, his muscles are failing. At that moment Granny comes out of the cellar she picks up Mc Bayn and drags him with him upstairs and opens the the closet. He pulls away the cloth on the painting and forces Mc Bayn to look at it. At that moment the others are standing at the skylight. Mc Bayn almost got under the influence of the painting but he succeeded to stay away from it. Olaf punched in the skylight and Granny turned around a mindblast took care of Olaf giving him a 50 hour heavy phobia of snakes and Olaf flees the scene.

Rosemary takes a jerry can she is carrying and lights it on fire, Granny sees this and looks at the painting. The serpent man disappears from their sight. They quickly get in and Rosemary pulls the cloth from the jerry can, she pours all the gasoline over the paintings and the garret.

In the meantime Jerry carries Mc Bayn down the stairs and looks around down stairs. In the bedroom he finds a box with a syringe and a green substance in a small vial. In the basement he quickly finds the secret door and inside is kind of a laboratory. There are occult signs that he quickly makes a drawing off. There are 4 grimoires and tomes he steals and he opens the lid from a tub inside are the remains of a young woman. He gets a shock as he sees it but doesn’t get much sanity loss. He then gets out of the house with Mc Bayn. Rosemary lights the place on fire and they get out. In the evening paper they read about a fire in the house of Miles Shipley. Nothing was left intact and the bodies of the inhabitants weren’t found.

Session 4

Present: Olaf, Mary, Walt and Jerry

Arkham & New York / London


After getting the tickets the group feels there isn’t much to do in New York and keeping in mind the murder of Thomas Bailey and the attempted murder of Walt, Olaf and Mary head back to Arkham. They will prepare for the trip from there. They take the car and drive over to Arkham. They will arrive there in the evening.

Walt stays a couple of days in his hotel under police guard. (GM note: the player wasn’t there at the start of the session so we left him there).

Jerry Brown, new to the group decided to try to get his hands on the medical notes of Dr. Hudson. He goes to the medical board where the group found out the notes where kept. He gets redirected to the right bureau and visits it. It seems that only practicing doctors may check the files. Even identifying himself as a police investigator doesn’t work, he needs to get a warrant. He asks one at Lt. Pool but he fails to convince him. Wanting to join the expedition Jerry hands in his resignation to Lt. Pool.

That evening after dropping Mary off at her apartment Olaf goes back to his cabin in the woods.


Olaf heads to Lorelai at the university to burrow the book she has: ‘Nameless Cults’, the golden goblin edition. They picked up this book in a previous adventure and Olaf is getting interested in cults. Lorelai lends him the book. In the meantime Mary went to Olaf’s cabin and is looking at all the items. After checking them all out she decides to put the metal headband on her head, nothing happens. She puts on the lion claws, nothing happens. She takes the priest robes, nothing happens. Then she decides to put on the mask, then the mask starts to cling to her head, her eyes widen the size of the sockets and suddenly she sees an image of man with a big grey beard on a shell being pulled by a unicorn, she hears him say his name: Nodens. Then the falls unconscious and the masks falls from her face. She also gained 6 Cthulhu Mythos points.

Jerry being in New York decides that there isn’t anything for him there and decides to move to Arkham. He finds Olaf’s listing in the telephone book and takes the train to Arkham.

Olaf comes back at his cabin and finds Mary unconscious on the floor. He puts her on the bed and a bit later she comes by. She tells Olaf what has happened. At that moment someone knocks on the door. Olaf moves to the door with a pistol in his hand. At the other side is Jerry but since Olaf never met him he doesn’t know him. Mary says that he’s alright and they let him in.

Olaf gets a telephone call from Lorelai. She made some notes on the items they found and she found out something about the metal headband. She tells him it’s a mythos artefact that should protect the wearer from some sort of creature but she can’t tell from which. And that it was made by something called Nodens, who is known to help people before.
That evening Olaf drives Mary and Jerry back to town. Mary to her apartment and Jerry gets a room in Hotel Miskatonic.


Mary and Olaf head over to the university to see Lorelai. She can’t really tell more about the headband or other artefacts but she found this out. She tells them she normally doesn’t do stuff like that, she wants to keep her sanity. Jerry, after having a good breakfast is taking a stroll at MU and passes them. He heads out with them back to the cabin.

After hearing about Nodens Mary decides that since the masks called out Nodens and he can help she should wear it again and try to asks him for help. She puts the mask back on her face but this time it’s not Nodens who appears but Shib Niggurath. Her sanity check misses but she’s lucky and only looses 9 sanity. (GM note: on a d100 roll)

Mary is frightened from the view and goes blind for 30 hours, after that she will experience night tremors’. But from a doctor she gets some happy pills she can take.

Olaf decides that since Mary isn’t in a good shape and they still want to talk to Erica Carlyle he will have go. He telephones and says he is a colleague of Mary who earlier got an appointment that she couldn’t keep. He tells them that Mary is still ill and he wants to come in her place. They accept and he gets an appointment on the 6th at 14u00.


The group takes a day of rest and preparations for the journey.


Olaf goes back to New York and this time checks in at a hotel closer to the Carlyle mansion so he has a shorter ride tomorrow.


Walt finally leaves his room at the hotel again and when he checks in the hallway he sees a black police officer. He feels some distrust right away. He quickly says high and goes back in his room. He wonders if it’s normal that there is now a black police officer and plays with the idea that the cult took out the police officer and replaced him with a killer.

This afternoon Olaf goes to the Carlyle mansion. He introduces him as a PI who has an appointment with Erica. He is let in and hands over his handgun to the guard. At the mansion he is greeted by a help and is taken to a bureau. In the bureau an assistant talks to him, he tries to convince the man that Roger is still alive. The man isn’t convinced but takes the papers to Erica. A few moments later Olaf is taken to Erica. Talking to Erica he can’t really find out more, except that she didn’t like the African woman M’Weru and that sometimes Roger disappeared for a couple of hours and came back looking like hell and it seems he then has visited Harlem. Olaf also checks for a personal safe that would contain some books but Erica tells him she doesn’t know anything about a safe. Olaf says goodbye and goes away. He spends the night in his hotel. He visits Walt in his hotel and informs him off everything.


The next day Olaf picks up Walt and takes him with him back to Arkham.


They prepare for the trip to London some more. Walt has a look at the artefacts and is interested in the book: Dark Sects of Africa. As he needs something to read he asks a good book at Olaf who gives him ‘Nameless Cults’.


The group drives to New York.


The ship leaves from New York to London. At the docks Olaf suddenly sees that customs are checking all the luggage and since he has, what he calls, his ‘handy bag’ (GM note: he calls this his handy bag, in fact it’s his bag with weapons and thieving equipment) he tells the group that he won’t be travelling with them. He gives a box to Jerry and tells him not to open it. They should just phone him when they get in London and he will come then a bit later. He says his goodbye’s and drives back to Arkham.

After passing customs the group is said goodbye by Lt. Pool, who actually came with a couple of other police men to see Walt get on the ship and get out of New York.

11 – 15/02/1923

The ship is going from New York to South Hampton. On the first day Walt decides to skim through ‘Nameless Cults’ this works but his sanity check fails. Loosing about 6 points he gets a compulsive disorder. He starts to pace up and down the decks of the ship for the next 70 hours. He stays awake for the rest of the journey and when arriving at South Hampton falls asleep on the train straight away.

Arriving in London a kid is standing at the station yelling at the top of his voice: ‘Egyptian Murderer strikes again’. The group picks up a copy of the paper, it seems to be ‘The Scoop’, a paper that was already mentioned by Jonah Kensington.

They make telephone call to Arkham and ask Olaf if he knows a place to stay. He has picked up the key to Lorelai’s apartment and uses Vanish to get over there with his handy bag. They get to the apartment. Olaf tells the group of their previous adventures in London and sees that new people live across the road at Mr. Corbitt his old house. He goes over and meets them.


Walt goes to the library to look up what was in the newspapers here about the Carlyle Expedition. He spends most part of the day there but doesn’t really find out much new stuff. They where welcomed, met up with Penhew and left to Cairo from here.

The rest of the group heads over to the offices of ‘The Scoop’. There they meet Mickey Mahoney. He is the editor in chief of The Scoop. He has heard about the death of Elias Jackson over the news wires and is grief stricken. The group hears that the last time he saw Elias he told him that a dark cult was active in London. He said he would pay him for a good story and is sad he never got it but even sadder that Elias died. He has no idea where to look for the story but tells the investigators if they can find the story they may bring it in and he will pay them for it.

He tells him that Elias did look into the papers and took three news clippings with him, the first one is about these ‘Egyptian murders’, he tells them that Inspector Barrington from the Yard can tell them more about these. A second one talks about a monster near Lesser Esdale, a third one was about some ‘Shocking Canvasses’ a local painter made. Looking at the clippings Olaf thinks that they should best look into the painter first. Since some of them lost some sanity this will be the safest thing to do.

The meet up with Walt again, he has some art knowledge and they need him to meet the painter. They got the man’s address from ‘The Scoop’ and knock at the door. An older woman opens the door a bit later. She introduces herself as the painters mother and as she hears they want to look at the paintings and buy one she takes them in to meet her son. The man is in the Garret that is lit with oil lamps and the skylight is painted black. There are different paintings on the floor in the Garret. The man looks quit bad, it seems the man has slept bad, is unshaven, wears bad clothes and has general bad impression as that he seems a bit mad, the painting however are very nice but horrific. Olaf wants to have a look around the house and asks the mother if he can go in the garden he doesn’t feel so good. The woman escorts him down and into the small garden. When he asks to go to the toilet he is pointed at the outhouse in the garden. In the meantime the others keep looking at all the pictures one at a time, Jerry gets some luck and spots a big painting that shows a big black mountain that looks like it stands in Africa. There is some strange monster with a big red tongue on it as well, as is a temple on the mountain. Men are standing around the mountain and are worshipping. Even though all these pictures are very disturbing Walt, Jerry and Mary keep looking at all off them. Walt decides that he wants to buy the painting with the mountain and they agree on the price. As they are doing this Mary heads down telling the painter she wants to go to the toilet as well. As she heads down there is a door, as she opens it it seems to be a living room, she can’t see anything interesting and goes to the other side of the hall. This room is closed and the old lady turns her head hearing her. Mary tells her she is looking for the toilet and she shows it to Mary. Walt and Jerry come down the stairs and they arrange the rest of the deal. After saying goodbye they are shown the door. Once outside they are looking for a cab but all they saw is coming back and they start to feel weird. Jerry looses two sanity roll and looses only a couple of points for seeing the paintings. But Mary and Walt who where already low on sanity miss all 10 sanity checks, they go permantly insane. After hailing a cab they are both dropped off in the local Asylum.

It’ hasn’t been a good first day in London for the group.

Session 3

Present: Thomas, Walt, Olaf and Mary

Arkham & New York


The group quickly retreated out of the basement when they hear and sea the zombies coming back at them. Thomas has an idea that the zombies won’t leave the room but they do leave the room and come into the hall, as they head up the stairs they do notice the zombies don’t follow them there. In the shop they starts discussing what to do next. They want to get the items they saw on the altar, but they need to get passed the zombies. And as it seems their weapons aren’t doing any damage. Mary in the meantime is still insane and is touching all the walls, then heads out and starts touching the walls in the court. Walt is searching for something that burns. When he doesn’t find anything he hails a cab on the street, he asks him to wait for a moment. As he heads back in he announces he will get some gasoline in a nearby gas station they can use. But at that moment 2 black men enter the room, out of a reflex Olaf points his shotgun and shoots the first man, he fires at the second man but misses. The man runs out of the court. Walt quickly exits the shop and goes to his cab, just in time to see the black man jump in it and drive off with it. Walt hails another cab and drives to a gas station. In the meantime Olaf and Thomas hear some police sirens coming their way. Thomas quickly goes running, Olaf takes the body of the black man and drags it down to the basement. As he enters the room the zombies are standing again behind the curtain he walked to the curtain (well tried to sneak but hit over an African drum) as he pushed the curtain back with his shotgun the zombies came out again, he shot twice doing little damage and walking back. He now hears the police coming in the shop, he quickly retreats to the door and pulls it over so it’s between him and the zombies, the zombies start pulling against him and he’s lucky it’s the weakest one who started to pull and failed. At this moment the police arrived down in the corridor, the zombies went towards them. Hearing the police fighting against the zombies Olaf quickly went for the grab. Grabbed everything and then used his vanish spell back to Arkham. Arriving at his home he quickly went out so that he would be seen and then went to sleep.

As the police was standing at the court, Walt, after getting the gasoline didn’t return there but went towards their car that was parked not far from there. There he met up with Thomas and the insane Mary. They rode back to the hotel and they got some rest.

Thomas keeps an eye out and spots again a couple of black guys keeping an eye on the hotel. But he still decides that he needs some more information and heads to the library. He gets in the library and searches some information about the African clans. He is busy until the evening and as he walks out he doesn’t spot the two Africans standing there with a revolver in their hand. They shoot at him, he can duck out of the way but they fire upon him again. This time, they impale him and Thomas is mortally wounded, to bad for him he is alone and the paramedics aren’t on time. Thomas dies on the street in front of the library, shot by some cultists.

Olaf in the meantime called the office of Professor Anthony Cowles, he made a second appointment with the man the next day at his house. He also visits Lorelai again and she introduces him to some professors at M.U. A botanist can shed some light on the origins of some of the items. That evening Olaf telephoned the group at the hotel to tell them he was safe in Arkham and got the items.

That evening Walt searches for his friends but he can’t find Thomas and Mary doesn’t want to come out of her room.


Olaf visited the professor again, he showed him the items he had found in the shop, the man can’t really point anything out since it’s really African of origin and that’s not really he thing.

Walt keeps an eye out on the papers and reads a story about the Ju Ju House. It just says that some strange things have been found and that the police is investigating. Olaf returns to New York after the meeting, leaving his finding in Arkham.

But in the morning the police also arrive at the hotel. The group quickly learns that Thomas has died. The police also wants to talk a bit with Walt. Examinations showed that Thomas wasn’t a bank clerk but an Canadian spy. They would like to know what Walts connection with the man was. But Thomas can give a good enough explanation and the police gets of his back, however they ask him to come with him to identify the body of his diseased friend. However seeing the zombies left a little problem with him and he know has a fear from death things so the morgue isn’t the best place for him. In the morgue he also meets Jerry Brown a forensic specialist (the new PC). But he has little interaction with him.

In the afternoon Mary got better but decided to stay in at the hotel. The group met up at dinner that evening to discuss what to do next. They are glad that at least they got the cult leader but with a knowledge roll Olaf remembers that the man was dancing naked in the room and wasn’t the priest. Olaf tries to remember if he has seen the nephew but can’t remember it.


They read in the newspaper that the party of Erica Carlyle was a true hit. Since the libraries are closed today on a Sunday their isn’t to much to look into. But the group decides that Olaf, Mary and Walt will go find see if they can’t find anything at the addresses of Hudson and Brady. They found two addresses of Hudson. Firstly they go to the first Hudson address, this is a house in a nice area. While talking they learn some information about Hudson and that the house now is empty to be sold. They find the second address and this turns out to be a flat that the doctor used for his treatments.

The group then goes on to Chinatown, they found an old residence of Brady. The apartment is just above a Chinese laundry shop. Being Sunday it’s closed but a neighbour just passes by. Walt talks to the man in Chinese (but the player isn’t paying attention and starts talking about Hudson instead), getting back on the right track they start talking about Brady and the man calls out the shop owner. He can tell them some background for Brady. The group thanks him but the man isn’t done. It appears that Brady still has $ 100 debts with the man and Olaf pays up.


In the morning Mary gets back into the library to find out some more information about the other expedition members.

As she arrives at the library she spots a dried up puddle of blood at the stairs a grim
She quickly learns the background of Sir Audrey Penhew and Hypetatia Masters. Not only Mary hits the library so does Olaf. Olaf starts reading the books written by Elias Jackson. He spends a whole day reading two of the books.

In the morgue Jerry Brown is working on the bodies of the zombies and is really fascinated by them.


Another day in the library for the group though Walt arrives later, as he is walking in New York he spots two black guys following him, he quickly reroutes to the library where he meets up with Olaf who is reading again. He informs Olaf of the fact he is being chased. They come up with a plan to get the guys. Olaf suggests that he plays bait and gets back outside, when both of the guys follow him Olaf will follow them. Once outside the plan goes wrong as again they try to get rid of a witness. A shot gets fired but they miss, panic starts in the streets and the guys are running away, Olaf runs after them and sees them turning into a alley. However he can spot them waiting for him. He slows down and gets back out of the alley.

At the library Walt is waiting inside. The police arrives and they call the homicide squad in. Lt Martin Pool arrives accompanied by Jerry Brown who starts looking at the evidence. But Pool has something else on his mind. This now is the 7th case in which Walt his name comes up and he has been in New York for only 15 days, he is annoyed by him as hell and decides to give him a police escort wherever he goes. A beat police men is assigned to watch over him and after talking to Jerry for a while he heads back to the hotel. In the meantime Mary can convince Jerry to give up his job and come on an investigation with them.


The group decides that it is time to move up to London. Mary goes to a booking agency and gets 4 tickets to London. The boat to Southampton will part on the tenth of February. In the booking agency she meets up with Jonah Kensington. Jonah tells them that if they go to London they should seek out Inspector Barrington of Scotland Yard or Mickey Mahoney, editor of the Scoop.

Olaf is in the library for the third day in a row, reading some of Elias his books, looking for clues on the case.

Session 2

Present: Thomas, Walt, Olaf and Mary

Arkham & New York


This morning Olaf arrives in Arkham in his cabin in the woods. He gets out of his cabin and into the town to go and drink something. (With an alibi of being in Arkham he couldn’t possibly did a break in and shooting in New York?) afterwards he goes to rest.

Mary was able to shake off her pursuer and now arrived at the hotel, she quickly checks in and turns in. When she awakes she goes searching for Olaf and Walt but can’t find either one of them.

Walt and Thomas in the meantime are both admitted to a New York hospital and that morning a police detective named Jordans enters to take their statements. He starts interrogating Walt and quickly comes to the point that however Walt has been here only 5 days he had a run in with the police 3 times. Walt starts to discuss this and demands to know what and how, when mentioning the murder of Jackson Elias Walt can’t even remember who the man is (nevertheless he earlier told everyone he was a good friend and even colleague of him), Walt claims that he hasn’t done anything really wrong any off those times but the police still find it suspicious that the man actually got 3 mentions in their papers in such a short time. Jordans then turns to Thomas and asks for his story, he then wants to know what his acquaintance is with this Elias Jackson, after all the man was murdered in his hotel room, right across the hall from Thomas his room and a few days later their was an attempt to murder him. The discussion goes on for a while and police accepts their testimonies. However they also mention the Ju Ju House. Now this strikes the policemen as odd, because he never heard about this place before and today it’s the second time someone mentions it. They had a triple homicide there. He questions them a bit further and ends with a warning towards Walt. He doesn’t want to see Walts name pop up a fourth time and he has to stay away from the Chelsea hotel. The rest of the day they have to stay at the hospital. Walt goes down to the reception to take a call, he notices that in the hall a police officer sits on a chair watching their room. He calls the secretary of Miss Erica Carlyle, the man asks about what he wants to talk and Walt explains that he wants to talk with Miss Carlyle about her brother, the man will see what he can do and puts down the phone, Walt may call back tomorrow. They also read in the newspaper an article titled: ‘Horror at Ju Ju House’ which describes a break in last night and how the friends of the owner where shot by unknown person(s), they tried to defend themselves with Pranga’s but had no chance.

Mary goes back to the police to see if there is any news but nothing is to be got. That evening she gets a call from Olaf informing after the name of the professor who lives in Arkham they still got to interview.


Walt and Thomas are being discharged from the hospital. In the newspaper they read about a happening at the Ritz. There is a charity event planned and besides a big star that is performing and the new governor of New York, Erica Carlyle is attending. When Walt telephones the secretary the man answers that he has forgotten it’s Sunday and couldn’t discuss it yet but Walt may call back tomorrow. Walt decides to grab his chance tonight at the Gala and goes to buy a nice costume and withdraws money from the bank to give to the charity.
Thomas gets asked to leave the Chelsea hotel, they do not like it when people discharge weapons in their rooms and he goes to rent a room in the others their hotel. Since it’s Sunday there isn’t much to do as most public buildings are closed.

In Arkham Olaf goes and visits Lorelai, he informs her about his latest adventures and the group he is in and asks her if she knows Professor Anthony Cowles. She can and tells him where the man lives. Olaf goes over to there and meets the professor. Meeting someone who has run into cults and monsters Olaf is welcomed by the professor and he spends most of the day there. The man has never heard about the Cult of the Bloody Tongue but can tell him something about the Cult of the Sand Bat. Olaf then starts talking about Jackson Elias and although the man never met him he has read a couple of his books. When finding out the man is murdered he is shocked, he has been to New York just recently and didn’t hear about it. When Olaf shows interest in his lecture there, the professor takes out his notes and starts talking about his lecture he gave in New York. But this is mainly about Australia and doesn’t seem to have a connection to the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Olaf leaves and the man wishes him a good day, he will be in Arkham for a couple of months but if Olaf ever should be in Australia he may always come to see the professor at his house.

That evening Walt puts on his nice new clothes and heads over to the Charity gala. He is greeted and makes a good donation of $ 100. He is very thanked and walks around at the party, he is using his social skills to find out who is who. He quickly gets to know who is who around here and finally he finds out who is Miss Carlyle. He gets a bit closer to her but when he wants to talk to her a big man (apparently her bodyguard) steps in and asks him what he wants to talk about, if miss Carlyle doesn’t know him she will talk to him first otherwise he needs to make an appointment. There is no way the man wants to let him through, Walt tries to and shouts softly that he knows something about her brother. She quickly turns her head and ignores Walt. Walt goes to the bar and gets a drink. Suddenly a man stands next to him, he says he accompanies Miss Carlyle and wants to know what he knows about Roger Carlyle. Walt insists that he talks to Miss Carlyle about it, the man says that not possible. Walt then says that Roger is still alive, the man doesn’t believe this and wants to get shown some proof but Walt doesn’t want to do this, only to Miss Carlyle. The man says, no proof, no talking to Miss Carlyle and finally leaves.


On Monday afternoon Olaf returns from Arkham and heads to the hotel, after talking to the others he decides to head to the Ju Ju House again. He feels there is something strange there. He goes to the Ransom Court and spots an empty pawn shop, he gets into it by picking the lock and decides to stake it out. He keeps an eye on the place and follows the owner when he gets out. He will be staking it out for the next couple off days.

Walt heads over to the library and checks out a couple of Elias Jackson his books to see if he can’t find any traces about the cults they are dealing with. He lends out 3 books for closer inspection.

Thomas heads towards the library himself and starts looking up information about the Carlyle family. There is a lot to find about the family. Apparently they started to collecting their wealth in the civil war. After his parents died Roger Carlyle was in charge and did a good job but later his sister stepped in after the business was going bad. She proved to be a better leader then her brother.


Walt reads two of the books, although he gets some occult knowledge he doesn’t really get any wiser about the case. The next book is for tomorrow.

Thomas heads over to a marine institute. He wants to take a look if there isn’t a ship registered with the letters DAR on the name of the Carlyle’s but he finds nothing. He again spots a black man watching him and when he gets back to his hotel he notices another one stands guards outside his hotel.

Olaf and Mary keep an eye out on the store. Nothing really spectacular is happening.


After finishing the third book Walt decides that he wants to know more about the Carlyle’s and goes to the New York times. He has spotted that all the articles about the expedition come from the same man, apparently the man is specialized in society news and knows a great deal, at the moment the man isn’t free but he will give Walt a call. That afternoon Walt gets an appointment, the man will come to his room at the hotel this evening. Having time left Walt heads to the library again to find some more information about the Mountains of the black winds, disappearances in the vicinity of these mountains and various other occult mentioning’s but doesn’t find anything.

Knowing he is being watched Thomas decides to stay in the hotel today. He doesn’t know anything else he needs to research anyway.

Olaf wants to show himself as a business man who wants to invest in the Carlyle business. He gives a call to the secretary and gets referred to Mr Bradley Grey, he phones the man and gets an appointment the next afternoon.

That evening the journalist arrives at Walt his room. Walt invites the man to diner in the hotel restaurant. During dinner he informs after the Carlyle’s. He gets a story about the brother and the sister and how Roger was in treatment with dr Huston, who then accompanied him on the expedition. Then Walt starts to scare the man asking about occult topics like the mountain of the black wind and sacrifices, kidnappings, the journalist doesn’t have a clue why he is asked these questions but Walt can put him to ease again. After a lovely meal the man leaves again.


In the afternoon Olaf goes to Bradley Grey, the man is waiting for him in his law firm office. Olaf presents himself as an investor who wants to invest 5000 dollar in the family business. He learned that one of their assets is in ammunition and he wants to invest in that. Bradley Grey has to disappoint Olaf since he only handles the investments and affairs concerning the Carlyle Fund, that holds all the assets. If he wants to invest in that particular section he needs to come in contact with that company. Mr. Grey gives the Olaf the right details, he keeps chatting for a while about the family and how great Erica Carlyle is.

Arriving back at the pawn shop Olaf says to Mary that she will need to contact Erica. And on her turn she calls up the Carlyle estate. She says she is a foreign correspondent and that she believes that Roger Carlyle is still alive. The secretary tells her that she is the second person who tries to sell that story but Mary says she has proof. Also her credit rating as a foreign correspondent succeeds and she is able to convince them. The man agrees to an appointment but they will be needing proof that Roger is still alive to see Erica. She can come tomorrow at 2 pm.

Thomas knows he is being followed and goes to the police. There he speaks with detective Jordans and tells him that black men are following him. The man asks if he wants more protection and Thomas asks if a patrol can pass at the hotel from time to time.

This evening something strange is happening at the Ju Ju house. Mary and Olaf at least see 25 men enter the store that evening, they are sure they can’t be in there, it’s to small.

Olaf waits for a moment and then heads over, he picks the lock and enters, the shop is empty. He discovers a trapdoor and tells Mary to go get the others at the hotel. He then goes up to see if anyone is there, but there is no one there neither. While he is waiting for the rest to return he hears a faint sound of drums for a moment. It is coming from under the ground.

She heads over to the hotel. She heads in and gets the two out of their room. Thomas doesn’t want to leave since he knows he is under surveillance but Mary can convince him anyway. Outside in the car it quickly becomes obvious that another car is trailing them. Mary tries to shake them loose but fails. In the end they stop at the police station they pass at which point the car rides further and turns into an alley. They quickly turn the car around and get out off their, the rest of the journey they cannot spot their pursuers anymore. About 2 hours later they arrive at the Ju Ju House. Olaf hands out some weapons and they head down the stairs. They arrive in a corridor cut into the stone. The walls are covered with symbols none of the group recognizes, they head on and arrive at a heavy oak door covered with metal strips. Olaf silently opens the door, he can see only part of the room. At the walls there are a lot of men playing drums, a man is standing as a priest with 4 guards he can’t really make out. There is also a pit covered up with a stone lid that can be opened with a wench. The group decided to get back out of the shop and they retreated, luckily they weren’t spotted. They head back to their hide out and waited until everyone left, this happened at 04 am. The group then decided to go back and take a good look. They went back in, the shop and apartment was empty. They went back down and Olaf picked the lock. They opened the door and saw that at the other wall there where also drums lined up, in front of them is curtain. First of all the group heard a howling, it was quit silent and it couldn’t be heard well. Looking behind the curtain showed a small altar on which different items where put. But there where also 4 zombies who attacked the group on sight. Seeing the zombies caused Walt to faint. Shooting at them didn’t do much harm so Olaf used his harpoon and got an impaling shot but having a harpoon gone through him didn’t mind the zombie to much. A zombie got a good bight at Thomas and he went into shock, falling unconscious. Being in a bad spot Olaf decided to fend off the zombies as Mary took their two friends to safety. She succeeded and Olaf returned to the corridor himself closing the door behind him. The zombies did not follow. They decided to go back upstairs and to the apartment. There they waited until the shop opened. After it opened Olaf sneaked down but was heard. He came eye to eye with Silas N’Kwane. The man pulled a gun, shot at Olaf but missed, Olaf first tried to grab him but failed and then shot him, they put him back conscious and took him to the basement. They tried to question him but the man refused to answer. They then decided to go into the room again, the zombies where back behind the curtain and the group decided that they would open the pit to see if there where any victims held in there by the cult. As they opened the pit only Mary got a look in it, there was a strange creature in there but she kept her sanity. However the howling the creature made was much worse and drove her mad. She got fascinated by the drawings in the wall and for the next 30 hours she will now touch all walls she passes. Silas was laughing. And Olaf decided to shoot the man, after shooting it, without looking he pushed the man’s corps into the pit and closed the lid. Meanwhile they heard the zombies coming out again.


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