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Session 24

So this was our current last session in our complete Masks campaign. We played it in May so I’m a bit behind on my report. But finally found the time and willpower to write it out. Not sure if the detail will be blurry our not. We now have ended the Africa chapter. The group is wondering if they are going to go to Australia first or to China. We will know in a couple of months when we pick up the game again.

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who/Hans Tzimmer

03/09/1923 – 05/09/1923

After feeling the capital the three PC’s wake up in the small village again where they have met up with Bundari and Okomu. They already have been preparing for the trip to Mt. Kenya so today they decide to finish the preparations and move out. Bundari finds a couple of villagers that are willing to help them out and accompagny them on the firt part of the trip to guide them. This will soon be a very good help since the brotherhood has spies all along the roads leading towards the black mountain. The group decides to go through the wilderness, it’s about a three day drive to the village of Ndovu near the mountain. The journey goes without much events and they reach Ndovu on the 5th of September. They are greeted by the tribesmen. They can sleep and eat here and the tribe tells them stories about the mountain. None of these stories are to well though. They can also tell the group about the bodies of the Carlyle expedition they have found. From this town it’s just about more then a days trip towards the mountains and the place where they found the bodies lies on their way. They call this the corrupted grounds. After the disturbing stories the group goes to sleep and the next morning they prepare for the hike.


The group hike goes well. However the blindness of Johnny slows them a bit down. It’ beginning to become evening when they reach the Corrupt grounds. This is the place where the bodies of the Carlyle expedition has been found. And it’s clear to everyone why they call it the corrupt grounds. The earth is totally black. In the distance they can see the black mountain standing tall, clear in view for everyone in the whole area. Nothing live any more on this earth. The group decides to put up camp some miles back so that they don’t need to stay on the corrupt grounds themselves. Their carriers take care of the camp. Joanna takes a tent for herself and Johnny and the doctor take a tent for them. After a long day march they decide to go to sleep. Well that is after that the doctor has lighted some of the essence cones he found in the basement of Tandoori Singh. These cones tend to give the person hallucinations about other worlds. Since they are both in the tent they both make a trip. This also leads them to earn a point of Chtulhu Mythos (something my player where very happy about, they have found a safer way to gain these, unfortunately there are a limited number of cones).

But not the whole night goes as well as in the middle of the night the group is suddenly attacked by a group of cultists that are guarding the area around the black mountain. The group is attacked in their tents with arrows. Doctor decides to do the decent thing and jump down and crawl out of the tent into hiding. Not really the best idea because one of the arrows of the next volley hits him. For the rest of the fight he stays in hiding. There where other options since Johnny loves to carry around guns and the tent is packed with them. This comes in handy because even though he can’t see he still decides to shoot at the guys after that the doctor (before he sneaked away) had pointed him in the right direction. Now Johnny already being blind didn’t mind a bit that there was still a tent in the way of his shooting. He was already taking the penalties for an unaimed shot and woudn’t you know. He actually almost killed the damn lot of them. Joanna did her deal and they where all able to fend of the attack.

Tomorrow they would head out for the black mountain. (one of the player pointed it that he was expecting them all to be naked. It seemed like this happened all the time they got involved in a cult ritual)


The last part of the journey took them over the corrupted grounds and into a bush that led them to the mountain and the surrounding plains. Their guides pointed out that they had to cross a big plain before reaching the mountain itself. They themselves wouldn’t go out of the bush but stay in hiding. The players where already pondering on how they would cross the plain unseen but when they arrived it became clear that this wouldn’t be a problem. Thousands of people had already gathered on the plains, these came from all parts of the worlds so they could easily blend in. It was a surprise when they did see that everyone was wearing their clothes and they where happy for this. The group went into the mass and made their way towards the black mountain itself. Standing at the foot they could see a small path leading up towards a platform where there was an entrance to the cave. They decided to check it out.

They walk up the path and into the cave but there they stumble upon a group of guards. They are denied access. Normal cultists aren’t allowed in here. The group doesn’t want to push their luck against these goons and decide to go back outside. Once outside it becomes clear that the doctor really wants to get into the cave. However to complicate the things some more at this moment a couple of drummers come out of the cave and take up position next to the entrance and start drumming away. This is greeted with welcoming cheers by the cultists. Even though this obstacle the doctor is going to get in. He wants to climb the mountain up, then go to the side until he is above the tunnel entrance, climb down and sneak into the cave. We pointed out that he would succeed in about 7 climb checks and a couple of sneak checks. He decided that he would be able to pull it off. The doctor started the climb and it was looking good until he failed his third roll. Missed a jump check and luck check and fell to his death. Cultists who witnessed this where cheering. Johnny and Joanna however moved a bit back. However the festivities for that evening where just about to begin. As the drums where turned Mweru stepped out and started the party. Night was falling and a total frenzy began. Prisoners where pulled out of everywhere to be used as sacrifices. People took out their clothes and started to dance and feast and kill. Strange creatures appeared who joined in the blood frenzy. Not really having a choice Joanna and Johnny took off their clothes as well so they would still fit in. It was clear that everything was working up towards one big event.

However before this happened Johnny still had some fun lighting another of the essence cones in the middle of the masses looking if it would drive them even more crazy but these people where so far away that it didn’t show. He met up with Joanna near the bush again to talk about what their plan was. However this meetup was disrupted as suddenly a portal to another world opened up. From this portal stumbled a man, he had clearly been running and they recognized him as Hans Tzimmer. The man who they lost because he had walked down some staircases to what looked was hell while trying to hide in the temple of the black pharaoh under the sphinx in Gizeh. It turned out the man had aged quit a bit but was still alive. They quickly informed him about the situation they where in and by now a climax in the singing was reached. Mweru started to shout and repeat the shouting. She gave a speech and people started to chant with her. A thunderstorm came up and suddenly with one big bang a hideous and gigantic creature stood next to the mountain. Nyarlathotep in his masks of the bloody tongue. The creature made a staircase towards an entrance higher up the mountain and people where starting to move up the stairs. Mweru had walked back in but the guards where still on duty. The group decided to follow everyone’s lead and they walked up the steps. However the bloody tongue was looking for sacrifices himself and from time to time he picked up a cultist and examined him, if he was pleased he devoured him if not he tossed him down to his death. Luckily none of the group where scooped up and they arrived in the big hall. This was a very big cave where thousands of cultists fitted in. There where some main features: three pits. Closer examination later on learned that one as filled by giant ants, one by spider and one by snakes. A lot of people died in these pits as sacrifices. But the main feature was a raised platform. On the platform was a throne. On this throne sat Hypatetia Masters of the Carlyle expedition. However she didn’t look fine. Her whole body was bloated as she was clearly pregnant from some hideous creature. During the whole time the group was in tons and tons of victims where sacrificed for the god. During these sacrifices Joanna sneaked down to see what he could find there. She came into the cave where she originally had been thrown out and found that this was probably the home of Mweru. There where statues, cages, piles of bones, a ships clock set on Greenwich time, …

In the meantime things upstairs where building up to the big finale where it became clear that Hypatetia would give birth to this monster. As the moment drew closer Hans decided it was his moment to be a hero. He asked for the stick of dynamite Johnny was carrying and got it. He approached the platform and acted that he was worshipping the soon to be spawn while trying to light the stick of dynamite. However a guard spotted him. In the meantime the spawn itself was born, tearing out the body of Hypetitia to pieces, even her head exploded. Hans grabbed the moment and before he could be stopped by the guard he threw the dynamite unfortunately he missed and did not throw it far enough. A big explosion killed off quit a number of cultists (something nobody is worried about), did damage to the spawn but also killed Hans as he blew himself to pieces. At this point Nyarlathotep arrived and healed the spawn looking to take revenge on the attacker, seeing him being reduced to a pool of blubber and blood gave him pleasure so he killed a couple more cultist to show how happy he was.

Now thing really started to get freaky as all the cultist where totally frenzied. Drinks where poured, people sacrificied, there was dancing and everyone had sex. At the morning the stairs took form again and all cultists where thrown out. Everyone went back to where they came from. Joanna and Johnny met up with their guides again who took them back towards the village to report to Bundari.


Not really knowing what to do next they are planning the next part of their trip.

Session 23

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


After meeting up in the afternoon with Tandoor Singh and finishing most of their leads the group decides that next day they need to start making their way to Mt. Kenya, since that is the mountain that has been said to be the mountain of the black winds.

That night after a good diner Joanna does some light reading, as it gets darker she lights the petroleum light in her chamber. After some time spend reading however the flame in the lamp grows and a flaming creature stands in the room. She quickly flees the room and hotel staff and visitors come to help put the fire out. She sees someone through her room in a park not far from there, she runs out but can’t find anyone. Back at the hotel the police have come to make an incident report, after learning that she already was mentioned in a fire report only a few weeks ago they raise some questions but she can assure the police that she hasn’t done anything wrong, however the police warns her.


Joanna, Johnny and Dr. go shopping for the trip. They go an hire a truck, get supplies and even can buy two sticks off dynamite that go straight into Johnny’s backpack. After shopping the three of them visit the KCA and Johnstone Kenyatta again. Dr. stays outside to keep on lookout and to have a chance to smoke his cigar while Johnny and Joanna get inside to have a talk. However Kenyatta can’t really help himself he doesn’t really know anything off this stuff and redirects them to Bundari for more information.

In the meantime Dr. outside missed a spot check and suddenly his cigar lighted up like hell when another of these fire monsters appeared. It hit after him as he started running and destroyed the storefront. Looking out they see Dr. running away and the monster spotting them. The monster steps in and things start burning. Joanna and Johnny decided that they needed to get out, Joanna took a fire extinguisher and some personnel uses sand buckets. Johnny makes a dash and uses his whip to grab hold of the chandelier and launches himself, the chandelier can hold him but he flies right into the fire vampire. However Johnny is one lucky cowboy (well this time anyway), as he doesn’t catch fire with two sticks of dynamite in his backpack. But he does take damage and falls unconscious, Dr. returning on his steps as he sees the monster going in tries to rescue him but fails in pulling him out. Luckily the others manage to put out the fire.

An ambulance arrives and takes Dr. and Johnny both to the hospital. Leaving Joanna to deal with the police who comes to investigate another fire.

After their first aid by the hospital staff the police arrives there as well to see what was going on. Again they notice the same names as in a last fire report. They tell the police that they will be leaving town on an expedition to Mt. Kenya but can’t show any papers. They tell him that they will need a permit to do this.


The next day they get discharged from the hospital as it seem that Dr. Starlitt is the attending doctor and with some plea from Johnny they get out. They go to the local government house and ask for the necessary permits. They will be able to get these for them but will need to wait two days. The group being chased by fire decides to split up and keep a low profile. Joanna drives around in her truck, Johnny hides up in a small alleyway in whitetown and Dr. goes and checks in in another hotel and goes to bars most of the time.


Both Johnny and Dr. get spotted by brothers of the cult of the bloody tongue.

With Johnny they walk up towards him and asks him if everything is alright since he is living in an alleyway. However while talking they take out their pranga’s and attack him. It becomes a quick fight in which Johnny is able to shoot down his attackers and can quickly flee.

Dr. gets spotted in the bar he is attending and as he is walking home he is attacked from an alleyway. He tries to run but fails, is knocked unconscious and taken away.


Meeting back up at the government house they get their permits but notice that Dr. isn’t there. Having a bad feeling about this they think that he must have fallen into the hands of the brotherhood and decide that they should not stall and head over to Mt. Kenya.

However in a spur of the moment they decide they should check out the shop of Tandoor Singh. Heading over they wait until evening falls and the man starts closing shop. As he does they storm in and with the back of his elephant gun Johnny tries to knock out Tandoor. However he misses and it turns out that Tandoor indeed knows spells as suddenly Johnny’s eyes melt from his sockets and he is striken blind. The rest of the fight goes better as they are able to kill Tandoor and search the house. In a backroom they find a way down and in the cellar find Dr. chained to a central pillar. In the cellar are also a couple of graves and some mythos related items. They examine them quickly, take what they can and get out of the house.

They find the driver that took them to Bundari and ask him to help them get there again.

28/08/1923 to 03/09/1923:

They drive over there and Bundari welcomes them. Johnny asks him if he can restore his sight. Bundari is afraid he can’t but he does have some magical healing that makes them heal a bit quicker. The group decides to stay in the village to rest and heal. Bundari and Okomu agree to help them to get ready to move to the mountain itself.

Session 22

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who

11/08/1923 until 17/08/1923:

The group stays at the lodge to regain their strength, relax and heal up after their run in with the Ghouls. Colonel Endicott agreed that they could stay there for the week. But after a week he will drop them of in Nairobi because he finally has new guests coming towards the lodge.


Colonel Endicott brings the group, as promised back to Nairobi. Not wanting to check into the Highland Hotel the group decides to split up. Joanna checks in in the Hampton House, the hotel where the Carlyle Expedition has previously stayed. Dr and Johnny decide to go for a cheaper option and find a cheap hotel.


Retracing the clues they got from Mrs. Smythe – forbes the group decides to follow up on most of them. Joanna will go searching for Sam Mariga, a gardener at the train station. Dr. will go to the Victoria bar in which they should be able to find Nails Nelson. In the afternoon Johnny plans to go to meet Johnstone Kenyatta.

Arriving at the marvellous gardens of the train station Joanna meets up with Sam Mariga. However he isn’t a man off much words and redirects Joanna to meet Johnstone Kenyatta. Which she does in the afternoon together with Johnny.

In the afternoon the two of them go to the KCA, a political organisation that strives for an independent Kenya. They meet up with Kenyatta and after hearing the mentioning of the black wind he is willing to talk to them in a back room. He tells them that he himself doesn’t really know much about this stuff but his grandfather was a sorcerer. He can still bring them into contact with a couple off people he knows. He goes out of the room and organizes a lift for them, they need to follow a man that leads them to a car, there they need to take the car to a small village. He wishes them good luck. They ride all trough the night towards the town.

In the meantime Dr. goes to the Victoria bar. At this bar they know off Nails but haven’t seen him here in quit some time. However he will probably be sitting in one or another bar. Dr. tries his luck and goes on a bar tour. But he doesn’t have any luck as he doesn’t find him.


In the early dawn of the next morning Joanna and Johnny arrive in the small town. They see their driver having a lengthy discussion with a man they will meet in a short time: Okomu. Okomu is a bodyguard for the great Bundari. A sorcerer who knows a way to leave his body. They need to sit next to his body until he comes back, this happens in a couple of hours.

In the meantime Dr. notices that his friends are gone and goes to the KCA himself. There Kenyatta talks to him but can’t help him further. He can’t send him after his friends and doesn’t want to do anything else to help Dr. Dr. goes back home and decides to go on another bar crawl to see if he can’t find Nails.

Meeting up with Bundari he tells them a bit more information about the black wind and what they are up against. He also gives them to things that might come in handy: a chameleon in a small basket named ‘Who’ short for ‘Who is not what she seems’. And a fly whisk that will help them find evil and protect them from it. After this meeting the driver takes them back to Nairobi. They won’t arrive there before the next morning.

That night Dr. has no luck and can’t find Nails. But from another bartender he gets the name off the bar that Nails goes to these days.


After waking up Dr. has a problem he can’t remember the name of the bar he heard last night. He does meet up with the two of their group.

They decide to go to the African Riffles, the royal armed forces in Kenya. There they meet up with the current captain and with greetings from Mrs. Smythe – forbes he becomes very helpful. There is only one soldier here anymore that went to the place where they found the Carlyle expedition. They call Sergeant Brumption to the office and he tells them about their gruesome find. Thanks to the sergeant they also learn the name of the bar in which they can find Nails Nelson: the loyal defender.

That evening they sit in the bar and keep an eye out for Nails. They meet up with Nails there. Nails seems to have met Brady up in Hong Kong but can’t really tell them a lot more then that they already now. Just that Brady is still alive.


Joanna stays in at the Hampton House Hotel for the day where she has a talk about the Carlyle expedition. The owner is quit a talky fellow and even buys her dinner. He tells her everything he knows, although there isn’t much spectacular in there. Some information about shipping, artwork, people they met and the fact that Sir Audrey Penhew wanted a very particular tea blend, a blend they bought at the most famous tea merchant in town: Tandoor Singh.

Johnny visits Dr. Horace Starlett. The doctor has met with the Carlyle expedition to prepare for their trip into the wild. He can’t really tell him a lot but just some basic information.


Wanting to strike it from the list Joanna and Dr. go to the shop of Tandoor Singh to see what was so special about the blend of tea. Walking into the shop they are in for quit a surprise as it turns out that they already met Tandoor Singh before. He was the man that was following them from Mombasa to Nairobi. After calming the man down they do get a chance to chat and it turns out that Tandoor is quit a decent chap. He tells them about the blend and gives them a taste. He can’t tell much about the expedition because he finds it to gruesome to talk about, but they have a nice little chat about some small stuff.

Session 21

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


It’s late when the group arrives at the Nairobi train station, they take a look behind and see the Indie that followed the in Mombasa. The man however doesn’t even glance at them as he moves out of the station. They also decide to take of and find a hotel for the time being. Asking a cab driver for a reasonable priced hotel the driver drops them of at the Highlands Hotel. They have a quiet night and enjoy it.


The next morning at breakfast, Dr. is smoking a big cigar while Johnny is chewing some tobacco. They enjoy the breakfast while they sit on the porch and look around at the street and the people walking by. In a careless moment Dr. let’s his cigar on the ashtray as he walks to the bar to ask directions to a bar they are looking for. They can give them but tell him the bar only opens in the evening. As Dr. is walking back to his table he suddenly notices that it’s on fire, they quickly put out the flame using a pitcher of water and see the cigar dripping wet in the middle of the table, as they start yelling at Dr suddenly the whole table goes up in flames. They quickly walk in but it appears that the fire is following them, leaving burn marks. They try to warn the staff and Dr. tries to close the doors but the fire slams him in his face, loosing enough hitpoints to let him fail the next constitution check and falling unconscious. With the staff looking in shock it’s up to Johnny and Joanna to extinguish the fire. With a couple buckets of sand and an extinguisher they succeed. After putting Dr. back on his feet he gets a stern warning from the hotel manager about being careless with his cigar.

Looking around Dr. sees a man with binoculars a bit further down the street in an alley. Walking up to the alley there seems to be not a person.

Johnny being in Kenya and a bit off a gun freak wants to get his hands on an elephant gun and go on a safari. He asks at the hotel if there are any game lodges in the neighbourhood. They know one but there have been a few strange deaths there and it hasn’t got a good name. maybe the newspaper can tell them more.

The group then decides to start looking for some extra clues. There doesn’t seem to be a noteworthy museum or specialized library in town so they decide to find out some more at the Nairobi Star, the local newspaper. Visiting the building they meet up with the owner of the paper: Mrs. Smythe – forbes. She can give them some information about the Carlyle expedition and what happened to them, but not much new on the story though. Except that it turned out that they where swapping stories as to why they where in Kenya. Mrs. Smythe – forbes can also point them towards different people in Nairobi the expedition talked with or went to. As they are talking about the strange deaths at the game lodge suddenly a man yells from behind them: ‘are you talking bad about my place again woman? I knew it, you try to ruin me and my lodge.’ Behind them a tall man with an elephant gun in his hands stands yelling. Mrs Smythe – forbes tries to calm him and introduces him as Colonel Endicott, owner of the game lodge. But the conversation quickly goes back to the Carlyle expedition. Suddenly they all are shocked from a shot, the man just fired his elephant gun straight to the ceiling and demands that they talk about the lodge, he hates to be ignored. Having successfully caught there attention they start talking about the lodge and hear his claims that the woman wants to keep people away, yes there has been some deaths but there was nothing unnatural to them as the paper insists. Since he hears they are some kind of explorers he wants to prove it. He will invite them all to his lodge for a free safari so they can see for themselves there is nothing wrong there. The group agrees and they agree that he will pick them up in about an hour to drive them to the lodge. In the meantime they ask Mrs. Smythe-forbes about the incidents. She tells them there have been 5 deaths, 3 tourists and 2 staff. Maybe they where torn by animals but that would have been small animals then. It was just a bit mysterious and you know that helps to sell news papers, she doesn’t have anything against Colonel Endicott and doesn’t want to ruin his business. After an hour the Colonel picks them up and drives them to his lodge. It’s a fenced in lodge with a couple of buildings inside, about an hour on foot away it a night platform where people can hunt and sleep. They get a tour around the premises, seeing the guns Johnny wants to buy an elephant gun, that is possible in the shop of the lodge and he buys one. After meeting the only staff member: Silent Joe, a man who doesn’t seem to speak they are shown the night platform. They are also shown the places where people died, they find a pattern in it that it’s all in the vicinity of the night platform, well that’s one idea, the other one is that they where running away from the lodge itself.

They decide to split into two groups. Joanna and Johnny will spend the night at the platform while Dr. will stay at the lodge itself. The lodge rooms don’t have doors, except for the colonel rooms. The others are closed with curtains. Not really trusting Silent Joe Dr. keeps a eye on him.

In the meantime at the platform Johnny wants to test out the guns that hang there. He takes one of the Lee Enfield’s and shoots at an impala running around outside. With three shots he can take one down before it can flee. Getting down again he goes and starts cutting its head off, however darkness is setting in and he quickly gets back to the platform. At the platform they await the night. As night comes they decide to sleep, as the platform’s hatch can’t be locked they put a mattress on it and Joanna goes to sleep on it. Feeling safe they go to sleep. After failing some listen checks Joanna suddenly awakens, she has rolled off her mattress and the hatch it open, in the room stands a small person in the dark. It looks like merely a child, however when it looks at her, sharp teeth show up and it attacks her. Shortly after that it’s followed in by two others. A fight in the hut starts out, Johnny is a bit slow to react and doesn’t quickly awake, but luckily he awakes just on time as one creature tries to bite him. Having done massive damage to take one down they get a bit desperate but fight on. After a good fight all three creatures are down.

At the lodge Dr. heard the shots and quickly awakens the colonel, telling him he heard shots. The colonel explains that since this is a safari shots fired aren’t that unusual but Dr. insist that they go take a look at the platform. He asks for the keys to the truck, but the colonel will drive himself. They drive over and head up. Johnny has cut off the creatures heads and they hang next to the impala’s horns as trophies. As they enter they start discussing and now one notices some new creaking from downstairs. Another couple off similar creatures jump in, after a short fight they are subdued as well. The group decides that it would be better to get away back to the lodge, as they quickly climb down they get inside the truck and notice a lot of similar gleaming eyes looking at them from out off the jungle. The colonel floors it and they drive back to the lodge where they prepare to defend themselves. Joanna and Johnny take the top floor of the lodge and the colonel and Silent Joe the ground floor. Dr. keeps patrolling the grounds when suddenly he sees eyes on the other side off the fence, he runs in to call for help and the creatures jump the fence with 16 off them. It’s a real full scale attack on the lodge. Johnny and Joanna fire from the first floor and the others from downstairs behind locked doors. However the doors quickly give in and the creatures rush in. Silent Joe turns out to be a great shot and starts giving orders. The group is surprised that he talks but afterwards they learn that he doesn’t like to argue with the colonel and just keeps quiet. The Colonel, Silent Joe and Dr. start to retreat towards the staircase and get up. However some off the creatures can fight their way past them but upstairs Johnny and Joanna are waiting for them and take care off them. On the ground floor the group there gets heavy hits as both Silent Joe and the Colonel are heavily hurt and Dr. goes down again. But in the end the group prevails. The Colonel is thankful for their help and they have his eternal gratitude.

Session 20

Present: Joanna Drake, Johnny Bubba and Dr. Who


After resting two months and getting back to strength and sanity they have a look at their plans for the future. They have noticed that in the papers a new high society figure has turned up, looking at her photo quickly identifies her as the new form off Queen Nitocris getting higher and higher by the day.

After they had a look through all what they have done so far they decide to have a look at the collapsed pyramid. They get the truck out and start driving towards Meidium. They rent some rooms in a hotel not to far from the Pyramid and keep an eye on it at night to see if there aren’t any rituals there like Warren Bessart had described.


Nothing happens but the moon is almost full, maybe they have some more luck then.


The moon is full and they keep a watch. Nothing really happens and the dessert is calm. Dr. Who goes out and has a look but there is nothing to be seen. The others join him at the collapsed pyramid and they force open the entrance. It quickly turns out to be a dead end as the corridor has collapsed after a few meters. They do look for secret doors or messages but don’t find any.


This night they are in more luck as they see a bunch off torches moving through the dessert. They gear up and follow. Dr. has disguised himself in a local but failed, however he sneaks up as the first one. They pass the pyramid and follow the lights these head out further into the dessert. When they see them stop they quickly try to hide themselves. It turns out that there are about 50 men in the dessert and they keep watching what is going on. After a while a truck arrives at the site and people are forced out off the truck in shackles. Suddenly they hear something behind them.

Their hide checks went bad and 5 cultists with ceremonial clubs have sneaked up behind them. A fight breaks out. They try to keep it quit but quickly pull their guns. At first the fight is going badly for them as they are getting some heavy hits. However things turn around when Johnny is able to wound two off them badly, to bad they stay to their feet and shortly after that Johnny is knocked unconscious. Leaving two against five, with their bare knuckles and guns they are able to fight off most off them but as the last cultist is standing Joanna goes down as well. Dr. can however get him down as well and puts Johnny back on his feet and want to run off. However all the noise attracted the others and another 10 are running in their direction.

Dr. with his puny strength manages to get Joanna on his shoulders and starts running away as the cultists are closing in. Johnny opts for a heroic stand and empties his six shooter into the dessert, heavily wounding two off them. Giving the others some extra time he reloads and fires again, then starts running but can’t outrun them all. He still is faced with 4 off the cultists. A second fight breaks out and they can barely make it but get them down. However they notices that the rest off the cults has stopped the ceremony and is now out into the dessert looking for them and they quickly depart.

Dr. wants to check out a local hospital because off the heavily wounded cultists but the others decide to get out off town and pick him up again first thing tomorrow morning. The Dr. can disguise himself and poses as a male nurse. However since he doesn’t know any Arabic he quickly is discovered and thrown out, well luckily for him his wounds have been treated first. He keeps an eye on the hospital from the outside but doesn’t see any heavily wounded persons being brought in.


The next morning he is picked up and they head back to Cairo.

They check Joanna in into a hospital and make plans to get out off Egypt quickly. They make reservations for a train to Port Said and from there a boattrip towards Mombasa. They have some clues linked to Kenya most importantly a black mountain.

03/08 – 09/08/1923:

They voyage towards Mombasa. Arriving in Mombasa they remember that the main deliverer off African art objects to the JU JU House in New York got his stuff from a local export/import firm. They find a guide he shows him Singh Exports.

The enter the building and pose as business men who are looking to import African art into Scotland. The owner isn’t their but his secretary is happy to help them, since they don’t have an agent in Scotland yet. They get information about their main products when they inquire about unique items the man answers that they do have them from time to time but off course these aren’t in the main catalogue since they are unique. They are interested to do business with them but want to see the owner. However it seems that he is in India and won’t be back for 3 to 6 weeks. They thanks him and will return when he gets back.

Not really having anything to do in Mombasa they decide to take the train to Nairobi. As they walk through the city they suddenly realize that they are being followed by an Indian. They spotted him as soon as they arrived and he keeps to be around, even at the station at the train itself. They decide to talk to the man. They approach him but he denies that he is following them, he doesn’t even know who they are. Johnny is getting annoyed and threatens the man to stab him before walking off. Before the train leaves he is addressed to by a police men the man has pressed charges for the threat and the police warns Johnny to behave. Since he is white and the other just brown they will see it threw their fingers for now. As the train gets ready to depart they see the man jump on the train in a lower class.

The trains moves through the countryside and holds great views and it’s late a night when the train arrives at Nairobi

Session 19

Present: Joanna Drake, Hans Tzimmer/Dr. Who and Johnny Bubba.


As our session starts Hans and Johnny bellow the surface with no apparent way up again walking through winding tunnels. They just found a main tunnel and decide to follow this to the left.

In the meantime in the dessert Joanna and the badly hurted Joey are waiting for the others to come up again. Joanna did try to call down but got no reply but an echo. Not knowing what exactly to do she remains there. Suddenly she sees a caravan coming her way. It are a group off Bedouins that turn out are on their way to Cairo. They warn them that the dessert isn’t safe at this time off the month and they should return to Cairo. She declines the offer but they do take father Joey with them to deliver him in a hospital, to keep her warm she receives a white robe to wear from the Bedouins. Later that evening she sees a couple off men coming in the dessert, they are all armed with rifles and take up places around the stele and the sphinx. They keep an eye out towards the dessert but otherwise do not act. But not long before midnight she suddenly sees a group 80 men walking in the dessert, all wearing white robes. They arrive at the Stele and a man steps out, he’s obviously a priest and starts an incantation, the stele lights up and a group can step through. As Joanna sees this she quickly puts on the robes and joins the last group and walks through the stele with them.

In the meantime Hans and Johnny have followed the main tunnel, however they had some scares through some noises, glimpses off creatures, loathsome pictures and a fall from Hans into a deep pit. Luckily they got him out and could continue their way. As they followed the main tunnel they arrive at a staircase going down, leading them into a big black hall filled with pillars, it’s an enormous hall and they need some time to walk around in it, trying to stick to the shadows. They see that the hall is massive but nothing off real interest stands at the outside off the hall, as they go to the centre off the hall they find a couple off things. A couple off thrones on a pedestal, from there a bridge leads off towards a stele at the side off the hall. An altar with a sarcophagus on it, a pit with pitch black water, having a closer look makes them notice lots off ripples in the water revealing that there must be something in it, even closer inspection shows that it crawls with leeches and finally a staircase leading further down. However this last staircase does spell doom as a strange mist comes floating up, there shines a red ruby light in it and from downstairs screams and moans can be heard. There is one last big thing in the hall and that is at the back, a giant opening in the wall, leading to a pitch black space. They go back and open the Sarcophagus on the altar. In it they find the mummy off Nitocris. They quickly decide that something needs to be done about his and try to light it on fire, but the fire somehow goes out at soon as it touches the body. They then start hacking at it with a big hunting knife. With some effort they succeed in cutting off the head an they throw the head into the pool off leeches, being dried up the leeches leave it alone but it quickly sinks down into the pool, the rest off the body they throw down the stairs into the ruby light. They are still busy throwing down the body as suddenly they hear movement.

The group which Joanna infiltrated arrives in a cave under the stele and they walk through a big corridor, avoiding pits and other stuff, however she gets a glimpse off the loathsome images. The group finally walks in into a big underground black hall, others groups are following hers. As the first group enters strange looking creatures fill the hall as well, these look like mythological creatures, humans but with the head off animals.

Seeing others coming into the hall, Hans and Johnny quickly jump off to hide somewhere. Johnny finds a good spot to hide between the many pillars that stand in the hall. But Hans isn’t able to find anything so in a desperate attempt to find a place quickly runs down the staircase into the ruby light, disappearing to hell or someplace worse.

As her group passes through the pillars Joanna spots Johnny hiding there but has to follow the others. Groups and groups enter, until the room is filled with hundreds off cultists. A high priest starts the ceremony, the Clive expedition enters the room, prisoners are brought into the room, including several off the Clive expedition. It quickly becomes clear that this will be a highlight event for this cult. The priests walk up towards the altar and open the Sarcophagus and pull out the mummy that was placed in there. Apparently some higher force was at work and Hans and Johnny efforts where pointless as on the altar lays the body off Queen Nitocris fully intact. Incantations are started and both Joanna and Johnny see that Agatha Broadmoor, who they know is a psychic from the Clive expedition is forced into doing something. They see here go into some trance. Realising they need to stop this they decide to act upon it.

In the meantime however the ritual is going into high gear and it seems that the prisoners are all dumped into the leech filled water, a horrific sight seeing all these people sacrificed. From time to time they also see one off the cultists taking off their clothes running towards the pool shouting: Nyarlathotep! and dying a horrible death. As people are thrown in by the dozens sometimes an cult member gets in as well, in the middle off the water is a raft, it systematically picks up the sucked dry corpses from the water and delivers him to the edge, from there the bodies are put at the foot off the thrones. Seeing this turns out a bit to much for Joanna and she goes temporally insane, she starts mimicking the behaviour off the others and starts throwing people in to the water, still realizing something she tries to avoid throwing innocents in but cult members she also dances up to the Clive Expedition and the priest to try to grab Broadmoor and throw her in but is hindered by the priest and some monsters, she quickly looses them in the crowds again.

Johnny can’t sit there doing nothing so he grabs a cultist coming to close to the pillars and stabs him with his knife, making him fall unconscious from the following blood loss. He quickly grabs his cloak and joins in the fun, he to tries to disrupt the incantation or get to Broadsmoor but fails, he retreats to the back and readies his Winchester rifle, he fires but misses and then it turns out they are to late as suddenly Broadsmoor and other from the Clive Expedition their throats are cut and the blood flows upon the mummy off Nitocris, she arises and all start worshipping her. Joanna and Johnny quickly use this distraction to run up towards the thrones and over the gangway to the stele, there they find another door, leading into a smaller tunnel.

They hear Nitocris go up the stairs to sit upon the throne. A big cheer goes through the hall and they hear her order to call forth the Black Sphinx. Joanna and Johnny wonder if they should start running but curious as they are they keep watching. In the big hole at the end off the hall suddenly a massive beast appears, the bodies off the sacrifices are laid at its paws as it scoops them up and eats them in one off his many mouths. Another sight like this is bad for Joanna and she goes speechless. They await the rest off the night their and suddenly the big monster disappears and the rite is over. The cultist start leaving in small groups still drunk from their big feast, Nitocris remains on the throne and so do most off the priests. Joanna and Johnny decide to climb down, unlucky Joanna sprays her ankle but they are able to get out off the hall, they follow the others and arrive in the same cave through which Joanna entered, they hear the others say a word and see them disappear, they try to listen but can’t make it out. They see other coming from behind and don’t want to be noticed as Johnny suddenly recalls the name ‘Nyarlathotep’, they call it out and are back outside in the dessert next to the Stele. They see the cultist wonder through the dessert and they quickly get to their truck. Next to their truck stands a man he introduces himself as Dr Who, an agency detective who has sent to here to find the whereabouts off Joanna and Hans for the firm they work for.

A bit off an argument starts (mostly because the players already start reforming his name into Dr. Whore) and it turns into a fight, getting Dr. Who knocked out and left in the dessert. Johnny checks Joanna in into an asylum and himself into a hospital. After close observation the Dr. can track them down and finally joins the group. They decide to keep low for a while and stay in Cairo for the next to months, not investigating anything but following Psychotherapy.

Session 18

Present: Joanna Drake, Father Joe Mastroni, Hans Tzimmer and Johnny Bubba.


After wondering away from the Bent Pyramid where her friends where slaughtered Joanna returns to her hotel. She tells no one from the loss off her friends but decides to have a drink in a bar. Since her hotel doesn’t have a bar she goes out on her own to a local bar. There she tends to find that the men are annoyed that a woman alone just walks into the bar and they start being pushy. Joanna is preparing herself to fight them off but a missionary that is travelling by stops at the bar sees here in trouble and steps in. He introduces himself as Father Joe Mastroni, a priest from Little Italy out of New York on his way to his missionary in Africa but he just stopped at another priest here in Dhashur. Hearing that she is planning to go back to Cairo he can get a ride from her. They decide to meet up the next morning at her hotel.

The next morning at the lobby of the hotel Hans Tzimmer, a German accounting working for an English firm, is walking to the breakfast room when he spots Joanna sitting there. He knows Joanna as she worked for the same firm. After that she hasn’t turned up for work they have quickly dispatched Hans to Egypt to take care of the affairs. He has just done a field trip to Dhashur and is back on his way to Cairo. He was much more at easy in his cool London office then here in Cairo but he is intrigued in seeing her here. He meets up with her and she offers him a ride back.

After breakfast the three off them arrive at the truck and start discussing who is going to drive when they suddenly spot a Texas cowboy on a camel in a spot off trouble. It seems the camel doesn’t want to move and the cowboy doesn’t know how to handle it. He has just been thrown out off a dig up expedition by a wealthy American because he got drunk and now has to get home on his own. They offer him a ride. Now they each try to get the truck working and finally it’s Hans who gets it in first gear as they ride off.

On the way to Cairo they noticed that they actually already went past Memphis and they ask around for the Clive expedition. Joanna fills in the rest off the group about what is going on and they quickly decide to come along since then there would be something interesting to do at least. They find the expeditions dig but are refused passage by a couple off armed guards, they try a credit rating and to find some excuses as why they want to speak to Clive himself but they aren’t getting through.

While the others are checking into a cheap hotel Joanna returns to her hotel. At the front desk she is greeted by the receptionist who informs if Herr Karl isn’t with her. He has a message for him but haven’t seen him in a few days. Joanna says she will accept it and give it to him when she sees him. It’s a message from Nigel Wassif from the Cairo Bulletin who wishes to speak to Herr Karl. She takes a phone and calls the office, it seems that the police wants to speak with Karl and have come interview Nigel for his whereabouts. He can’t tell Joanna why they want to speak with Herr Karl. Joanna goes to the police office and informs about the investigation, they can’t really tell her but the officers doing the investigation should be in soon. A bit later the officers walk in and question her about the whereabouts off Herr Karl and Mc Rayn but she spots an inverted ankh around their neck and tells them she hasn’t got a clue, she hasn’t seen them in a while.

Back in the hotel she calls Dr. Kafour for an appointment. The man can be free the next evening for dinner.


Meeting up with the new guys they discuss what to do. They did hear something about a ritual around the pyramids at Giza and decide to give that a good look. Arriving there they start at the Stele not far from the Sphinx and run around. Suddenly they find a shaft leading down, it’s big enough for one man to climb down. Discussing their abilities and taking rope from the back of the truck they decide to lower down Hans. His climb check succeeds and he is only a few meters short of the ground and he jumps. It turns out to be a small plateau, big enough just for two men. He shines around with his lamp and finds there is a ramp going down, however it’s pretty steep and there is some slime on the walls here and there.

Father Joey comes down next, but unfortunately he slips falling down, luckily Johnny is there to catch him and tries but fails as he looses grip from the rope. Joanna does an effort but can’t hold on as well. Luckily it only happened in the last few meters but he still gets a serious injury breaking his left leg but staying conscious. They take a second rope from the truck and lower down Johnny who reaches to take the rope that fell down first. After climbing up he attaches the two ropes and make a makeshift seating to hoist father Joey back up to perform first aid. Johnny climbs down again and now the rest of the rope stretches down the slope. Hans and Johnny decide to walk down and see how far they get down. A good plan that works until Johnny who walks second in line trips and slides down, knocking down Hans as well who failed his dodge. They quickly pass the end of the rope as they keep sliding and end up around 350 yards under the earth. Not being able to get back up the steep ramp they look around. It appears that they are in a tunnel, very crudely worked out and they decide to start walking. The tunnel winds and turns and they meet a couple off obstacles, they need to climb, both failing and forcing them into another attempt and they have to get over two very small gaps. At the first one Hans is already complaining that he will never get over this one and Johnny suggests to hold his hand. He agrees but as they jump over Johnny trips but luckily he manages to land at the side of the (very small but deep) chasm. With a lot off reasoning he manages to get Hans to the other side as well. They also heard some chuckles in the dark and saw a glimpse off an unidentifiable creature but now they have found their way to a big tunnel. They are preparing to follow it further down.

Session 17

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


Standing in a small alley in the old quarter of Egypt Joanna and Mc Rayn are catching their breaths. Herr Karl got away and is now running towards the temple of Bast to spend the night. Joanna can convince the bodyguards to switch sides and orders him to stop Mc Rayn from following her. Mc Rayn pulls out a bundle off money and flips it in front off him but he’s done taking orders from Mc Rayn and hits him on the jaw. They start fighting while Joanna takes the opportunity to run away. Mc Rayn can put a couple off punches in but he fails against the bodyguard and gets knocked down. Without an employer the bodyguards picks up the bundle off money and runs off into the night. A bit later Joanna finds the temple and spends the night there as well. After waking up Mc Rayn goes to another hotel and spends the night there. He still remembers that they had a rendezvous at the harbour district tomorrow morning.


After a trip to the bank he heads to the harbour where they where going to rent a truck for a trip to Memphis. As they hired a truck and where getting ready to depart Mc Rayn starts to argue with them again. With an easy knock and some help off his brass knuckles Herr Karl hits Mc Rayn down and puts him in the truck. They head off towards Memphis and plan to stop at any interesting point they have heard off during there trip. First stop will be El Wasta where Niyti and her son Unba live. They heard from Warren Bessart that they had contacted him and could tell them some more.

They arrive in the little town and Joanna and Herr Karl started searching for them. In the meantime Mc Rayn, with few sanity left decided to kill off a couple off cats he found in the middle off the streets to see if he could piss off Bast again. But instead off Bast a couple off police officers showed up and threw him in jail. With some bribes he was freed but they made it clear that they woudn’t put up with this kind of behaviour a second time.

Joanna finally found the little hut and met up with the son outside. It seems that the man could barely speak as part of his face was burned and missing. He did lead them into a small hovel where a woman lied in her bed. As soon as she saw the investigators she pointed at a corner. In the corner they found a chest with a protective ancient Egyptian warding symbol recognized by Herr Karl. As they opened it they found a piece of pink limestone with another part off a symbol on it. The woman asks them if they will take it with them, agreeing with it by Herr Karl gives her the calm she much needs and she dies. Herr Karl starts wondering if he will be able to give the piece off stone away or will he die as well as he does? Taking a second look at it in the daylight it seems that it’s sort of pinkish from color and with a succesfull cthulhu mythos check Herr Karl finds out that the symbol is a warding symbol but is incomplete. They do figure out that the stone probably comes from the Red pyramid in Dahshur. The group leaves and makes way to Dahshur.


The next day in Dahshur they notice that they have heard off two pyramids that stand here. The first one is the Red Pyramid from which they have a piece. The second is the Bent Pyramid. They decide to check out the Red Pyramid first. They arrive and walk around the pyramid to see where the stone could have come from but can’t figure it out. They take a look at the main entrance but it seems to be boarded up. They go into town and buy some supplies to break in. That night they return to the pyramid and start getting in. They can remove a couple off the boards so that they can climb in. Inside they find a couple off different rooms and halls. Some filled with hieroglyphs but since none off them can read them they don’t learn anything new here. There are also not really pieces missing so they cannot trace from where it comes. They head back to their hotel for a good nights sleep.


The next day Herr Karl finds himself a government official and tells them that when exploring the surroundings off the Red Pyramid they found a stone. The official takes a look and says that this must be part of the pyramids capstone, he didn’t know it was missing. With some binoculars he shows Herr Karl from where the piece should have come. But he doesn’t know how long it has been off. He asks if he can have it back and Herr Karl agrees hoping he won’t die, nothing happens so he is safe.

This is also the day that the group goes to see the Bent Pyramid. They quickly find out that there are two ways in. One is boarded up, the other one is guarded by Egyptian soldiers. With the contact off the government official they gain entrance to the pyramid. They quickly take a tour in the pyramid but can’t find anything off interest. When it’s dusk they return and try to get in by the other way. They can quickly gain access and they find out what has been said. This has been a fake burial chamber to mislead thieves and find nothing off interest until Herr Karl finds a secret door in a big column. They quickly enter and find a ladder up, there a couple of ramps take them to the top off the pyramid where they find a secret room. The room has a couple off columns topped with strange stones, a throne and several murals. They start off examining the murals, one they can’t read, the other one depicts stars but they can’t figure out which ones. The last one depicts a worldmap and they can figure out what they are seeing. They also find a triangle made off three spots, one in Africa, one in Australia and one in China. Across it runs the path a solar eclipse will make next year. Impressed by the find Mc Rayn starts to pull out some gems he has found and finally sits down on the throne. At this moment the archway out closes and Joanna who is waiting in the hall stands alone. But not for long as suddenly 2 ghouls come out off the stone floor and start attacking her. She starts running away hoping to get away from the creatures but fails so she has to fight. Being unarmed she starts punching the two ghouls. Luckily for her the ghouls weren’t in a great condition and she can quickly take them down on her own. Unlucky for her the shock off seeing the ghouls was a bit to much and she went temporally insane forcing her to crave for some strange food, seeing the undead humanoids with rotting flesh she now has a craving for rotting human flesh. Maybe a reason why she was able to knock them out so quickly so that she could start eating them, instead of the other way round.

Herr Karl in the meantime was looking at a mix off the Black Pharaoh and his friend Mc Rayn. He failed his sanity check and lost 46 sanity in one go bringing him under 0 but still understanding what was happening. The Black Pharaoh told him that their efforts off stopping him where useless and that they just should go home and await the end. He also showed pictures off what happened to the Carlyle expedition, a view which cost him even more sanity getting him on -75 sanity. However to show his powers he also opened a portal to ancient Egypt. Going through the portal brought Herr Karl in a familiar surround in ancient Egypt, it was just outside the pyramid, but there was no sign yet of the red pyramid. As Herr Karl wanted to come back he heard the Black Pharaoh laughing and the portal closed in front of him.

The ghouls their bodies she had been feasting on just disappeared in front of Joanna and after a couple off rounds she realized what she had done and started puking. She walked back into the room since the solid wall had vanished again and didn’t find a trace off Herr Karl. The only thing she found was the twitching remains off Mc Rayn totally consumed by the Black Pharaoh himself. Bewildered she staggered out walking back to her hotel, all alone…

Session 16

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


Mc Rayn uses the day to take a little rest, still recovering from his death in the dreamlands and not being able to sleep he is slowly slipping more into madness. With only 6 sanity left this however isn’t that strange.

In the meantime Herr Karl and Joanna both go to the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. They heard from Faraz Najir that the brotherhood of the black pharaoh wants to steal an item there. Off course Joanna can’t go in and decides to have a tea at a place facing the mosque. Herr Karl has his djelaba and gets in, he leaves his shoes at the entrance and enters the mosque. It’s calm for the moment and he decides to have a seat, while he sits there he starts learning another spell from the translations off Vanheuvelen, he starts learning summon/bind the chosen ones from Bast. As there is a call for a prayer Herr Karl wants to fit in. However not to stand out he needs to know how he has to behave. With a knowledge check of -50 he does succeed and pulls it off as it seems he knows quit a lot about the Muslim faith. After the prayers he starts walking around the mosque to see if there is any clue about what the brotherhood would want to steal here but he can’t find a trace. Walking around he does speak to one of the attendants and starts asking him some question, however not knowing any Arabic the man doesn’t understand him and Herr Karl is off.

In the meantime Joanna has phoned dr Ali Kafour for an appointment. She gets an appointment that evening and she invites the man over to their hotel to have dinner there together. As Herr Karl returns from the Mosque he finds that there is a room for hire above the tea house, he hires this to start keeping an eye on the mosque the next day.

That evening at dinner they meet up with dr Ali Kafour. He has heard about an item in the mosque and he believes it to be the girdle of Queen Nitocris, however he hasn’t really an idea why the brotherhood would want it and if it is actually in the Mosque. They thank him for his help and retire for the night.


The next day Herr Karl goes to his room he has rented opposite the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. From there he keeps an eye on the mosque day and night studying his spell in between. Nothing really happens, he also goes to the prayers every time they call.

Mc Rayn having heard that it was again evening when Dr Ali Kafour wants to meet them and that he never has time for them during the day is feeling suspicious and starts going to the museum to check it out. He tries to keep an eye on him but the man apparently isn’t there. It is only after dusk that the man arrives at the museum and later that evening the man goes home. Mc Rayn follows him and now knows where the man lives.

Joanna spends the day in the library to see what she can find out about Queen Nitocris, but next to what she knows she doesn’t really learn anything new.


Another day that Mc Rayn keeps taps on Dr Ali Kafour, but this time it is already after dawn when the man arrives at the museum and this does comfort Mc Rayn not thinking that the doctor is some kind of nocturnal creature.

Herr Karl keeps an eye on the mosque but again there isn’t much happening there.

Joanna goes to the house with the red door where supposedly Warren Besart is hiding out. She goes to the tea house down the road and keeps an eye on the shop. That evening after closing time she stays till around 21u00, around 20u00 she sees a man exit the closed shop, with a spot hidden check she sees the man wearing European style shoes and is a bit bigger then the shopkeeper, following him with Ma’Muhd they arrive at a small eating place where Besart sits, not looking to healthy. After that he finished his meal they follow him back but he spots them. They call out for him but he starts running away. A chase follows but Joanna is no match for getting the man, luckily however Ma’Muhd is and he catches the man. Warren has almost no strength thus after grappling him Ma’Muhd, who is eleven, can keep the man from fleeing until Joanna catches up. They lead him back to his shop where he explains what has happened to him, but he needs to support his hashish addiction so Joanna sends out Ma’Muhd to buy some hashish for the man. He tells her what is the truth according to him but she doesn’t know what is fact or fake at the end. He does give her some pointers: the bent pyramid, the collapsed pyramid, the name off one of the diggers and his mother.


The next day Joanna goes to Herr Karl to tell him the new stuff she learned from Warren Besart. As they are talking suddenly there is an uproar at the Mosque and some ambulances and the police arrive. They go see what has happened but there are to much rumours going around that the group doesn’t know what exactly is happening. However a little bit later a local gazette spreads the story. Apparently there was a roof that has fallen down and several men have died. There is one man taken to the hospital in a state off shock. They decide to follow up on this and go to the hospital. With a fast talk roll they get inside the mans room but apparently the man is in catatonic shock and doesn’t respond to anything.

Mc Rayn on his turn goes to the home off Omar Shakti. It is on suggestion off Herr Karl although he did tell Mc Rayn that they heard the items that Carlyle bought from Faraz Najir where stolen from the man, he didn’t reminded him that Shakti is supposed to be the leader of the brotherhood. Mc Rayn and his bodyguard go to the house and keep an eye on it. Around the house is a big cotton plantation. Nothing special happens so Mc Rayn wonders off towards the house. Walking through the cotton plantation he spots a worker who wears a inverted ankh tattoo and starts talking to him. The man doesn’t understand him and doesn’t seem to want to answer any question about the messenger off the black wind or black pharaoh. A foreman who knows a bit off English refers the man to their boss Omar Shakti. Following his way to the house he announces himself as a messenger off the black pharaoh and demands that the man returns his possessions to him. The help doesn’t understand this but leads him to a parlour where Omar Shakti meets the man. Mr Shakti has no idea whatsoever what the man is talking about and lets him be removed from the premises.

Returning to the hotel and meeting up with the group he tells them what has happened. The group realises that he has brought trouble for the group and wants to split. They decide to leave Mc Rayn alone for the night and get out off town tomorrow morning. Thinking off the safest place in the city they know Karl and Joanna decide to spend the night in the temple of Bast. They pack and get out of the hotel however Mc Rayn keeps following them and they need to get away from him so they start running. Karl escapes but Joanna is kept up by Mc Rayn in a desperate attempt to get away she tries to persuade the bodyguard to help her instead off Mc Rayn, she offers him the same amount of money and the guard is over thinking who to help. The good looking sane woman or the madmen that he calls a boss…


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