Complete Masks

Session 15

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joanna Drake


The group is onboard of a Felucca, a traditional small sailing vessel where there are lots off sailing up and down the Nile. After trying to get a lift to Greece the group is now sailing down the Nile towards Sudan. Every time they look towards the riverbanks they can see some cats keeping an eye on them. They all find something to do. Karl is studying the spell: contact Bast, Joanna is doing some light reading and Mc Rayn is looking at the crew to see if he can learn how to operate a boat like this. Everything is going quietly along and that evening they all head down to sleep.

However that night all off their sleep is terrorised by cats. Cats are in their dreams and they all have a bad night. Soon it becomes clear that it’s not only they who suffered but also the crew seems tired after the night.


The next morning they still spot the cats on the riverbanks and now during midday suddenly a solar eclipse happens. Not really knowing anything about astronomy they are quit surprised. The captain however is even more surprised since the next solar eclipse is only foretold for next year. However the skies clear up and the sun is back shining again. The day passes without anything special and the group goes to sleep.

In the middle of the night however Karl seems to be wandering around on the ship and beneath deck he suddenly finds a staircase leading down. This is very odd since as far as he knows there is no lower level. Plus this is a gigant staircase made out of solid marble. However he decides to follow it down.

But Karl is not alone, a bit later Joanna is taking some fresh air on the deck as suddenly she finds a similar staircase. She decides to follow it down.

And while on deck Mc Rayn suddenly hears a creature climbing on board, a couple of big cats are on the ship. He is standing at the edge but suddenly in front of him is a staircase. He quickly decides that following it would be the best idea.

After 70 steps they all seem to find a big cave and one another. Two men welcome them, they introduce themselves as Nasht and Kaman Thah. They give the travellers clothes and say that someone has been expecting them. However they cannot tell them who exactly. They should follow the next flights off stairs down. They do so and as they descend it turns out that there are 700 stairs, they arrive through a gate in a forest. There three creatures await them. These are cats from Uranus and don’t seem very friendly, however one walks up towards Joanna and starts purring. As she pets it the creature lies down on his belly and allows her to get on his back, as soon as she is up it’s back the creature gets back up and takes off running. The other reluctantly get on their steed and quickly catch up.

The creatures run through the maze off a forest and then follow a path running next to a river. The group passes a couple of small towns but the creatures keep running until they reach a feudal looking city called Ulthar. The creatures run through to a temple at the top off the highest hill. There a man awaits them as the creatures let them off their backs. He introduces himself as Atal the high priest and he says they where expecting them. He takes them inside the temple. They group has a small conversation about the gods they worship here and Atal tells them. After making a sacrifice to the most important off the worshipped gods there: Nasht. After doing this however there is someone there that wants to speak with them. From the shadows comes Bast herself as she greets the investigators. The group has a talk with her and she explains that she wants her scrolls back. They are sacred to her. Claiming they did not know that Jan Willem Vanheuvelen stole the scrolls the group decides to bring them back to the temple and gives her their word. Bast thanks them but gives an order to a cat to let his army keep an eye on them. She then steps back and disappears. Outside it seems the cats have retreated as well and the group wonders how to get back to the waking world. Atal the High priest has a proposition, he has some papers that need to be delivered to the temple in Hlanith. This city has a big harbour and from there he may be able to arrange a passage to the waking world abort the White Ship. The group agrees, takes the sealed scrolls and depart by foot.

The first town they pass on their way home is that off Nir. Things are quit uneventful except the passing off a bridge. It is said that in the central pillar a creature has been sealed in alive. This to protect it from evil, however the passerby’s hear the creature howl. There is some sanity loss but not to much.

The next stop on their way home is through the Enchanted Wood. They need to find their way through the maze this wood is. However they take a couple off wrong turns and suddenly are facing 5 Zoog. This turns out to much for Mc Rayns mind. He goes insane and somehow gets teleported away from the others. The other two now stand in the woods facing three zoogs. A fight breaks loose and they are able to fight off the 3 remaining Zoogs. Not knowing where Mc Rayn went the group decides to press on forwards and continue their way. Now they find the right road out of the enchanted woods.

In the meantime Mc Rayn finds himself transported to another place in the dreamlands. He is standing in front of the 700 steps back to the cave of fire. However 10 zoogs are standing in his way. He rushes in and tries to dodge them but fails. Then deciding that he woudn’t make it in a fight he starts running away. He can outrun most off them but 4 off them keep up. He then tries to knock them down but is unsuccessfully. As a last chance he starts climbing a tree, unlucky for him Zoogs are great climbers and even more unlucky he fails his next check. After getting some hits from the Zoogs already the damage from falling is to much, dying in the dreamlands he suddenly awakes back in the waking world and has lost his ability to ever dream himself into the dreamlands ever again. Loosing some sanity on the way he is now at 6 sanity.

The other two character push their way further down the river passing the city of Thran. There they are only given entrance when they can tell a story from their dreams that is very impressive. Joanna gets it right from the first time and gets in, she goes to a square to eat and drink something as Herr Karl keeps trying. He has decided to use the stories from tales of Arabian nights and tries to pass them off as his own adventures. He fails miserably. However, after telling about 23 stories leaving him for about 4 hours at the gates he gets entrance and they can travel through the city towards the last city on their path: Hlanith.

They arrive in Hlanith with no further problems and deliver the papers to the temple. They get a lift in the White Ship that sails them back to the Nile and drops them off at their ship there.


The next morning they seem to be able to persuade Jan Willem Vanheuvelen to return the scrolls back to the temple of Bast. He reluctantly agrees and they order the captain to sail back. He does so and the trip goes well.


Arriving back in Cairo the group heads back towards the temple off Bast and replace the scrolls there. In the meantime Herr Karl succeeded in learning the spell: Contact Bast and casts it. He tells her they fulfilled her wishes and the scrolls are back. She thanks them for their help.

Session 14

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joana Drake

A small note: apparently I misplaced the notebook in which I keep track off what my players have been doing that day so instead of a day to day report I’m going for a recap. These events date from the 04 of may to the 09th.

04/05/1923 to 09/05/1923

After a day out towards the pyramids the group heads over to their friend at the Cairo Bulletin, it seems that he wasn’t yet able to find out the location where Jan Willem Vanheuvelen is staying but he should have it one off these days.

Because they also heard about the dealer Warren Bessart from Faraz Najir the group decides to learn some more about him. With a quick walk to the local police station and some money to let things go a bit smoother they quickly learn his current listed address. They let their guide take them over to there and when they arrive a red door is waiting, behind the red door lives a tailor. They talk to the man and Herr Karl tells him that he wants to buy a djellaba, they also inform about Warren Bessart but the man says he doesn’t know him. However the group realizes the man is lying and they see him quickly glance towards a door behind the counter. They try to keep the man busy so that one can sneak by and get to the back of the shop the but the man stays alert. Now dressed in a new djellaba Herr Karl and the rest find a quiet spot to keep an eye on the shop. When the shop closes they see a light get on in a room above the store. Hungry they get back to the hotel.

The next day they get a message and the address from Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. Following this lead it takes them back towards a tailor shop. They do get a bit suspicious but it turns out to be another one. And the tailor directs them to the room behind the shop where they find the dutch archaeologist. The man himself shoes out some cats that apparently been lingering around the shop. In the backroom before talking to Jan Willem Mc Rayn starts to examine all the corners in the room. He doesn’t find a hound of tindalos but he does find a cat, which gets a shoe thrown at him by Jan Willem. Using some liquor they get acquainted with the man.

It turns out that the man is busy at the moment with some very important work, he found some scrolls in a well hidden small temple inside Cairo and he is translating it. He doesn’t want to show the original scrolls but offers the translations that he already made into Dutch.

The group is rather intrigued by his finds and wants to know more. The man says that he will need about a month to work out the rest off the translations to Dutch. They take him into their protection and take them along with them towards their hotel. They book a room for him and spend a lot off time with him. In the meantime at the hotel Herr Karl skims the translations Jan Willem made so far and he finds that there are a couple off spells in the book. He starts learning the spell: Contact Bast, this will take him a week.

However it doesn’t take them long to learn that cats are following Jan Willem and no even their own group and it happens more and more. Once they also see him having a argument with a beautiful woman but he doesn’t want to tell about her. As for the cats, it seems that there are always a couple off them sitting at the door to his chamber and it doesn’t take long before there is a cat sitting at all off their window casings. Herr Karl and Joanna take good care off their cats but Mc Rayn throws them off his window casing. Suddenly however he awakes by a big crash. In his room is sitting a full grown panther who smashed a window by jumping in. He quickly realizes that this will have something to do with how he treated the cats and he treats the cats better now. The panther takes off and jumps to another roof, a bit later they hear a second crash it turns out that the panther is in the room off Jan Willem.

Wanting to know more about the scrolls they also let their guide find the temple Jan Willem mentioned. Joanna and Mc Rayn go and investigate this while Herr Karl writes up an article for the newspaper about the infestation off cats in the city. They find the temple and even more cats. In the temple stands a statue off Bast on a thrown. A bit later a woman enters, says her prayers and leaves again.

The next days they get hunted by cats and the panther even more. Especially Jan Willem, the others don’t really seem to have a problem except that they are being stalked by cats the whole time. The panther now trashes Jan Willem his room and he and Mc Rayn are evicted from the hotel. They find another hotel and it doesn’t take long before the beautiful woman they saw earlier turns up there. In the meantime Herr Karl have made a plan and reservations to go with a boat towards Greece to get away from all the cats, once in Greece they can find out more about what is in the document and then come back. He has found a ship and captain that agrees to this and they agree to set sail tomorrow. In the meantime the woman has turned up at the other hotel and demands to get back what is stolen from her goddess. Mc Rayn says that they will fix it but he doesn’t really do a very convincing act.

They next morning they all prepare to get on board off the ship and head towards the docks, in the docks a lot off cats are waiting as they pass. Cats also get on the boats and as the group gets on the boat 10 cats become big cats: lions, tigers, panthers, … Mc Rayn orders a couple off bodyguards he has hired earlier on to take care off them while the rest flees. They find another boat a bit further at the docks and Mc Rayn offers a tremendous amount off money to get on it and get away. The captain agrees and they set off, they want to go to Greece but the captain says this is a river boat and they can’t go there so they ask him to set them off at the other side off the Nile. The captain sails his boat to the other side and when the come near the shore it seems that about 150 cats are sitting on the riverbanks. They ask him to turn the ship round, going to the other side they find 200 cats sitting there.

Since they are on the Nile Herr Karl then suggest that the sail to the south, to Sudan. That will give Jan Willem the time he needs to get the translation done. The ship sails off to the south, towards Sudan.

Session 13

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl and Joana Drake


The next day the group meets up with Faraz Najir. There full time guide now leads them to the Mosque once again. He meets them at the back of the mosque and leads them through some corridors. Things don’t go that quick since Mc Rayn is suffering from seeing the hound of Tindalos yesterday and decides due to his mental problem that he first needs to check each corner he sees to make sure it’s safe. So after a short walk that took a long time the group arrives in a small room inside the mosque. It seems that Najir feels a little more comfortable here to talk to the group. They get a lot of information about how he met Carlyle and how he sold him some objects through a man called Warren Besart. However with some money he also agrees to tell them from where he got the actual goods. It appears that he have stolen these from a wealthy cotton plantation owner named Omar Shakti. They also notice a special pendant around the mans neck but he doesn’t want to tell them what it does except telling that it offers him protection and he ignores all offers to buy it from him. After spending a bit time with the man the group takes their leave and goes back to the hotel.

For the rest off the day Mc Rayn goes to the Egyptian museum of antiquities while Joana Drake hits the library. On his own Herr Karl moves into the offices of the Caïro Bulletin. Inside there he finds a very good ally: Nigel Wassif, the editor in chief and source of information. He introduces himself as a writer who also writes stuff for magazines. The Nigel loves the man and takes a picture of him. He also gives him a lot off information on the Carlyle expedition and a lot off other persons in the city that can be off interest. They also learn more about the what is going on and also that there is another digging party in Egypt, the Clive expedition, also financed by the Penhew foundation, it turns out that they found a secret burial chamber at the smallest of the Giza Pyramids but then the mummy was stolen in an almost incredible situation. Nobody really knows what happened. In the library Joana finds out pretty much the same information about the Carlyle expedition as a lot off it comes from the same newspaper. Mc Rayn however is struggling a bit more at the museum. He can quickly find out who would be the best person to talk to: Dr. Kafour, but it turns out that the museum is very good at keeping him out. He tries to get an appointment through all ways but it doesn’t seem he will get in there quickly.


The next morning at breakfast they discuss what they all have learned. They have a great surprise as the Bulletin has a story and picture in it from Herr Karl a visiting writer, it turns out he is really vain. From this moment on he just runs around with the paper under his arm with his picture up to show it to everyone.

Mc Rayn is still disappointed that he didn’t get in to see Dr. Kafour but he’s not planning to give it up. After having breakfast he goes to a telephone and calls the museum again. He gets to talk to a secretary who can make an appointment but it will be in 2 weeks and only for half an hour. He tries it by bribing them with a donation but he gets send to the offices off another doctor who deals with those kind off things, things are getting worse and worse for the man. However before getting more insane from a couple off phone calls Herr Karl takes them with him towards the bulletin. There he meets up with Nigel Wassif and he asks him about Kafour. Turns out that he knows Kafour rather well and with a single phone call he can book an appointment for dinner with the man. They get to have diner with him this evening in a small restaurant.

That evening they head over to the restaurant and get even more information from the man. They also learn that Omar Shakti is linked to the brotherhood. A fact the group is happy to know since they where planning to make a visit to him and they now know that they will have to watch out what they will say to the man. They learn more off the Clive expedition and that it turns out that one off them has been send off the team: Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. They also get a lot off extra information that they had no idea off and after a good diner they also learn that the museum has a copy off the necronomicon. They can’t wait to see it but the doctor says that he will show it to them one day but not today. They bid each other goodbye and the group heads back to the hotel.


They head over to the Cairo Bulletin again and ask Nigel if he can help them finding Jan Willem Vanheuvelen. It will probably take him 2 days to find him. The group then decides that since they are in Egypt they want to take a camel towards the pyramids of Giza and so they do. They head over to there and arrive at the pyramids. They have a look around and then at the smallest pyramid they see a couple off soldiers. This was the spot where the Clive expedition found the secret chamber and where the mummy disappeared.

They talk to the soldiers and after offering some bribes they are lead inside the pyramid and into the secret chamber. They can’t really find anything special there anymore and they get back out. They then take the camel back towards Cairo.

Session 12

Present: Mc Rayn, Herr Karl, Joana Drake and Jerry


The group is on a ship from South Hampton to Port Said. Rosemary O’ Donnel decided against accompanying them anymore even though she wanted to see the pyramids one day. So as they went on the boat they spend the next four days quietly. However Mc Rayn found a good looking woman at the bar and started talking to her. Her name is Joanna Drake and she is on her way to Caïro herself. She is an attorney that needs to oversee some business in town for her employer. Mc Rayn is wanting to know where she stays and she tells him at the Sheaperds hotel. That evening Joanna also meets Herr Karl as both get a place at the captains table thanks to their credit rating.


After four calm days on the sea the ship reaches Port Said. They enter the harbour around noon and then go and find a way to go further to Caïro. Herr Karl prefers to go by boat but that seems to long so they decide to take a train. After arriving in Caïro Mc Rayn tries to ask for directions but since none of them speak Arabic they can’t find someone who can help them he decides to try to read the map. In the meantime Jerry goes and gets something to eat and Herr Karl moves out off the station and to the river docks to see if he can’t find a guide for them. He asks for someone who talks English and is a bit off a shady figure. A young man introduces himself as Hakim and is ready to show them around town. First thing he needs to get them is transport and a hotel. He shows them to the local bus and takes them to Ekezia Gardens to the Sheaperds Hotel. He stays out and Karl asks him to show the way to the street of the jackals later on. Hakim will wait for them outside as he isn’t allowed to enter. They check into the hotel and get out at that evening to walk towards the shop of Faraz Najir, someone who has dealt with Carlyle some years ago. Hakim leads them onto a bus and they stop near the old quarter. From here on he leads them through the maze off streets and alleyways off the old quarter when suddenly they take turn and are at a dead end. In there are 3 thugs with knifes and they demand them for their money as they turn around it seems Hakim is the leader of the group and he takes a slash at Karl. The group quickly decides to start running away through the alleyways. Two off them are running and trying to hit Jerry. One is going after Mc Rayn and one after Karl. Mc Rayn has the bad one who can’t really hit that well but still hurting him but can’t run so Mc Rayn gets away. Karl gets some very heavy hits but Hakim who is following him stays on his trail. He suddenly got fed up turned around and hit Hakim straight in the face with his brass knuckles knocking him unconscious due to the shock. He and Mc Rayn where off trying to find a way out of the old city. Jerry however was less lucky he got away from one assailant but the other one stayed with him and got a good hit knocking him unconscious and leaving him on 1 hitpoint. When he woke up he was at the side off the road and lost 200 dollar. Mc Rayn and Karl got lost but by coincidence got together by looking for a place to smoke a waterpipe. They do get out of the old city and so does Jerry and they get back to the hotel. The receptionist is shocked to see them enter like this and so is Joanna. They tell them that they got robbed, the receptionist calls for a doctor and the police to file a complaint. They go to bed.


Today they get Joanna, who doesn’t have anything to do today to join them for another trip to the old city. They head over to the old city and with Joanna who knows Arabic they quickly find a beggar boy who wants to show them around the city.

They are showed to the street of the Jackals and they find the place off the shop. Place because apparently the building has burned down to the ground. Joanna starts talking to the neighbours to find out some more. With the influence off some cash they quickly start talking with her. They talk about a demon who came down from the sky some years ago and burned the whole place down. However Faraz Najir did survive the attack but now has moved. They know that he still deals in antiques but they don’t know where he lives.

Their guide Mamuhd guides them back to the hotel and after being payed he runs off.


The next day they ask the receptionist if there is a way to get their hands on some antique objects, they heard about one Faraz Najir but don’t know where to find him. The receptionist suggests to go to the police, such dealers should be licensed. Herr Karl goes to the library to find out if there is something down there to find about the incident in the street of the Jackals but turns up with nothing. At the police station they quickly get the help they need to find the address of Faraz Najir. His shop is in Potters street.

That afternoon they head back to the old city with their guide Mamuhd and he guides them to the street that lies even deeper in the city. They quickly find the shop and enter it. When the shopkeeper comes out they introduce themselves as the nephew of Carlyle and his helpers. As soon as Faraz Najir hears the name Carlyle he starts swearing and threatens the group to leave they don’t want to and try to persuade him. He threatens them with a big bejewelled sword and when this doesn’t work he runs out into the street crying for help the others follow him out and he starts to tell around that they tried to steal from him. The crowd is gathering and people are getting nervous and angry. Karl now runs back inside the shop and locks himself in. Outside the others feel things are getting to hot under their feet and start running away. However they get some stuff swiped: Jerry looses his watch, Joanna a ring and Mc Rayns passport. Karl looks to get out through the back but there is only a very small window but luckily he can just barely get through it. Then he starts wondering through the old city again. After getting back to the hotel the others send Mahmudh back to find Karl. He does find him wandering around and takes him back but it’s almost evening. When he passes at the El Hussain Mosque he sees Faraz Najir getting out of a teahouse and going to the mosque. He keeps this in mind.


They talk about what to do next and decide to have another attempt to talk to Faraz Najir, this time at the teahouse. They all find a way to spend their day and that evening at around 6 o clock they head back to the old city. There they meet up with Faraz Najir again and this time the man seems calmer. Explaining that they aren’t related to Carlyle after all and that they also try to find out what has happened to them, they talk for a while and Faraz Najir agrees to meet up to talk with them but not in here. He wants to meet them on the sacred grounds of the mosque tomorrow at noon. They agree and the man walks away to the mosque for evening prayers.

He has only just left when the others are still sitting in the tea house and suddenly smoke starts off in the corner. From the corner the hound of tindalos suddenly comes out. Karl quickly gets to the bathroom while Jerry being haunted by the creature starts running away. Mc Rayn keep studying it wondering where the others are going. The creature starts running after Jerry finally he caught up with his prey. However the creature launched a tongue attack draining 3 power from Jerry and it kept coming, Jerry still not feeling to well after the last attack didn’t get far enough away from the hound and suddenly it attacked with it claws. Killing Jerry with a single blow and then disappearing into the mists of time again.

Session 11

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel, Ja-Ja No-No/Karl and Mc Rayn

GM note: it’s rather a short session. The story was at an end but they still needed to retrieve their friend Karl from the Brotherhoods claws. We ended the London chapter with this session and are now taking a break from CoC for the moment.



Mc Rayn arrives back in London after being away for business for a short time. He has lend his car to the rest of the party but after arriving home from the station he notices that the Rolls Royce is missing in the garage. He takes a look in his house and phones to Lorelai’s apartment. However he gets no reply. He then decides to takes his car to Lorelai’s house, he sees that the door has been forced open and repaired. He tries to get some information with the neighbours but they can’t really tell a lot. They do tell about the break in and the fight with some Egyptians. After this he goes to Karl his hotel but there they tell him that he already checked out and they haven’t seen him in a while.

He then decides to get a bit off rest and heads back to his house. That evening he plans another trip to the apartment and to the Irish pub where he first met Karl and Jerry and to the Blue Pyramid bar. But he fails to get more information. He gets back home and gets some rest.


Mc Rayn still hasn’t heard anything from his friends or hasn’t seen his car so he decides to head over to the police station. He informs if they haven’t heard off his friends, he can’t remember all of their names but does so with Jerry Brown and Rosemary O’Donnel. This last name rings a bell and Mc Rayn is escorted to Inspector Barringtons office. He asks him if he knows Rosemary. He says yes they used his car, a Royce Rolls that has vanished. Inspector Barrington writes up a report off the missing car and then tells about a strange case. They found a woman who claims to be Rosemary unconscious in a car (a Royce Rolls) that had crashed into a building. In the car where the body off a Moroccan named Ja-Ja No-No and the dead body of Edward Gavigan, director of the Penhew foundation. However the woman can’t be Rosemary according Inspector Barrington, because he has met her before. He also asks if Mc Rayn can shed some light on all what has happened. Mc Rayn says he can’t because he has been away and is rather enraged about what happened with his car. The inspector asks Mc Rayn if he can come with him to the hospital where the woman is kept to identify her. Mc Rayn agrees and they head over.

In the hospital he is in for a shock as he discovers that Rosemary aged about 30 years but he can indeed confirm that this is Rosemary. The inspector and Mc Rayn listen to the whole story she has to tell off what happened. The inspector can’t quit believe it but decides to follow up, he gets in contact with the force and they do a search of the Penhew Foundation.

Jerry who is staying at the same hospital runs into the rest of them and has also a shock but in the end they all reunite.

Inspector Barrington comes back and tells them that most of the stuff they where talking about was moved. But they found this at the Limehouse warehouse. They did find enough evidence to link the Penhew Foundation with the Brotherhood. However there was no sign of Karl. They decide to put the screws onto Tawfik, the man they have in custody.


The next morning Inspector Barrington informs them that he has more information about where Karl could be held and will go to rescue him. He asks if Mc Rayn wants to come with him and he agrees. Together with a couple of officers they head to the house and quickly overwhelm the opposition. They find Karl in the basement, with his earlobe cut off and two of his fingers cut off. He is unconscious and lost some sanity but he is still alive. They quickly put first aid on him and move him to the hospital.

In the next weeks they regain strength and get back to their full hit points. Mc Rayn begins preparations for the next part of their travel, Cairo. After a couple of weeks they are all released from the hospital except Ja-Ja No-No, with his criminal records his is taken into custody. The others are thanked for their help with this case.


The group takes the ship out of Southampton and goes to Cairo.

Session 10

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and JaJa-NoNo



Rosemary goes back to the Bed & Breakfast where Jerry is waiting for her. They decide that they need to get into the warehouse. She calls up Johnny Loose Fingers and will pick him up. She goes to the street and sees a guy fiddling with their car. She recognizes him as the Moroccan getaway driver JaJa-NoNo, he recognizes her as well and she offers him some work. He agrees and with Jerry and the body guard they pick up Johnny and head to the warehouse.

They only just parked in the street when they see a truck arriving. It’s the same truck they saw and followed earlier. Just as before a couple of crates are delivered. They see that about 8 helpers are there. JaJa-NoNo starts asking around in this part of town, he lives in this district and quickly learns that the place is owned by an indie and that the guy is the man to talk to to get goods into or out of the land. JaJa-NoNo thinks out of a plan, he wants to bring the car they are driving to their and tell him he needs to get the car to Morocco. He lets Jerry hide in the trunk of the car. The rest gets out and to a bar across the street. He drives up to the warehouse and knocks. Pinju opens the door and after talking a bit they agree on the deal. Pinju will make sure the car gets out and gets it to Morocco in one month. He needs to deliver it at the capital at pier 37. He opens the gate and they drive the car inside.

Later that evening they see one guy leaving the place but a couple of moments later 5 others arrive. 1 white guy and 4 asian, the talk with one Panju and a couple of moments later they see them get out with a small boat and a package.

They decide that it’s time to get into the building. They head towards the side of the building and find a small door. Johnny opens the door and JaJa-NoNo heads in, as soon as he steps into the building a workman sees him and JaJa-NoNo opens fire with his sawed off shotgun. He heavily injures the man and then shoots another one who comes running. Quickly the group is surrounded by the workers. There are two off them next to each of them, all armed with fighting knives. A fight breaks out and the workers are rather quick, in the first combat round they take down Rosemary and split themselves up. This is the moment that Jerry has been waiting for and he jumps out of the car and starts shooting. Seeing a new target a couple head towards him. Not long after Rosemary JaJa-NoNo gets hit as well and goes down. It only takes a couple of extra rounds before the bodyguard goes down. Now Johnny and Jerry are the only ones still standing. Jerry is putting the full use to his two automatic pistols and can take out the last two of the workers but they all got rather hit bad. They take on putting all off them back on their feet but fail to get the bodyguard back on his feet. They find one worker, an indie that still lives. They start looking in the boxes and Jerry recognizes a piece of art he seen in the basement of the Penhew Foundation. JaJa-NoNo takes a look and looses some sanity. They also start talking to woker they found alive, however he can’t understand what they are saying. They however know one guy who can help them out. They search the place for Karl but don’t find a clue. They ransack the place, take some money and the worker and head off.

JaJa-NoNo takes them to their contact / translator after that he puts Jerry and the bodyguard off at the hospital for medical care. At the translator the group quickly learns that he doesn’t know a thing. They head off to a hotel and rest there for the night.


Still searching for Karl they decide to give the Nisr house at the north sea another look. They get into the car and head over to the estate. Police has set off the area but they slip past the ribbon and inside the estate. They spend the day searching the grounds, the mansion and the cellars but can’t find anything that points to Karl. The house seems completely deserted. Not found a thing they head back to London.


There is still one clue according to the group. They decide to see if the guy that leaves the Penhew Foundation can tell them something more. Each day they took a look at the foundation one guy, presumably the director was the last one to leave. That evening JaJa-NoNo and Rosemary wait at the foundation building until the man leaves. They start following him and JaJa-NoNo decides that the best way to deal with this is to hit the man with the car. He follows him and when the man crosses the road he drives the car into him. However it just nicked the man and JaJa-NoNo jumps out to hit him on the head with his blackjack. But he misses the man starts chanting a spell. JaJa-NoNo not really realizing what is happening suddenly gets hit by the effect of the spell. His body is turning with black spots and he falls unconscious. Rosemary still in the car takes a lee enfield they found earlier and start shooting the man, after shooting with the rifle she switches to the shotgun that JaJa-NoNo left in the car. She gets a couple off hits in but not enough the put the man down, next to that she isn’t nearly practised with the guns. He however keeps chanting and slowly Rosemary begins to age, each round she looses one of her attributes such as power and appearance. When she gets out and starts fighting with her fists the man stops singing and starts defending himself. However Rosemary can get hold of the rifle and with a precise shot she can take the man out.

She hears police whistles in the vicinity and starts cleaning up. She puts the weapons in the car. The body of the man in the trunk and the unconscious body of JaJa-NoNo in the backseat. Then she drives off. She takes a look in the mirror and sees that she aged around 30 years and is now 57 years old. She fails her sanity check when realizing this and falls unconscious while driving the car.

Session 9

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Rosemary let’s the lorry drive off but writes up the number plate. Later in the afternoon the lorry comes again and again a couple off crates are loaded into the lorry and hauled off. At the front of the building Karl sees someone arriving that he recognizes. Inspector Barrington arrives with two constables. They are carrying 4 suitcases. He sees them entering the building and some time later they come back out with only 2 cases. Karl goes out and ‘accidently’ meets them on the street. He greets the inspector and asks him what he does here. The inspector tells him that the Penhew foundation has been a big help with the investigation so far. In Nisr house they found a lot of artefacts and they brought them here for identification. Karl says that he was just on his way to the foundation to look at the collection. Inspector Barrington asks him if he knows that the mansion they found was called Nisr house and that Nisr actually means Egypt. Karl didn’t know that but he says his goodbye’s to the inspector and went in.

Once in he asked the clerk if there where any jobs open. The man says that there wasn’t a thing but he asks him for his name and address so that he can contact him. He also needs to register again so Karl does, as an address he gives him the address of Lorelai’s house where Jerry and Rosemary are staying. He studies a lot of stuff in the museum and then leaves, they don’t notice anything special anymore today.


The group continues their stake out. Just as yesterday, Rosemary takes the back of the building and Karl the front. They can’t really spot anything special during the day but they are lucky. Jerry however, still recovering from his wounds from the Nisr house chapter was less lucky. Someone knocks at the door, Jerry goes and takes a look but sees 2 Egyptians at the front door. Feeling that something will go bad he quickly gets out of the house by a back window, just as he goes out the two men get in. They spot him at the back of the building and they go after him. He can’t really get far before they climb out as well and go after him. They attack them with their traditional clubs, but luckily for him he can knock both guys down before they can do the same with him. He calls the police and they arrive arresting both men.

Not feeling very safe he heads over to the bed and breakfast both of the others are staying for the stake out and informs them. He takes Olaf his ‘handy bag’ and the box of African artefacts from the Ju Ju house with him.


Another day of stake out, they decide that they need to get into the Penhew Foundations building. They decide to break in soon. Nothing special to report. This evening however they notice that a couple of people don’t leave the building at the normal hours. A couple of people come out later that night.


Another day of stake outs, the truck arrives and now she is ready to follow them. She is at the wheel of the Bentley and starts following them. The ride goes through London and as soon as Rosemary arrives at the Limehouse district she decides she doesn’t want to follow. The place doesn’t have a good reputation with brothels, gambling houses, opium places, … she doesn’t feel good riding the Bentley into this district and decides to pull out.


Jerry still faces the problem of the Hound of Tindalos that is after him and he needs to get some information about the creature. Luckily Karl knows a lot of people and he goes searching in his address book. He knows of a college professor in Oxford that might know something more. The professor doesn’t have a good name but may be able to help him. He searches the name and calls him, Dr. Witstein will see them, so they go out to there. In the meantime Rosemary will continue the stake out.

Dr. Witstein seems to have knowledge about mythos creatures. Not only will he be able to give them information about the Hound of Tindalos but also about the flying creatures Karl saw at Nisr House. He tells them everything he knows about the creatures and is very interested in hearing there stories about their encounters with the creatures. He tells Jerry that he will have to watch out. The Hound can come in a corner off at least 120 degrees and can only be killed by magical weapons.

He doesn’t have any magical artifacts but can give Jerry an address where he could get some help. It’s called ‘Ye old magick shoppe’ and in London. Jerry will go there tomorrow.


Rosemary gets in touch with their ‘regular’ burglar, Johnny Loose Fingers to break into the Penhew Foundation this evening. He agrees and comes over to the B&B that night.

During the day Jerry goes to the address he was given and finds a shop owned by a strange old woman. He asks for magical weapons but she can’t help him with that. She can sell him a magical medallion that can give him protection from the hound. He agrees and she needs a drop of his blood to put on the medallion. Then she does a ritual and he has to pay her 1000 dollars, he agrees, not to happy but he does. But what it actually does, he doesn’t know.

That evening they get inside the Penhew Foundation. They start with the basement which they can reach from the outside. However there isn’t anything special there. Johnny then opens the back door to the building. Through the hall they see the night security guard sitting at his desks, reading. He didn’t hear them, they quickly go back out and to the cellar. There they decide to take the lift they found there to the first floor. Once on the first floor, they arrive at the museum and start looking at the different file and examination rooms. However they have been heard and the night guard attacks them. He first targets Jerry and gives him a big hit, a small fight happens but in the end they can take down the guard. They know can freely look around in the building.

At the ground floor they find an office of the bookkeeper, Rosemary stays there and studies the files. In a backroom they find a sarcophagus. They are very interested in the sarcophagus and dump the dead body of the guard in it. Then they start to discuss if they can’t take the thing with them. They where planning to put it up in the house of Mc Rayn (the player who has been away for a couple of sessions and lives in London), they want to set it up in the hall straight against the wall. When Mc Rayn comes back in play they will tell him they left a present in his hall and when he looks at it the body would drop out. (yep leave it to the players for practical jokes). They continue there search and decide to load it up later. In the meantime Rosemary can’t find anything special in the books. They also find the directors office, inside is a big vault, they call Johnny. He will give it a go but he’s not a specialist. In the back of the office they also find a secret door that goes from the office to the storage room with the Sarcophagus. They decide to give it another look. They start searching the thing and notice that the eyes can be pushed in. They start pushing them in different kinds of combinations. Suddenly the Sarcophagus swings away and a staircase that leads down is revealed.

Karl goes first, closely followed by Rosemary and Jerry ends the row. As he walks down he spots a button. He pushes it and suddenly the sarcophagus swings back and closes. Karl and Rosemary are hit and get a minor injury, Jerry can duck out of the way. They reopen it and descend the stairs. They arrive in a secret basement. It is filled with strange art works, a work bench, some crates and books and other artefacts. They quickly scan all the items, some are bad for the sanity but nothing damages them much. In the end they take 15 scrolls, 3 German books, a pistol, a powder, a chest with 2 silver daggers in and 2 English books. They quickly get out and head to the B&B to get some sleep.


The next morning they get up and head back to Lorelai’s house to check out some stuff. Apparently someone else did to and they ransacked the house. They also spot an Egyptian in a car at the other side of the road. Karl heads out and goes to the neighbour across the street while he does this he keeps an eye on the man in the car. He starts talking to her and sees the car riding off. They decide to get to Karl his hotel room to get his stuff from there. Karl and Rosemary head off while Jerry awaits the police.

However they are followed again and spot the same guy in the car, but now there are 2 others in the car, they quickly run into a small park but they are followed by the two passengers. They start running, Rosemary can escape but Karl not. He is knocked to the ground and when Rosemary comes back with the police Karl is gone.

Karl wakes up and is being tortured until he confesses where he hid all his stuff. Luckily Rosemary took in all the stuff from his hotel room. When they arrive at the B&B this has been ransacked as well and the 3 German books are gone. Luckily the took all the rest of the stuff with them when they left for Lorelai’s in the morning.

The rest of the day Rosemary stakes out the back of the Penhew Foundation until she spots the truck and now follows it in a cab to the Limehouse district. She sees it driving into a big warehouse, Pinju’s warehouse it is called. Is this the place they are keeping Karl? Is he still alive?

Session 8

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Once on land in the fisher village they get back in the car and get back over to London. They get some sleep and the next day in the afternoon they agree to meet up again.


As they meet up they agree they need to get inside the spice shop of Tawfik. Luckily as a cocktail waitress Rosemary apparently has some contacts in the underworld and she knows a man for the job, Johnny, a good burglar, she will contact him to see if he can work for them that evening. Wanting to be prepared for the trouble Karl heads out and buys a brass knuckle. Jerry impressed with the hound that came after him decides he needs some defense and starts making up Molotov cocktails using his chemistry.

After contacting the burglar Karl takes him with him and Jerry to the Blue Pyramid and they keep an eye out. Later that evening they see Tawfik arrive and they head to his shop. They get in through the back door of the building and after stealing the money out of the register they head to the flat upstairs. The flat is decorated for a true Egyptian and an oil heater keeps it to Egyptian temperatures. A series of statues jump in Karl his eyes but even with his history, archeogical and other skills he doesn’t succeed to recognize them as Egyptian gods, Johnny who passes points this out to him. But Karl does notice something strange on a mirror, it has some occult symbols on it. Keeping this in mind he searches the bedroom and bathroom but can’t find anything special. Jerry takes care of the kitchen but nothing is to be found there. In the living area however there is a roll top desk, it’s locked and Jerry can’t open it. Johnny takes a look and opens the desk. As they are looking around they find a secret compartment. In it they find robes, a necklace, sceptres, a scroll and some vails. They take everything with them and they head out. As they are walking out Karl pulls over the oil heater and the place goes up in flames. They part with Johnny and head away. Soon the news arrives in the Blue Pyramid and Rosemary hears the customers talking about it.


Back together Karl takes a look at the loot they made the day before. He can’t really identify anything as special. Karl heads over to the library for the rest of the day to find some more information about the house they seen on the island. Jerry is looking up the financian interests and plans of the Penhew Foundation. He is looking through a lot of stuff and can’t conclude his research that evening. Karl however looks over plans of the area and finds out it’s called Nisr House. He learns that once it belonged to an Egyptian but he died some years ago since then it’s unused. It’s owned by the family of the Egyptian but they never come over to England and stay in Egypt.

That night Rosemary asks for a day off from her boss the next day. He isn’t to happy about it but she can take it.


They head back to the sea. They are planning to get a good view at the island. They decide to go at night and head to Harwick. In Harwick they go to a shop to hire a small boat for that night. Karl also buys some fishing equipment and tells the old shop lady that he will be fishing for a special kind of fish tonight. That evening they head out with their boat and get to the island. The rehired Johnny for the night to get inside the mansion they some days earlier.

When they arrive at the island they go to the Stele for a closer inspection. It’s made of a black stone but Karl can’t classify it, there are hieroglyphs on the stele and chains. But no trace is to be seen of the massacre that happened here a few days earlier. They sneak over to the mansion, this doesn’t really work but no one notices them anyway. They look at the place and there is only 1 door in. There are no lights on downstairs but there are a few windows lit on the second floor.

Johnny opens the door but doesn’t trust it, he tells them he will wait at the boat for them. Rosemary, Karl and Jerry sneak into the house. They arrive at the mainhall and decide to give the ground floor a look. They head through the house quickly but then when entering the kitchen a man is working there, but he has his back turned to them and they quickly go back. They hide in a small room along the way back and a couple of minutes later they see the man pass. It’s an Egyptian and he is carrying a plate of food. He goes out of their sight. They go back to the kitchen, it’s deserted now. They find a staircase down and find a big basement but at first glance there is nothing of interest to them there.

They then decide to head to the upper floor. They go on the staircase and end on a landing. Another Egyptian is standing there. There is a small fist fight between the group and the Egyptian but they can quickly silence him before anyone notices it and they take him inside his room and bind and gag him in his closet. Rosemary changes her clothes and disguises herself as an Egyptian. They then look around. There is a long corridor stretching from left to right with almost 20 doors in it. They decide to pull one open each on their turn. The first doors they are lucky no one is in there. But then Rosemary opens a door, sees a man, says something in her mouth and closes the door. As the man reopens the door Karl hits him in the face with his brass knuckles. After knocking him out they continue their search. But Jerry is a bit more safe, he first looks under the door if there is light and each time he sees a light he goes to the next door leaving that room for someone else. They work their way through the rooms. Knocking another man out that was laying on his bed reading a book. Another man was sleeping in the dark when they found him and took him out, they where all small skirmishes and in one a man grabbed a spiked club and hit Karl in his shoulder injuring him.

When making their way through the hall they found one Egyptian sitting in a bath tub in a small bathroom and decided to attack him as well. This one was a bit tougher and was also intimidating the group when standing naked out of his bathtub. He managed to scream for help and throw a couple of punches before he was knocked out, fell back into the tub and splashed water over the rest. Rosemary and Karl where standing at the bath when Jerry noticed a couple of Egyptians with clubs coming up the corridor. Two men are coming and he starts shooting at them with his handgun. Rosemary hides in the bathroom and Karl comes in the hall. Jerry can wound one seriously but misses the other one after that Karl knocks the first one out a third guy comes up. In the fight Jerry gets heavily wounded but in the end they can take the two out. They quickly bind them all and get down. Downstairs in the mainhall they find two secret doors in a big fire place. The first one goes down to a small dank hole in the ground. They can identify this with a history check as a priest hole. The other goes down to a whole cell complex. In the cells they find an Egyptian and a woman they free both of them and as they want to go away they also find another door. Rosemary and Karl ram the door in and they discover a workroom. Inside is a letter addressed to Audrey Penhew, but it isn’t finished. They wonder if Aubrey is still is alive and in the country or if the man is the recipient of the unfinished letter. They also find a ledger full off shipping information. And lots of small statues, rings, necklaces and other stuff. Another pair off those silk robes. They quickly take a few items and get with the prisoners to the boat. They set off to Harwick again and go to the local police station. They ask if they can use the phone and call up Scotland Yard and Inspector Barrington. He isn’t in but when they tell them it’s about the Egyptian murders they are asked for their number and they will call back.

A few minutes later Inspector Barrington calls back. As he learns that they probably found the key to all the murders he agrees to meet them the next morning in Harwick. While waiting they learn that the Egyptian is a small time member of the brotherhood that talked to much and was scheduled to be killed. He knows Tewfik but doesn’t know the other man.


Inspector Barrington arrives with a couple off other police officers and they head to Nisr House. Rosemary and Karl have accompanied them while Jerry remains in the village to recover from his wounds. The place is deserted and the front gate is opened. Inside the house they find a couple of bodies, the one shot and the other one drowned but the others have been taking away. They do find the one they locked up in his cupboard though. The police thanks them and takes over the rest of the investigation.

They head back out to London. After resting Karl will try to see if the Penhew Foundation hasn’t got any work for him. They are their last lead. After doing some info search about the money off the foundation, which turns out to be legit he heads over. When entering he is greeted by a secretary at the front desks and he asks for work. They tell him they are not hiring at the moment, but they mostly fund other expeditions and give him the needed information. While there he also heads to the first floor to see the exhibition there. Finding nothing out he heads back to the house. The group decides to organise a stake out at the foundation. There is a bed and breakfast at the other side of the street and Karl and Rosemary check in. Jerry stays at home recovering.


They quickly get a general idea about how the foundation works and how many people work there. They keep an eye on the building the whole night and day.


On the second day of the stake out Rosemary decides to get to the backside of the building and take a look there. She finds a bench looking out on the backside of the building, there is a loading bay there. There are a couple of foreigners standing around and while she sits there a lorry arrives. They men quickly get inside and help load the crate on the lorry and get into it and drive off…

Session 7

Present: Jerry, Rosemary O’Donnel and Karl



Still in Lesser Edale before they can leave the group is summoned back to Castle Plum with the local Vicar. They are asked to attend a small funeral in honour of their fallen friend. Well funeral would be a big name because they generally just dug a hole and threw his bones in without even a plaque to find the spot.

When going back to the town Karl, the German, they met before approaches them. He has heard that they are going back to London and he asks them if they can get a ride to there. They agree and drive him back to foggy London. That evening Karl searches a bar to hang out and gets a tip from the others and moves to ‘The Blue Pyramid’, there he talks with the bartender about a fault he has spotted in a mural about the pyramids. After a good night out he heads back to his hotel. The rest of the group stays at Lorelai’s house.


After hearing off their adventure Karl decides to join the group. They get together and get some information about the case. There is only one article left and that is the one of the Egyptian murders. They also remember they found a business card from the Penhew foundation.

Today the group decides to split up. Rosemary and Karl head out to inspector James Barrington of Scotland Yard. Jerry goes to the library to find some information about the Penhew Foundation. (GM note: A big break with their normal approach just to walk in and ask about, they are learning I think)

At the yard they quickly meet up with the inspector, happy to have someone else to help out with the case they start talking. He tells him he had talked to Elias Jackson and tells them that the man insisted that the case was done by a cult called ‘Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah’, the police checked this with an Egyptologist and it turned out that it was a dead lead, that cult doesn’t exists. The group asks where a lot of Egyptians hang out, they get a tip to try out a pub in town: The Blue Pyramid (great moment because the players just thought I made up that name earlier in the game). Hearing the name they decide to check it out. Rosemary will go undercover and goes back to the pub to ask her job back. The owner agrees and she can work that evening.

Jerry and Karl get to the pub as customers and start looking around. He suddenly asks a belly dancer that is standing in front of him if she knows anything about a cult and the girl tells him to meet her in the back alley at 0:00. Karl does, with Jerry standing a bit back on the look out. She takes Karl towards the Thames, because it’s safer there, remember that the last victim has been found in the Thames Karl doesn’t share that feeling. The dancer tells them that a cult is active and that they killed her boyfriend. She wants pay back and tells the group what she knows. Once a month a truck stops around midnight at the club and two dozen off customers get on board and the truck leaves the city. There is one guy who leads the group, Tewfik Al Sayed, he a regular at the club. She can’t really tell them more then that. In the meantime Rosemary has done working and heads back to her home.


This morning Jerry is having a lot of trouble, after trying out the drug he really craves for a new shot. This time he needs a full shot and he will do everything he can to get it. But since the stuff is in Rosemary’s room he has to get in, he succeeds and Rosemary doesn’t hear a thing. He quickly puts a shot and the others find him in trance.

He is now finding himself way back in time. Life where just organisms and now with more drugs in him he can interact with his surroundings. After a while he suddenly sees a strange creature, it looks like a big hound but it’s covered in a blue puss (GM note: Hound of Tindalos). The creature looks terrifying and Jerry gets a big shocks and starts running away from the creature. The creature hunts after him. He can’t really outrun the creature and the beasts uses his tongue to attack, but suddenly just in time the drug wears off and Jerry is back in the house in this time.

Karl uses his occult knowledge and can recognize the drug, it’s a plutonian drug and can send people back in time. But you need to be under hypnosis to be sent back to an place you want to get to.

Rosemary gets back to work that evening and Jerry and Karl stake out the club as customers again. The belly dancer comes to their table and points out Tawfik. Karl and Jerry decide to follow him when he goes home, they do like they are two drunks, they don’t really have to pretend a lot and see the house he enters.


The next morning, Jerry gets another need for a shot. He breaks into Rosemary’s room again but this time Rosemary hears it and they start a little fight on Rosemary’s bed. She is getting hit by Jerry but Karl enters just on time he starts punching Jerry when he gets a chance. A small fight breaks out on the bed with Karl and Jerry throwing punches at each other while Rosemary tries to grapple him. It took a long long time before they where able to knock Jerry unconscious. They bring him to an asylum and tell him he is addicted to drugs. They take him in and put him in a padded cell.

Karl and Rosemary now go to building they saw Tawfik enter, it turns out to be a spice shop. Rosemary enters and Karl goes check out the back. Rosemary talks a bit and buys some spices, at the back there is only a door and two windows upstairs. They head back out and that evening they go to the club. Tawfik isn’t there tonight.


Another day that Jerry spends in the Asylum. Another night at the Blue Pyramid and tonight Tawfik is there. When he sees him enter Karl heads back to his shop to see if he can get in. He can’t force open a door or pick the lock. He drives his car in the back alley and looks through the windows. They both look into a bedroom, it’s filled with Egyptian stuff. Suddenly he sees a light as Tawfik comes home and can get out of the alley on time.


Same scenario this day, after visiting their friend in the Asylum they head to the bar that evening again. They see him enter and again Karl goes to his house. This time he isn’t that subtle and just connects the car to the back door and pulls it from it’s hinges. He unties it and drives off, he comes back an hour later and sees that the police are already on the spot.

Today another visit to Jerry at the Asylum but today there is something strange going on. In a corner of the yard they suddenly see a mist arising. The beast Jerry encountered before comes through. The beast starts attacking Jerry again and Jerry starts running. Karl and Rosemary both have a serious fright and get out of the way, one running to the left, another one to the right. The rest of the yard’s visitors are going crazy as well. Jerry is having some trouble getting away and gets some puss over him. But he can get away a bit further, after some time both him and the hound are tired. And the hound disappears again. His friends quickly come to get the puss off him. Guards and staff come to help out everyone on the yard.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Karl keeps an eye out on the club to see if the truck comes this evening, Rosemary works in the club as waitress.


Jerry gets out of the Asylum, he has kicked off the drug. That night it’s the same procedure as the last night, they inform him and he joins Karl in the car. That evening the truck appears around midnight. Two dozen customers come out of the club and get in, Rosemary has done working and gets in the car as well. They follow them out of town and get to the northsea coast, the follow first in a taxi, then in their car. They see the truck drive down to a big estate. That lays on a small island.

They go to the next village and steal a small rowing boat. With that they head up through the foggy waters to the island. They arrive there without being spotted and then check out the island. They suddenly find a Stele that is lighted by a lot of torches. On the stele are 4 victims tied up, there are a lot of cultist their and two priests, one they recognize as Tawfik. They start beating up their victims, the group doesn’t want to watch and decide to head off to the house itself when suddenly Karl hears a scream. Three dragonlike creatures arrive from the air, a few cultists mount them and depart, he then sees the cultist eat the killed sacrifices. A couple of cultist go back towards the house. This is the group their cue to get back of the island. They get back in their boat and head out.

Session 6

Present: Olaf, Jerry, Mc Rayn (instead of Mc Bayn) and Rosemary O’Donnel

London / Lesser Edale


Skimming the rest of the articles that Elias Jackson was working on the group decides to check out the monster in Lesser Edale. The group has heard of werewolves before and thinks that this might be the fact but Olaf doesn’t believe this. But he wants to humour the rest and they decide to check it out. Mc Rayn brings his car round and the group gears up and departs to Lesser Edale. Shortly in the afternoon they arrive in they lands surrounding Lesser Edale. It’s quiet, pleasant, green and a big difference from foggy London they just left. As they drive into the town it seems it’s a small town, about 30 houses stand in the town, a church, a pub and a veterinary clinic.

Olaf who wants to get it out of the way quickly walks into the vet’s office. The vet is working on a cow and greets Olaf. He asks him if he has heard anything about the beast and the vet answers he does, he heard it had big talons and wings. Olaf gives the man a strange look and then continues to asks some questions. One question is if the man doesn’t have a spare needle for a syringe. He tells him his friend needs medications but their syringe has become dull. The man agrees to sell him a new syringe and needle for the medication.

They then head over to the pub: the laughing horse. There are a few people there and they are welcomed by the owner. They asks the man if they can get a room here but he’s just a pub, no inn. He can redirect them to an older lady in the village who rents out some rooms. They get directions and head over to the house. An old granny with a knitting basket in her hands opens the door to the house and welcomes the investigators. She has two rooms to let: one with separate twin beds and one with a double bed. Mc Rayn and Jerry take the one with the twin beds, Rosemary and Olaf the one get the double bed. Olaf immediately gets some nasty ideas but Rosemary tells him she will have nothing off the sorts.

All except Mc Rayn goes back to the pub. Mc Rayn goes to see if he can find the constable. But he quickly learns that the man does his patrols all about town and the outskirts and isn’t back yet. He then goes to the wheelwright but can’t find him home as well. When he goes back to the pub the group is already drinking and having a chat with locals as the constable arrives. They start to chat with the man but the man occurs that he has seen the beast and that he shot it down with his shotgun and the beast went off to die somewhere between the rocks. There was nothing special about it he says, it was just some wild dog of a sort. There are wolves and other ones here from time to time. No that the man starts talking a couple of the other locals join in and laugh with the constable about the fact he wasn’t that sure when the yard came to inspect. Buying them some drinks loosen up the tongs, a bit later that day Lawrence Vane, the son of the local lord arrives in the pub. He doesn’t believe in the story and is certain that the constable did his job and killed the creature. And also the local vicar enters the pub. Olaf is interested in him and asks him if he can take a confession. The vicar agrees and Olaf goes to the church that evening.

In the confession booth he admits that he has done some bad things in the pasts, he has followed the way of the shotgun. The vicar tells him that this isn’t a good way, there are other ways to help his friends then through a shotgun. The vicar tells him he has to show remorse for his previous deeds and need to do 50 Rosary’s and a pilgrimage to Rome. After this Olaf informs with the vicar if there are any ladies of easy virtues, but the vicar doesn’t want to listen. He then leaves the confession booth and asks a local old lady that is in the church but she is shocked. He then returns to the pub and a bit later the party goes to their rooms.


Olaf and Rosemary has hired a local scout to help them find some tracks of this monster, they are out and about all day long but can’t find a single trace or track. Olaf really is starting to disbelief all of the stories he has heard so far and is content with the idea that the constable fixed the whole thing.

In the meantime Jerry and Mc Rayn have been interrogating both the families of Osgood and Parkins who both lost a loved one to the monster. There isn’t much information to be got with the Osgoods but at the Parkins they hear that Lawrence Vane was there that night, but when the horsefarmer starts about politics both of them tune out and discard it as tales from a man who has something against the upper class.

At the pub they exchange stories with one and each other and Olaf tells them he has seen everything he wanted and wants to go home tomorrow. After turning in for the night, in the middle of the night, Olaf and Rosemary wake up to some howls. Looking outside a fog has come up. Olaf takes his shotgun and goes out to the street, Rosemary stays inside and looks out. The howling seems to be coming from under them, from all around them. Olaf goes out of town towards a small forest but the sounds stop. On his way back he passes the church and there is still a light on. Olaf knocks on the door and the vicar opens the door, Olaf asks him if he has heard anything but the vicar hasn’t. When asked what he was doing up in the middle of the night the Vicar answers: ‘The work of god my son, it’s never done’ and bids goodnight to Olaf.


In the meantime Olaf is completely obsessed about the vial of green stuff he took from the painters house and while sitting on the bed he decides to just inject 1 drop of the stuff. Suddenly he goes into trance and finds himself wondering the streets of Brussels in 1830 during the September revolution in which Belgium declared his independence from the Netherlands. He finds himself stuck there for two hours before returning to his normal self.

In the meantime Rosemary found him like this and has called in some support from the others who have watched him. Coming back he shares his thoughts with the rest of them. However he doesn’t come out shot free as he misses his sanity check and goes short term insane, for the next 100 hours he needs to check his weapons every 10 minutes. With all the battles he has witnessed during the revolution he needs to be on his guard and his weapons need to function correctly.

Wondering what happens to a person when he goes into trance and if more makes you go further and longer away there is fuel for a heated discussion. It ends with Jerry deciding to give it a go. They now inject only a couple of drops and he finds himself back in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. He can walk around with no problem and can’t be harmed, he tries to hold his hand in a flame but he doesn’t feel a thing. He stays in trance for three hours and then returns.

That evening they decide to stay up and they hear the howling again, at this moment they decide to go up the hill towards the castle. As they walk up the howling comes from around them and from under them. Following the path they arrive at the castle that is no more then a keep. There are two big doors but they won’t open, Olaf opens a small side door he has found and just when he enters the door at the other side opens and an older man comes out. He demands Olaf what he is doing there. Olaf convinces the man that he heard about a monster and since he heard it this way he thinks it’s in his basement. The man however has no intention of letting him go into the basement, especially not since he is constantly checking his guns. At that moment his son Lawrence comes out of the room as well, he is armed with a shotgun as well and tells them he has phoned the police. Father Vane says they will leave, the investigators insist to see the basement but Sir Vane doesn’t allow this. It’s all gibber gabber and there is nothing in the basement. If they want they may return the next day and inspect it but he won’t allow strangers down their in the middle of the night. He can talk the investigators out of the castle and on their way down Jerry spots a hole in the ground, they also meet the constable who can say that his lordship is legit and the holes in the ground are tubes from some ancient mines that run under the village.


The next morning Jerry and Olaf feel a bit under the weather, they seem to be needing something but not to badly. However Olaf decides that he needs something and goes to the vet’s office. There he gets the vet to give him some ketamine, a horse tranquilizer with the excuse it’s for a horse. However he takes it himself and spends the rest of a day sitting on a bench under the influence of the tranquilizer.

Jerry goes to the priest to learn something more about the mines and the local history. The vicar is happy to help and explains everything they want to know. In the meantime Mc Rayn drives to Darby to fill up his car.

In the afternoon they visit Castle Plum and can look around. In the dungeons they find that the cells still have Hay in them. The lord makes a lame excuse but the party has some other ideas. He takes them back up to the parlor and invites them for tea. His son Lawrence and his daughter Eloise join them.

That night the party heads back up the hill to the castle. This time they can get in without being noticed and descend to the dungeons. Down in the first basement they find a door locked to go further down, but Rosemary finds the key next to the door. They open the door and they get down to the next level, an old torture room. From behind a heavily bolted door they hear the wailing of an animal. They open the bolts and go in the corridor, in the cell at the end they find a beast, almost human but more a wolf. The doors are cage doors and Olaf puts his shotgun through it and shoots the thing. The monster is driven back in his cage and Olaf shoots again. However it doesn’t seem that the monster is hurt. The monster is annoyed by the shots and hits the cage door, this one bursts open into the corridor and the creature attacks the investigators. Rosemary fails her sanity check and starts running down the corridor and screaming to get away. Olaf starts running himself and Mc Rayn is waiting at the door to close it. But after a couple of turns Olaf can’t get away and the beast gets him biting in his body. Olaf looses 8 hitpoins and gets in shock, falling unconscious to the floor. Seeing this Mc Rayn quickly closes the door at his moment the Vanes arrive in the basement and quickly help bolting the door. The werewolf still tries to hit down the door but the door holds.

The asks them to join up and explain that this is their daughter/sister, since she turned 21 she starts turning into a werewolf. They don’t know why or how but there are researching it, the vicar is busy with it as well. At first they didn’t know and Eloise killed the villagers, these they they drug her and put her in the dungeon where she is kept safe. The group offers to help and they want their help but don’t know what they can do. They give the group 600 pounds to keep their mouths shut about this. The group spends the night at the castle.


The next morning they get Olaf’s remains and they are buried in secret. They meat Eloise at the breakfast table but she doesn’t remember what has happened. She doesn’t seem to have a big appetite but they blame it on the Swedish meatballs she had last night…

The group leaves the house and as they pass the vicars house a man comes out, he introduces himself as Carl, a field researcher who did some historical research. He is looking for a ride back to London and the groups take him with him to London.


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